Pavilion g6: Bios password blocked error code-69177251

I forgot my password put g6 in 3 times disabled system, the password bios displays error code 69177251

Pavilion 23-q152m: support of HP 1800-970-0394 - without charge-free | Call for technical support | HP printer technical support |

Starting the display is grainy and the colors are not true.  A pale line in the middle of the screen and a slight jitter is also visible on the screen.  Sometimes the problem clears up on its own - sometimes, it does not work.  The AMD/HP software is

Connective Internet problem

Not able to connect to the internet.

Password di accesso

Ho inizializzato he mio portable my wants to eliminare password di accesso ogni volta che lo accendo, could spiegarmi come fare?

Pavilion AIO PC: HP 1800-970-0394-Toll-Free Support | Call for technical support |

Get windows not geninun error after upgrade to windows 10 auto. How to fix it.

Hing broke

Hing broke

HP pavilion 1317tx g6: support of HP 1800-970-0394 - Toll - Free | Call HP Technical Support | Printer HP number media |

I can not connect with internet with Ethernet or WiFi, I have already installed new Windows 7 32bits.I donnot have driver handy cd I lost it. So when I went through the problems of window 7 it says windows can not find a driver for network card, but

HP Pavilion g6-1322se Notebook: [SOLVED] cannot find/install the appropriate network controller driver

Hello I installed Windows 7 64 bit as a SECOND OS on my laptop, everything goes very well with Windows 10 a. On Windows 7, the Netowrk controller driver is missing and I can not connect to Internet via Wifi. I manage to find a suitable driver for my

HP Probook 450 G1: PCI device & bluetoothhelp

Hello I just upgraded (new installation) factory installed Win7 Pro Win10. 3 things; (a) I can no longer connect with fingerprints. What software do I need? The driver is up to date. (b) I have more no program/options to use blueooth somehow despite

Pavilion TouchSmart 15 - n013dx: 15-n013dx-HP Notebook PC bios password forgotten

Please help with system disable code I 58931975.  Need password to enter the bios.  Thank you

OMEN of HP for laptop - 15-5108tx: control of harbinger of Hp

It did not work, I tried a fix from hp support and now he's gone and I can't redownload it

Spectrum x 360 Convertible: laptop grinds to a halt when plugged into its charger.

Hello I hope someone can advise me. My laptop recently has problems of severe performance as soon as I plug it into the charger. Everything runs slowly, even just open a website takes an age, windows navigation menus is slowly, basically, every actio

Pavilion 15: Power problems all around

OK, first of all: when the computer goes into sleep/hibernation, it will start. Turns on the power button, but clicking, pressing the buttons and lift the lid do nothing. I have to press the power button and turn it back on. Secondly, when I stopped

HP 15-f024wm laptop computer: laptop does not recognize the SD card into the usb port

I don't have a sd card reader on my laptop but have used a map on her usb adapter and it worked. I had to make a full recovery, update and reload the browser and so on. HP has spent hours helping me to get back to his normal race car computer... but

HP TouchSmart laptop: DVD player, error 45 failure

CD/DVD drive not unawares... may not open the drawer with a needle but the computer no longer seems to recognize that I have a CD/DVD player... did some checking online and after having checked that the driver was updated (it was), most popular tips

EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 SE: BIOS update failure

Hello After that the last notebook of WIN10 update hangs when it is connected to the docking station. HP Support Assistant suggested BIOS update fails. my current update is M77 worm. 01.12. on-site drivers HP suggested the most recent VERSION is: 01.

Presario CQ56: need a copy of windows 7 home Prem OA

I need a link to download windows 7 home Prem OA who originally came with my laptop. I have a product key for this software.

HP-15ba000: administrator password forgotten

Hi all! I just bought a new laptop and set an admin password, but when I tried tk use it the day after I receive a wrong password as an error message. Can I reset the computer? If so, how? Help, please! Thank you

Want M7-i020DX: M7 Broken hinge

My wife had to cope with his desire to M7, since the left hinge has gone wrong. Long story short, we came out yesterday and got him and new desire 360. It open your work on 1 to 3 PCs/laptops either said by the way. With the addition of the 360, it c
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