DeisgnJet HP 750 c more: try to find the driver for HP DesignJet 750 c Plus - I have no disc

I recently inherited a HP DesignJet 750 c more.  Its still in great condition and I think that works.  I bought a new cable for it this week and foolishly taken I'd be able to download a driver for it on the HP website.  Due to the age of the machine, it seems to be more supported.  Help someone!  I need a driver for this product download or it is completely useless!   And it's that it was not clear, I don't have the original CD.  Help!


HP has really screwed the instructions on this one. You must search a directory 'win - x 64-hpgl2-drv' directory will be without quotes and on mine, it was located in the downloads directory. This directory will be inf file you need.

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    Hi Philippe,.

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    As a first step, it would be interesting to know to what operating system your need for this driver? ;)

    Well this Chipset Trident CyberALADDiN-T (called Napa2T) was built in three Types of Toshiba laptops.

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    Good bye

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    Your laptop is part PSLB0E number and when you search for the drivers on Toshiba support download page and you must put the exact model name and number of this piece in model n ° short option.

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    Please try:


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    Kind regards.

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    Have you checked the page European driver of Toshiba?> support download &-> download drivers

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    I put t know what OS do you use, but all the latest drivers for the supported operating systems you can find on

  • Retired HP Pavilion a6000n PC and can not find the driver for Network Card card do? Download Driver?

    Gradient of the Visa OS came with the PC for XP.  Installed new HD and partitioned drive so there is no pass file.

    I found that it is management of network integrated 10/100 Base-T interface but cannot find the manufacturer to use it Web site.  In addition, been

    playback ChipSet might need drivers or upgrade?  Don't know that much about this, but enough to get in trouble if

    I'm not "coached" through it all.  Low grade was the Visa MS HP accompanying MS XP Professional.                               Need a link or help find the Driver for the network card.

    Thank you.

    Thank you very much... which seems to do the job for letting me use the network card.  Once I installed the chipset you me too, my IE was able to get the net.  The only thing that happened that I wonder about, what I choose to accept or not something RAID, which I accepted and it seems to work with one small annoying side affect: I can't get Windows Update to run.  I get this error: 0x8024400a and I spent literally hours looking for and trying different solutions, which none have worked. Do you think that there is something that would change this Nvidia software which would cause that?   I get out to the internet OK and can go to any web page.  It runs a bit slow, but I thought it might be because I'm using a newly installed Win XP and it has only 2 SP.  My next step in getting this thing to work was to run Windows Update and anti-virus stuff set.   Any way, thanks again for your help.

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    Since you have posted in the forum Feedback and specifies your version of Windows
    I had to guess as the operating system. It is best to post in the Forums Windows Vista of answers.
    (Question was transferred in windows - Forum-Other/Unknown).

    Windows answers forums


    For Vista:

    Control Panel - Device Manager - do a right-click on the two - UNINSTALL - REBOOT

    Nothing else to do, Windows will do the rest. And you can ignore errors
    If you wish and on some computers, it will always be there but no problem to be expected.

    On a Windows Vista-based computer or on a Windows Server 2008 computer.
    the Microsoft ISATAP map appears with a yellow exclamation mark next to it in
    Device Manager and you also receive an error message

    Check the answer by Diana D. here:

    I hope this helps and happy holidays!

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    Can not find the driver for my Canon Rebel XT/350 d camera to send pictures on my computer

    And it is a Windows problem why?

    P.S., A lot of people just leave the CF card and use a card reader:

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    Hi sensho.

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I see you are trying to find the driver for your HP Deskjet 4180, with a new MacBook Pro with OS X 10.9.4, and I am happy to help you with this driver issue!

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    Hope this is what you are looking for and have a great day!

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    This says it all. Each device has a unique ID of the signature or of the device:

    If you find the device ID and google it you can find what it is. My own laptop, I have an Intel Dual Band AC 7260 wireless card and this is the device ID:

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_08B2 & SUBSYS_C2708086

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    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.




    You can download the driver from the link below...

    This download includes the HP Photosmart and Officejet Software Suite (advanced imagery and product functionality) and driver.

    File name: AIO_CDB_Net_Full_Win_WW_140_408 - 5.exe

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