Driver Windows 7 64 bit driver for HP R80

Microsoft site indicates that this printer is compatible with Windows 7 64 bit. The HP site says this driver cannot be downloaded but should be-OS and installed automatically by Windows update.  I connected the printer to the computer using a parallel to USB converter and the computer says he can see the R80 but that no driver is available.  Windows Update does not install automatically.  How can I get this driver in OS?

The R80 driver is delivered via Windows Update.  Get it as follows: start, devices and printers, add printer, a local printer, select the appropriate port (probably USB001: for a converter usb / parallel), and then click Windows Update.  It will take several minutes for the list to update after the Officejet R80 is listed under manufacturer HP (not Hewlatt-Packard).

Converter USB / parallel is often a problem, make sure that the model you have is supported in Windows 7.  The models listed in these tags have been reported by users to work with Windows 7 x 64.

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