Different behavior on the eyes; layer names are correct?

Different behavior on the eyes; scales up and down, left right behaves as expected. All layer names are correct in artificial intelligence. Where to find a solution?Ai_layers_different_eye_behaviors.JPG

Hmm, the sent JPG seems to be broken.

But here's a place to look: in the Panel of the puppet, with no layers selected, you should see the behavior of face in the properties panel. Twirl in the group "Handles" to see what parts of the face it found. It shows the layers that you expect to find? (ToolTips will tell you what he's looking for.) Twirl down replacements also to see the layers of flashing. Note that if it does not find a layer of Blink for a certain look, it dimensionnera the eye that you close the eye rather than go to the work of replacement blink.

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    Thank you kindly,


    Something to overprint fill activated in Control Panel.

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    Not necessarily a more clever name, but a smarter way: search + replace via Catalog Manager.

    Search for "display Table". Market
    Replace it with "presentation Table.Markets.

    See you soon,.

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    Check your settings on the laptop home page, you have inadvertently defined two pages as your home page...

    See - How to set the home page

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    Bingo. I thank you for your time and expertise.

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    Take a look at the following:

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    You can add the second as an alias email address. In Thunderbird, this is called identity.
    See _ http://kb.mozillazine.org/Mozilla_Suite: _FAQs_:_Mail_Aliases

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    Thanks Jon. As I said to Nancy, the Favicon has finally shown this morning. But also thank you for another time saving Council which has saved me a lot of time and effort and is not mentioned anywhere. You're right,'there is really no reason to add the code in theIf the favicon.ico is located in the root of your site. Just he place here will work in all browsers.«I put only the code on my page index because I wasn't sure he would ever show upward, and, when he did finally this morning, he did on all pages and they had no code.»

    It is regrettable that on all Web sites (and I read what was like all the) dealing with the Favicons, nobody mentions these points. It's simple

    1. create the 16px by 16px favicon.ico
    2. Place it in the root of the site
    3. Clear your cache and bookmark the page
    4. Waiting - it prove, possibly the next day.


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    Has anyone seen this message?  What "information store" is this referring?

    Try connecting to iCloud and then reconnect.


  • Find the alert and multi layer names

    Hi all

    I'm trying to export pdf using layer of condition names, if this layer should alert the names match, otherwise the pdf export.

    If only a single layer it works fine, when multi layers does not.

    my code is always alert if layer names are correct, what is the problem in my code, anyone can correct.

    help would be appreciated

    LY = app.activeDocument.layers.everyItem () .getElements ();

    for (i = 0; i < ly.length; i ++) {}

    If (ly [i] .name! = "BaseArtwork", "MagentaVariables", "PreprintedText", "OtherVariables") {}

    Alert ('layer names check'), exit();

    } else {}

    var myJobOptionName = "press [quality]";

    var myOutFolderPathName = ' / users/wleastudio/Desktop/Watched folder/Out / ";

    var myPDFFilePath;

    var InDJobOption = app.pdfExportPresets;

    myPDFFilePath = myOutFolderPathName+"/"+app.documents[0].name.split(".indd") [0].split(".) INDD") [0] +".pdf ";

    App.documents [0] .exportFile (ExportFormat.pdfType, myPDFFilePath, myJobOptionName, false);



    Thanks in advance


    Hi Steve,.

    Try now.

    Array.prototype.contains = function(k)
      for(var i=0; i < this.length; i++)
            if(this[i] === k)
                return true;
      return false;
    var _layers = [ "BaseArtwork", "MagentaVariables", "PreprintedText", "OtherVariables"];
    var match = [];
    var ly = app.activeDocument.layers.everyItem().getElements();
    if(ly.length == 4){
        for (i=0; i

    Kind regards


  • A Script to find and replace the layer names

    Is there scripts to find and replace the names of layers?

    There is an excellent script available for Photoshop that allows you not only to replace words in layer names, but also insert words as prefixes, Suffixes and sequential numbers.

    The version of the illustrator of this script allows only sequential numbering: it does not offer search and replace words.

    Ideally, it would be great if there were something that could find multiple and replaces in a go:

    (for example

    You have layers like this car, the dog, the bat

    You enter: because (Option1), dog (Option2), Bat (Option3)

    Your layers become then: option 1, option 2, Option3).


    Big_SmiLe, which is a very good start! Step 1 of learning how to Script is indeed, by adjusting an existing simple script to make things more complicated. (And usually then "break something", which is also a necessary part of the process.)

    You are right your comment, it comes to repetitive things. For one or two different articles that wouldn't be a problem, but in the longer lists you are soon lost.

    As usual to work with lists of search - replace is to build a table:

    var layernames = [
    [ 'FHairBowlBoy *Hair', 'Hairboy1' ],
    [ 'FHairCurlyafroBoy *Hair', 'Hairboy2' ],
    [ 'FHairSpikyBoy *Hair', 'Hairboy3' ],

    The general idea is to loop through all the names, check if the current layer name is "layernames [i] [0]" (the left column) and if so, rename it "layernames [i] [1]" (the right column). If you know how to write a loop in Javascript, then you can implement this immediately.


    A more advanced method to do this didn't need even loop on all layernames - instead you can immediately 'get' the correct name by layer! It's magic! Almost!

    The trick is to use a Javascript object rather than a table. JavaScript objects are nothing special; "Layers" of Illustrator are an array of objects, and each object 'sex' has a 'name' property, which you can read and set the value. What I do here, is to create a new object, where the part 'name' is the name of the original layer and its value is the name of the new layer. All you need to check each layer is if there is a "object.originalLayerName" property and if so, assign its value to this layer name.

    It looks a bit like the table above, except that (1) you use {.} instead of [..] to create an object and (2) you add pairs "name: value" instead of 'value' only (in fact, the 'name' of a value in a table is simply her number).

    So here's what it looks like:

    // JavaScript Document
    var doc = app.activeDocument;
    // name indexed object
    var layernames = {
     'FHairBowlBoy *Hair':'Hairboy1',
     'FHairCurlyafroBoy *Hair':'Hairboy2',
     'FHairSpikyBoy *Hair':'Hairboy3'
    // loop through all layers
    for (var i = 0; i < doc.layers.length; i++)
     //Set up Variable to access layer name
     var currentLayer = app.activeDocument.layers[i];
     if (layernames[currentLayer.name])
      currentLayer.name = layernames[currentLayer.name];


  • Find the index # a layer after the location by name.

    Hi all

    I understand the layer names are available in the form of objects. But is it possible to use this object name to find the position of the index in a table as well? In other words, I have several layers in a file. I want to find a particular layer, lock and edit the visibility of all layers above him and unlock and change the visibility of all layers below. I always will seek the same layer, but changes in number of total layer of employment. Any help would be appreciated!

    You can get use of this excerpt from departure:

    #target illustrator-20

    function test() {}

    var doc = app.activeDocument;

    var myIndex;

    for (var i = 0; i)

    If (doc.layers [i] .name == "Bob") {}

    myIndex = i;



    for (var i = 0; i)

    If (i<>

    doc. Layers [i]. Visible = false;

    } else if(i > myIndex) {}

    doc. Layers [i]. Visible = true;

    doc. Layers [i]. Locked = true;





  • Are there versions slightly different sizes of the standard Multiplugin for Cs5?

    A few days ago has posted a request for a list of the correct filters 64 bits for 64-bit photoshop Cs5 I had mixed a few filters with the standard. Noel had wanted to send me a list of filters for the 64 and 32-bit versions, so with the help of this list, I have carefully considered each filter keeping only those who was identical. It's simple, except in the case of the standard Multiplugin in which mine was very slightly larger than that of the list.

    I wonder if there may be versions slightly different dimensions of the standard Multiplugin which are all for 64-bit photoshop Cs5 and if this plugin is only actually found in 64-bit programs, so it must be OK?

    Thank you very much!

    The Photoshop dot releases have updated the standard multiplugin, and those who have different sizes.

  • Script to rename work with layer names plans

    I want to create a script to rename lots a number of work plans.

    -J' have 100 named layer.

    -J' have 100 work plans.

    -I would like to rename work plans to match the layer names.

    -Layers are organized in the same descent orderas work plans (ignoring the names real artboard *).

    -The plan of work in the foreground (1 in the list) would be renamed "Journal", the second plan of work would be renamed "typewriter", the third work plan would be renamed "books", etc..

    * in the example below, the artboard named 'Graphic Board 7' is actually the 6th work plan in the list.


    Any help would be wonderful.

    Hi sensibleworld, welcome to the forum.

    For your case, it should be fairly simple. The following excerpt from script bit renames work plans to match the corresponding layer names that you described in your first post above. It only works if the number of layers and work plans correspond to such indicated and talked about in your above description of requirements.

    if (app.documents.length == 0) {
        alert("No Open / Active Document Found");
    } else {
        var doc = app.activeDocument;
        if (doc.artboards.length == doc.layers.length && doc.layers.length == doc.artboards.length) {
            for (var i = 0, l = doc.artboards.length; i < l; i++) {
                var ab = doc.artboards[i];
                ab.name = doc.layers[i].name;
            alert("Finished:\nRenaming of Artboards to match Layer names is complete");
        } else {
            alert("Opps: This wont work!\n The number of Layers and Artboards do not match");

    I hope that this is useful for your efforts and your requirements. Welcome back to the forum.

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