Dell Dimension 8400-has had to replace hard drive... today no unrecognized ethernet network card

This has probably happened to 1 million people, but I couldn't find a thread!  I had to replace the hard drive and of course install Windows XP.  Everything went well. Everything works except my internet cable.  I called my provider.  They say that the problem is my pc not their equipment.  I believe them because I can get internet through my wireless on my Dell laptop.  I can't do it on my desktop.  When I go to the command line and type ipconfig I get nothing.  My ethernet card is simply not acknowledged.  I missed a driver when I loaded windows?  When I go to Device Manager I see 1394 network card w / no error showing.  Help!  Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have! : bravohelen:

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  • recovery disks will be sufficient if your laptop has crashed and replaced hard drive

    My computer hp laptop crashed, had a hard drive put.  I made the recovery disc, will be - it enough to get to the top and runs again and how do they get the 25 digit code?  I got disks when I bought it.

    Thank you, I'll try it when I get home.  I remember to see the label on the bottom of my laptop and yes the hard drive is large enough, I took care of that.  I'll let you know if everything is OK.

    Thanks again for the quick response.


  • DELL Dimension 8400. HD not found when trying to install XP

    Have a dell dimension which has had a bad run for a virus, and a large number of spyware, needless to say that his does not work very well. Have tried to use the dell support to reset the settings by default, but when you try to open any application, you get the box that asks what you want to open with so that you can not run any other programs on the computer. I tried the safe mode... etc. Tried to boot from a windows XP CD go through all the stuff material then when inviting you to install, repair or out after install it say there is no hard drive found. I know that there is not a problem with the cause of HD, I can then release the CD and start back to windows. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dell Dimension 8400 and Windows 7?


    Anyone had any experience with installing Windows 7 in an older Dell Dimension 8400 with 2 GB of Ram?

    Will it work?



    Not on an 8400, but on a XPS G4 with 3 GB of RAM - which is just an amateur version of the 8400 from the XPS gaming PC line.  Windows 7 installed with no driver needed and worked like a dream for almost a year now.  The only thing is the game on the Z port Audigy sound card is not supported by Windows 7 (but the sound itself card works fine), was not a big problem for me.  Since W7 will eat a Go just to stay alive, 2 GB may be enough if you don't do any substance really hungry as core memory hard games, video editing, modeling, etc.  My kids play Age of Mythology all the time and my wife is a photographer - she is its main user, and rarely it strikes a wall at 3 GB.

  • Dell Dimension 8400 Reset

    I have a Dell Dimension 8400 with 3.5 GB of RAM on a 32-bit processor with Windows XP and a 500 GB HARD drive. I installed Ubuntu a while ago (worst decision ever) and was with the option for dual boot. However, as soon as I switch to XP one day, he came like a black screen with a flashing underscore white at the top left. I was wondering what to do if I can get back to Windows XP, or even Windows 7.

    You can try eBay. There are XP OEM drives for ~ $20 there. If you buy a disk to reinstall Dell Windows XP which has exactly the same version of XP was preinstalled, for example, Home or Pro (Service Pack no matter if be the one which includes SP3), it will be cheaper and should not ask for a product key, as long as you install on a Dell PC. If it of a detail or not Dell disk you must obtain a valid product key and they will probably charge for it.

    If you know someone who owns a Dell XP disc, you can use it, once again as long as it's exactly the same version of XP that was factory-installed, and it should not ask for a product key. All perfectly legal.

    You really should get Win 7 because it is still supported by Microsoft. I saw 7 Win Home Premium (32 bit) OEM drives with the product announced by reasonable companies key for ~ $ 68, but you can look on eBay also.

  • Install Win XP 64-bit on Dell Dimension 8400

    Hi all

    I want to install Windows XP Professional 64-bit on Dell Dimension 8400 (64 bit PC). But I don't know what "SATA Operation" mode to choose. However, when I tried with "RAID Autodetect / AHCI", "RAID Autodetect / ATA ' or 'RAID ON', I could not install because there was an error message saying that the hard drive not found: (.) But I know that the hard drive works fine. I note that there is another option "combination".

    1. can you please anyone suggest me the correct installation with the correct Sata Mode? Please note that I basically need to install Windows XP Professional 64-bit only, and I don't have a floppy as well.

    2. in addition, I don't have a company CD for drivers or operating system. I can upload them in the DELL site with serial number of the PC. But I noticed that there are many readers for the same category, for example: 12 drivers for the video. How to select the corresponding drivers exactly between all for this particular PC?

    Although I noticed similar/alternative problems addressed in this forum, but I could not find an adequate solution to these answers.

    Thank you!!!


    Since the drive was part of the front table, it can automatically start (should be able to confirm to CTRL-I), but if not, then you need to start manually (made in CTRL-I, or even the operating system management utility).

    You can also get another cable... they are usually no more than $2-3 to any computer parts store.

  • Due to a hardware problem, I had my logic board and replaced hard drive. How can I do to reactivate older versions of adobe products? (Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop)

    Due to a hardware problem, I had my logic board and replaced hard drive. How can I do to reactivate older versions of adobe products? (Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop)

    Old version download apps:

    CS 6:

    On the same page, you will have the possibility to download other versions.

  • problems with reinstalling xp pro on replacement hard drive

    I have a Dell Dimension 8400 purchased in 2005. I am trying to replace the old hard drive (SATA, WD, 250 G) with a similar (same room, only 500 G). After many difficulties, I had a bootable CD and was able to start with the new drive in, and I started to reinstall XP. But halfway through, he started to say various files were missing, and the installation worked properly - XP starts to load, then a get a blue screen and error message.

    Has been the problem with the partition of the drive? With the file system? With missing controllers?

    A reinstallation is possible with the Dell XP?

    There a better way to do it, by copying the old disk to the new disk image? Which copy on XP properly?

    I have spent hours on this problem so far and would welcome any advice.

    Several people seem to have had similar problems, but do not know if they are exactly the same questions.

    Thank you

  • Satellite L300D-10 q recovery DVD Can be used on the replacement hard drive?


    I was wondering if the DVD Recovery allows to install Vista on a replacement hard drive? The original hard drive is too small at 160 GB contain all the files that I use the virtual operating system image. The disk hard 500 GB of replacement must be large enough for that.

    The reason why I need to Vista, it's that the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Ubuntu 8.04.1 and 8.10, cause the fan to run at full speed all the time which is very annoying. So for the moment I can only use Linux in a virtual machine.

    I intend to stay with Toshiba, though, as my two latest portable Toshiba Satellite a PII and a PIII still work today, and both have had Linux on them.

    Now, back to my story, I intend to remove the existing laptop, hard drive use DVD recovery to install to external USB 500 GB disk, replace the existing hard drive in starting up the laptop from the USB and copy my data overall. Before you reformat the old drive as external storage, I will replace in the laptop with 500 GB drive and the test so I can boot from the new drive.

    Key question will be the change of equipment, i.e. the new hard disk of 500 GB prevent Vista to install or activate?

    Thank you very much

    Vista itself can handle huge HARD drive sizes, but the question is: the recovery disc will be happy with 500 GB? The laptop will recognize 500 GB?

    I think it will work very well, because the new laptops are released with 320 HARD drive. 500 GB is not far.

    Its a few trial and error unless anyone here has tested a disc 500 GB HARD themselves.

  • Satellite 1410 714 extremely slow after replacing HARD drive


    I have a Satellite 1410-714 which has had a hard drive failure. I replaced the drive, but now the computer is extremely slow. Windows has been reinstalled, it was really slow too much and now it takes minutes for windows to start.

    I suspect that something might have broken on the motherboard and the hard disk. I checked mobo replacement parts, but have not found anything for-714, so a 1410 mobo compatible? This model has a processor celeron 1.8.

    Thanks for help.



    I can t think the motherboard is broken after replacing HARD drive.
    I suggest updating the BIOS first. Maybe your old BIOS have a few problems with the most recent HARD drive.
    Please check site driver Toshiba for the latest version of BIOS.

    Have you used any anties Virus applications?

  • Replace hard drive, no readable product key; How to reinstall Windows 7?

    I bought a Dell laptop with Windows 7: Home Premium pre-installed a year and half ago.  The hard drive just completely crushed, and I just got a replacement hard drive for it.  The computer did not include a recovery disk, and the product key on the bottom sticker has worn to the point of being unreadable.  How can I reinstall Windows 7 for the new hard drive?

    You need to contact DELL technical support about obtaining a replacement product key because they are responsible for the license that is preloaded on your computer.

  • Satellite L300 - cannot install Microsoft updates after replacing HARD drive

    I am repairing a Satellite L300, which had a dead HARD drive. I replaced death 160 GB of HDD with a 500 GB WD, then used the recovery disks to install Windows Vista SP1 at the exit of the State of the box.

    Now, Windows update does not work, won't install autonomous not of Vista SP2 I downloaded, MS Security Essentials moved there also.
    Then I borrowed a 160 GB of work and went through the same process and everything works fine.

    To make it work with a 160 GB HARD drive, but not a 500 GB HARD drive. Why?

    > ... Standalone Vista SP2 I downloaded will not be installed
    Usually after installing recovery image, you have just to connect laptop to internet and after a short period of time, you will get messages about available Windows updates. Just install the offered updates process automatic Waterer and install important updates only.

    Let the system to install all the updates and don t force the installation of some own downloaded stuff.
    Last month I've updated HARD drive (320 GB I think) and installed Win7 on friends L300 and I didn't noticed any problem here.

  • NB100 - replacing hard drive

    How to replace hard drive Toshiba NB100

    Can someone help me?



    Post edited by: faggiano

    It is not so easy to change the HARD drive on this model.
    You have to remove many parts like keyboard, screen, cover and screw a lot.
    It's a little tricky, so you should have experience with this.

    As Akuma, go to a local ASP (authorized service provider) has said. They can help you replace the HARD drive.

  • Replacement hard drive for Portege P2010 - part number required

    Can someone tell me what is the part number for a replacement hard drive for Portege P2010 is? It has the latest version of the BIOS installed, if the capacity of the HARD disk can be greater than the original 30gig?

    Thank you


    Hello Martin

    Unfortunately I was found no specific information. If I'm right, this unit needs 1.9 HDD and I think it can be much more expensive as 2.5 standard.

    Check it please this page
    You will find a few pieces of upgrade for your device.

    Good bye

  • Dv6-7202se replacement HARD drive

    Hi, I want to buy a replacement for my DV6-7202se HARD drive. originally, I have a 1 TB running at 5400 RPM SATA HARD drive. I am running Windows 8.1.

    My laptop is now out of its original 1 year warranty.

    (1) is it possible for me to go to a larger, faster HARD drive?

    (2) my laptop was purchased in the UNITED Arab Emirates. Where can I find the replacement HARD drive here?

    (3) my current HARD drive has a number of specific product? The official site of HP can't give me that and continues to throw messages 'no information found.

    (4) where will I get the recovery disks to reinstall the operating system on it? He came originally with Windows 8, I upgraded to 8.1.

    Thank you!

    You can certainly get a faster drive, but I think that the biggest readers available now 1.5 TB laptop and they all work at 5400 RPM. Here is your Service Manual:


    One option you have is to install an accelerator reader WSSD/mSATA cache to speed up the slower drive. The problem on your model, it is very difficult to get to the slot of the WSSD. It is not in the Bay of accessible customer service.

    To speed up the system even more, you can install an SSD expand instead of the ordinary reader, but the largest SSD drive is a 1 to.

    Where you can get all this material in the UAE, I have no idea. I guess you can get things shipped from Europe, Asia and the United States

    In regards to the operating system, unless it does not turn right you can clone (copy bit for little) the old drive and transfer the image to the new, or we can get you a link to download an image of disk for Windows 8, which can be installed on any hard drive. The License Code is embedded in the BIOS of your motherboard, so you just need to install it and Windows will activate automatically.

    Post back if one of these options looks interesting and we can assist in its application.

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