I bought a HP Pavillion SB 14-B157TU on Nov10. The same has been registered under HP Diwali Utsav on NOV11, redemption
Reference code[information removed]. The application was received by you on 28 Nov and the status of the claim to the http://www.redemptionsupport.com/
ClaimStatus.aspx is approved. It is written that
These above points will be received within 30
days of claim receipt. Seventy-five days but I
have not yet received these items. My Norton
Security Internet has expired. Recently, I had Norton anti-virus link. I've WRITTEN countless times to
[email protected] and also [email protected] but my query has
not been resolved. It is not less than
harassment of consumers and should not
Please study the issue and to ensure the
delivery of these products. Expect a quick

I have forwarded your message to the right people for their review. You should hear from someone bit via private Message on this forum.

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    I bought a HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-b173tu Sleekbook November 04 (online order number: [edited by Moderator].) I was eligible for Rs 4000 vocher as part of diwali utsav offer HP. The site of Dorothea was supposed to be up to 17 Nov middle of night. Today when I tried to access the website http://www.hp.com/in/diwaliutsav, its saying "Page not found". Can someone please review this ASAP?

    HI friends,

    The site is now available...

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    I bought a HP Pavillion15-E016TX on Nov9. The same has been registered
    in Diwali Utsav of HP on NOV9 virtue, redemption-6862822 reference code.

    Based courier you sent Dec. 17, you was left hear that the guarantee reflected in HP system within 120 days.

    Key Norton will be sent in the next 10 days from today.

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    Hi Frnz,

    The site is now available... Try it on...

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    Dear Sir.

    I bought a HP laptop model 15-N018TU Sr N° [personal information deleted] with product code F2C04PA #ACJ regime Diwali utsav on October 27, 13. I signed up for free Norton internet security for 12 months (a value of Rs 1399 /-) and by e-mail all documents required on November 5, 13. But so far, I have not received my certificate of guarantee or security coupon internet Norton (which must be received within 30 days)

    I emailed several times but I still have the same system response that is generated:

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    Kindly share the code number of redemption that we are unable to find your registration with your e-mail address.


    Thank you best regards &,.

    Cell HP of redemption.

    I again write a mail and said I don't get any code redemption even I do not know what is code and where I can get it. In response again, I got the same response from HP.

    Now even if I am not able to register again to get this code.

    Now I am fedup exchanging these emails again and again, so please do the necessary and provide my coupon for free norton antivirus as well as the certificate of guarantee. Otherwise this seems like fraud done by HP to sell their products.



    Thank you HP support online forum.

    My problem solved I got my free antivirus, but also the vices certificate

    Thank you very much



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    I bought a new laptop HP on Diwali and my dealer told me that I'd get 3 years free warranty of HP under Diwali offer but I have to fill in the details online on the HP redemption page to avail the freebee and have also suggested me to go to this link for details http://www.hp.com/in/diwaliutsav and enroll before Nov 20.

    But when I tried to see this link, no page of the offer is present and only an error page is displayed.

    At my dealer just cheated me to sold his stuff? Please suggest me what should I do now?


    The site is now available... Try it on...

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    I bought a HP Pavilion ENVY 15-J049TX

    Lot S/N:[personal information]

    I bought which at the time of the HP DIWALI UTSAV

    I have not received extention antivirus Norton Code (5 nov 13 - Date of purchase)

    help me get the Code, since my anti virus has expired.

    My redemption code is:[personal information deleted]

    Already I have emailed HP support by three times, but each & whenever get me the Message "you will get the code within a fortnight.

    But I have received no such till now.

    Too lazy @hp customer... WAP HP

    I n think so... It's how d customers trt-2 d hw... God bless HP...

    even I can reattach reference mails frm HP care fr... tat will show their answers annoyin...

    Norton key was sent to your e-mail ID on 23 Jan. The guarantee will be reflected in HP system within 7 business days.
    Products have been delivered on 17 dec.

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    I bought and hp envy 1002tx 6 and received an offer for the 16mp coolpix by enrolling in the hp hp site.but offer diwali asked id sent evidence and other documents by mail.
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    Is it enough if I sent my copy of certificate certifies slsc and my college... ID including the ID of my father for awailing offer.
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    Hey victorx1,

    To answer your question on ID the Yes send a copy or your school ID will be fine or whatever it is with proof of your name. They just need a copy of the proof of the ID.
  • Pavilion 15 - au111tx: part of my gifts are not received support of hp redemption (Diwali offer 2016)

    Redemption code: 9028 *.
    Portable framework/model no: HP Pavilion Notebook 15-au111TX

    Gifts not received not: HP wired headset, wireless speakers, 1 TB hard drive part of my gifts are not received. You will get it in a month (30 days), the company said. But now this month ended and the gifts are not yet distributed yet. I already tried to contact the support of redemption through several times regarding the delivery of the product, but I always get the same answer generated system you will get your product within 30 days...   And now it seems to be fraud makes me by HP to just sell their products (since I have more patience). On the other hand delivery of purchase support services is not so transparent. There is no way of contacting a face-to-face customer service.   I do not understand that if hp cant fullfill the offers they do (which are paid one - I paid Rs.3500) so why promote an offer then? Is not the way to trick people?   Hope someone from hp will focus on this and will not take another 1 month to answer... Contact mail ID-

    Hi @Ritwik_hp,

    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP.

    They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number.
    Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified.

    Also, remember not to publicly display personal information (serial numbers and information).

    Thank you for visiting the Forum from HP Support.

  • Unable to take advantage of the offer for HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b001tu

    I have a HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b001tu under the offer of the employee.  There was an option for Nikon camera.  I can't see the selection of laptop option to redeem the gift.  Help, please

    Hey, Frederick.

    I assume you mean the supply of Diwali HP?

    If so, you can follow this document. http://goo.GL/WeWWD

    Or, you must call HP@8004746836 to get that resolved.


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    How can I get rid of the pop ups on my desk offering to get rid of adware/malware on my Mac.

    Reset safari leaving it, then by restarting while holding down the SHIFT key

    Then, go to Safari > clear history

    and avoid sites that encourage this garbage.

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