Check the language set in the device


I want to get the language set by the user in the settings for my application screen. If he put the English language, I have to check and display the HTML in the browser field. To do this, I have tried in the way below:

if(locale.getDefaultForSystem == locale.) LOCALE_en)


Display the content here


But it does not work. I have to check for six languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Japanese.

Help, please.

I found the solution...

the code below does stuff:

If (locale.getDefaultForSystem () .getLanguage ().equalsIgnoreCase("en"))
Logger.out ("CustomStore", "Local English");
strUrl = "local:///OTPhelp_en.html";

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  • How to check the device current outgoing phone is phone PBX?

    As the title.

    We can get the phone number of device using RIM Phone.getDevicePhoneNumber (true);

    But how do we know that it is the PBX phone or not?

    or how put the PBX phone as dial telephone number of default programmatically?

    Thank you.

    I assume you mean how to determine if the line is a phone line or PBX line activated by the voice of BlackBerry Mobile.  Currently, there is no API to determine or change the setting of default line on a BlackBerry handheld.

  • How to check the device is roaming or not?


    I want to do small application which the dialog box would display if the user is roaming or home network with the click of the button.

    I've read all this link below

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    I don't this small application, but still it is good code to determine whether or not the user is roaming.

    My code is here

    public final class MyScreen extends MainScreen
         * Creates a new MyScreen object
        ButtonField btnOk;
        public MyScreen()
            // Set the displayed title of the screen
            btnOk=new ButtonField("OK");
            btnOk.setChangeListener(new FieldChangeListener() {
                public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context) {
                    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                        Dialog.alert("User is in Roaming ");
                        Dialog.alert("User is not in Roaming");
        public boolean isOnRoaming()
            boolean returnable = false;
        if (((RadioInfo.getNetworkService() & RadioInfo.NETWORK_SERVICE_ROAMING) != 0)
            || ((RadioInfo.getNetworkService() & RadioInfo.NETWORK_SERVICE_ROAMING_OFF_CAMPUS)!= 0))
                returnable = true;
            return returnable;

    I think it's the link that says my code is correct...

  • Check the operation of the GLC-SX-MMD module

    I have a GLC-SX-MMC module, how to check the device works or not?


    I'm sorry but this module does it not belong to small business Division so I doubt you'll have useful info on this forum.

    Try this one:

  • check the depth of the HBA q

    Following the instructions of 1267 KB: VMware KB: change the depth of the queue for Brocade HBA QLogic and Emulex chains of command to change the queue depth queue unit logic of the HBA number listed, as well as the string to verify your changes.

    When you try to check for recent changes to the queue depth using the command, I'll have nothing else to empty values in the output upward.

    Here's him copy / paste of KB:

    Run this command to verify that your changes have been applied:

    # esxcli system module parameters list -m driver

    Where driver is your module driver adapter Emulex, QLogic and Brocade, such as lpfc820 , qla2xxx , or bfa .

    The output looks like:

    Name                        Type  Value  Description
    --------------------------  ----  -----  --------------------------------------------------
    ql2xmaxqdepth               int   64     Maximum queue depth to report for target devices.

    HOWEVER - I get no return values, the example in the watch 64 KB, but when I run the command on my hosts, it is empty.

    Is this a new bug?  does anyone know another way to retrieve the values?

    Most likely you see not all outuput, could be due to the drivers PROVIDED with Windows.

    Run the command and check the device queue depth value = 0x40, which will be the HEXADECIMAL value

    / usr/lib/VMware/vmkmgmt_keyval/vmkmgmt_keyval - a

  • Checking the LUNS when clusterware arises

    Version of the grid:

    Platform: Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.2

    In our 2 bow TIE, Node2 got expelled. Once started Node2 CRS did not start. I couldn't find anything significant in the alert.log, ocssd.log or crsd.log grid.

    In node2, I was able to do fdisk-l on all LUNS in the diskgroup OCR_VOTE. After a few hours of headaches and escalations, we discovered that LUNS were not really accessible to the clusterware in Node2, although fdisk-l has been correctly showing the partition.

    When the cluster is down, I wanted to check if the drive to vote was really accessible to the CRS (GI), but I couldn't (as shown below).

    #. / crsctl start crs

    CRS-4640: Oracle high availability Services is already active

    CRS-4000: Start command has failed, or completed with errors.

    #. / crsctl query css votedisk

    Unable to communicate with the Cluster synchronization service daemon.

    How can I check if the drive to vote is accessible to the RSC in a knot when the CRS is down?

    There are 2 layers necessary for the start of the CRS.

    Storage. IMO, multipath is required for managing the storage of cluster at the physical level. To check if the storage is available, use the multipath-l for a list of the devices command. I usually use multipath-l | grep to list the LUN, key word matches the LUN entry. For example

    [root@xx-rac01 ~] # multipath-l | grep VRAID | Sorting
    VNX-LUN0 (360060160abf02e00f8712272de99e111) dm-8 DGC, VRAID
    VNX-LUN1 (360060160abf02e009050a27bde99e111) dm-3 DGC, VRAID
    VNX-LUN2 (360060160abf02e009250a27bde99e111) dm-9 DGC, VRAID
    VNX-LUN3 (360060160abf02e009450a27bde99e111) dm-4 DGC, VRAID
    VNX-LUN4 (360060160abf02e009650a27bde99e111) dm-0 DGC, VRAID
    VNX-LUN5 (360060160abf02e009850a27bde99e111) dm-5 DGC, VRAID
    VNX-LUN6 (360060160abf02e009a50a27bde99e111) dm-1 DGC, VRAID
    VNX-LUN7 (360060160abf02e009c50a27bde99e111) dm-6 DGC, VRAID
    VNX-LUN8 (360060160abf02e009e50a27bde99e111) dm-2 DGC, VRAID
    VNX-LUN9 (360060160abf02e00a050a27bde99e111) dm-7 DGC, VRAID

    If the number of LUNS is bad and one or more LUNS are missing, I would check the logs to begin. You can also run a multichannel flush and rediscovering (and up to the fi level of verbosity errors are thrown).

    If all LUNS are there, check the device permissions and make sure that the pile of s/w Oracle has access.

    The other layer which needs to work is the interconnection. There are 2 basis points to check. The interface for local interconnection exist? This can be verified using ifconfig. And communicate this interface for interconnection with interfaces for interconnection of the other cluster node? This can be checked by using ping - or if Infiniband is used, via the ibhost and other orders of ib.

    So if the CRS does not start - these 2 controls (storage and interconnection) would be my first port of call, as in my experience most of the time one of these 2 layers failed.

  • The SX20 language setting cannot be saved after restarting the device.

    Hello world

    Anyone encountered below the question before?

    I have a SX 20 with the TC7.1.4 software, when I change the default language to another, it will work, but after restarting, the automatic restore of the default language. I have tried the factory reset, but this isn't a job.

    Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!


    How did did you deploy the device (CUCM, VCS, TMS,...)?

    Have you tried to reboot the device without the network that is attached to it?

    I wonder if CUCM or TMS reset your language, have you checked the parameters / models here?

    What languages do you speak? Have you tried to update to TC7.3?

  • iPad is set to optimize the storage of photos from device. App Photoshop Express will edit the reduced size copy stored on the device, or automatically process the iCloud kept a life-size?

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    I guess you'll have to manually lower the file full resolution first. I would ' t think that any application would just go and take it automatically from the Cloud. You may need to check if you have not already.

  • Check if the device is connected


    I'm developing an application where the use cDAQ-9174 with modules OR 9401, NI 9205 and NI 9219. I remember the last State, including the setting of the device in the xml file, and channels last parameter is loaded when the application starts. I would like to indicate in the front of TOP VI that the cDAQ and the modules are connected. Let's say by LED commissioning. Y at - there no way how to check if the device is connected by programming?

    Here's how you can check a connected device.

  • Why in the Device Manager, NIC, tab power management properties, allow this device to wake the computer check box is gray out?

    Why in the Device Manager, NIC, tab power management properties, allow this device to wake the computer check box is gray out?

    Here is the document

    See the Suggestion of Shekhar:

    Political group to turn and set the option for the inside network card power management tab

    Kelly XP Tweaks - on this page scroll down to #204.  On the right side you will see "power schemes/configurations of restoration.  Here are the scripts.  You should see a window with «do you want to run...» »

    A link that did not work... TEC438020

    If you delete the start TEC438020 letters... This would have worked.   Sorry but for some reason that my shortcuts duplicate urls notice the end of the above url shows the same letters that I told you to remove.  Do not forget that in case it happens again in the future.  (God forbid)

  • PC to tv connection error "no signal - check the connections and the external device is turned."

    Original title: pc to tv connection

    I have an Acer Espire Vista 32bits. Connect to a Panasonic TC L32x30 HD TV. The TV has a 'PC' marked port that matches one VGA cable. I have the VGA end of the cable is connected to the TV. The other end is connected to the PC Tower via a DVI adapter to the port where was my monitor.
    TV output is set to "PC". I turned on my PC, the Acer (Bios) screen came. He then shows the block scroll bar. Just as Windows is about to light up, cutting signal. I never get to see my office. A message appears on the screen saying "no signal - check the connections and the external device is turned on."
    I had posted before saying that I had problems ranging from VGA to VGA. That's why I bought the DVI adapter to try another solution.
    I hope I made things clear enough for someone to help him.

    Hello Winston M,.
    I actually solved it. Went to the screen and chose. Connection just how I mentioned. second monitor, default Says. I then checked"Extend Desktop to this monitor.
    As I type this, I can see it on my TV screen.
    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
    Problem solved

  • My computer or Windows Exployer do not recognize my CD/DVD equipment. I checked and the best driver currently installed, but the device is apparently disabled. Help!

    I went into the properties of the device, but could not find a solution.


    Please make all below even if you have done some before as it is often the set of operations which solves
    the question.

    Try this - Panel - Device Manager - CD/DVD - double-click on the device - driver tab - click
    Update the drivers (this will probably do nothing) - then RIGHT click the drive - UNINSTALL - REBOOT
    This will refresh the default driver stack. Even if the reader does not appear to continue below.

    Then, work your way through these - don't forget the drive might be bad, could be a loose cable or
    slight corrosion on the contacts (usually for a laptop) and other issues.

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs - a Mr Fixit

    The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to Windows Vista

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    Drive CD - R or CD - RW Drive is not recognized as a recordable device

    Hardware devices not detected or not working - A Mr Fixit

    Another possibility is that the cables are loose. Remove ALL power, then make sure that the cables in both
    ends. Remove and replace, do not just tight. For laptops, you can often clean power and
    contacts data with a pencil eraser.

    Some DVD players do not use the Windows default drivers so check with the manufacturer of system and
    manufacturer of device to see if there is a firmware or drivers for your drive if necessary.

    Hope these helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Cannot use Wake on LAN, unless that "allow this computer to turn off the device to save power" is checked

    Wake on LAN - power management

    On my Media Center PC, I am unable to use Wake on LAN unless "allow this computer to turn off the device to save power" is checked (in the tab power management of the adapter in the Device Manager). "Allow this device to wake the computer" and 'Allow only a magic packet wake the computer' is checked, but become grayed out when "allow this computer to turn off the device...". ' is not checked.

    The problem is, Wake On Lan doesn't work unless the computer has been asleep for a short period of time. If I try to activate the computer using WOL after about 10 minutes, he never wake. I guess that's because "Allow this computer to turn off the device to save power" is checked, the machine is before turning off the network adapter.

    Is it possible to force the computer to disable the NETWORK card, but would retain the capability of WOL? Or ensure you THAT WOL works little regardless of how long the PC has been asleep?

    The machine is a Windows 7 PC with a Nvidia nforce network controller.

    By the way, I have a laptop on the same cable network that has all three items checked in the tab for its NIC device power management, and this machine can be awake at all times using WOL, regardless of how long he has been asleep, this issue must therefore be with the configuration of the Media Center computer.

    I would be really grateful for any suggestion, I spent a lot of time trying to get this to work!

    See you soon


    If the systems are only a sleep you don't need a magic packet.

    If computers are set to wake on any network traffic all Ping or arp will wake them up.

    For this configuration, it is best to disable the saving of NIC.

    There may be some variations on where is the energy saving setting.

    Here are a few examples, YMMV, look around your systems.






    Real means WOL shut down a computer on Hibernate real position,

    However as these has involved the PSU cooperation. Motherboard. Network card and are not considered critical by the industry for the user end is a YMMV situation.

    12 Desktop who are under my immediate control (mix and match brands and processors). Only three are fully compliant and properly awake.

    Three satisfied partially, the rest don't care my desires/needs of Wake on LAN.

    On the positive side, since it is now fashionable to go green, the percentage of new computers that keep the better sleep habits significantly improved.

    Jack - Microsoft MVP, Windows networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • I received spam messages supposed to come from Paypal. I closed the account and block the associated map in case. However, I was recommended by Paypal to check my iphone and Ipad if no virus of these emails infected by the devices. How? Thank you

    anti-spam messages expected to come from Paypal. I closed the account and block the associated map in case. However, I was recommended by Paypal to check my iphone and Ipad if no virus of these emails infected by the devices. How? Thank you

    Unless you have jailbroken your iOS devices, there are no viruses that can infect them. Sounds like PayPal tries to return the ball.

Maybe you are looking for