EOS 6 d zoom in remote mode live view sharper?


I have this Canon EF 70-300mm Zoom lens on my EOS 6 d, connected via EOS Utility Remote on my Macbook Pro running MacOS 10.9.1. Everything works very well, and I'm really impressed by the level of detail that I can achieve by zooming in on the Moon:

I thought, that looks really amazing! Imagine what the shot will look like when I break the real photo with these settings. And then I get it. This is a comparison of the screenshot of the Live View Zoom View (left) and the actual shooting (right):

I tried to change the quality of the image (I tried RAW) does not. I do not know whence the loss of details, I was wondering if anyone here had any idea about this or that she ran into similar problems.

Thank you



You can try and turn off High ISO NR? at ISO 12800, you can lose a lot of details with NR. The Moon is clear enough, you don't need an ISO high. And the Moon must be sharp, even at slow shutter speed. Try so the slow shutter speed, lower the ISO, turn off NR. Your shot looks like more on NR off focus or camera shake.

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    Ok.  Keep .htaccess on your remote server.

    In the site local files Panel, F2 (rename) to the old.htacess.htacess.

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    Yep, you want to be careful about spaces, special characters and capital letters in the names of files and folders regarding the web.

    Everything must be tiny alpha-numeric, using hyphens or underscores instead of spaces.

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    Why must you connect?  For development, I would disable the logon scripts session until you are ready to publish to the server.

    Nancy O.

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    A true IDE will give you debugging tools and a large number of small features that make the code more effective.

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    She also rejected a lot of code in webkit, but this seems to be the standard webkit code that works elsewhere on the page.

    BTW: has when is this hand brutal coding pay off in money and less heartache when Wordpress air cleaner and is easier to use? I feel that I know only HTML or CSS in terms of translating the vision to reality and with browser features everything after months and months of online courses. How long are the pros home until they reach a point of the watershed?

    Here is my address: http://www.adjacentdimensionsmedia.com/home.html

    Here is my html code:

    < body >

    < div class = "gridContainer clearfix" >

    < div id = "div1" class = "fluid" > < img src = "adtitle2.png" width = "700" height = "80" alt ="" / > < / div > "

    < div class = "fluid" > < div class = "box-shad" > < a href = "index.html" > < / has > < / div > ""

    < / div >

    < div id = 'portfolio' > portfolio < / div >

    < / body >

    Here is my CSS:

    Shad-.box {}

    top of the margin: 200px;

    margin left: 100px;

    Width: 900px;

    height: 700px;

    display: block;

    background-image: url("images/Big-tree-trans1.png");

    background-size: 900px 700px.

    -webkit-box-shadow: 15px 15px 15px insert #000000;

    box-shadow: 15px 15px 15px insert #000000;

    -webkit-border-radius: 50%;

    border-radius: 50%;

    position: fixed;


    . Box-shad a {}

    Display: block;

    Width: 900px;

    height: 700px;



    Width: 100px;

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    position: relative;


    High:-300 puts this div over the top of the browser window. Fix that and you'll see the div.

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    I've had my site using dreamweaver for about a year now. I used the program of "Spectator" in my Gallery for images. However lately I have been having update problems and change the images. So yesterday I set up a gallery with the "lightbox" dreamweaver widget. Everything works well in mode live view in dreamweaver, but when I put the site to my domain now totally disappeared. It seems that the site is still in train poster linking to the simpleviewer Gallery, but there is no evidence, just a blank page. I don't know what is happening here. Through my Web host customer support has been useless.  My site is


    CORRECTION: I found the correct code in styles.css. The problem is solved

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    Dreamweaver problem: where is the block active mode live view. I have to wait at least 3 minutes to restore the program, and try again to work. This only happen in a way live view. Please help with this problem is very annoying


    Dreamweaver problema: cuando hangs from activa Live discovered. Tengo por lo menos 3 minutos e restore el programa para wait brought Nuevo a trabajar. Esto sucede en solo a modo to display live. Please help con este problema're muy molesto

    Hi Angello,

    Which version of Dreamweaver, you are on?

    Thank you


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    BTW - do you think it is a good idea for me to get css/html and javascript for Dummies?  These books really help novices like me?

    No, I don't think.  I would recommend that you delay javascript until you have a degree of comfort with HTML & CSS.  And I would not recommend the series of dummies.  Personally, I don't think you could do better that for the volume of Missing Manual CS5, which teaches you in fact a good deal on DW and HTML and CSS.  Also, there is a great set of online tutorials on the Adobe site and on the W3 Schools (http://www.w3schools.com) site.

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    Unfortunately, it's a problem for the sites of scrolling a page, as the question that I am trying to fix is a path down a long page, and the only way to see the responsiveness in action is to zoom stupidly far. Y at - it an option to enable the circumvention of this off, or reasonable?

    Edit: I use Mac OS on a MacBook Pro 10.10.4

    MrJW gave you a good work around in Live View mode.  But honestly, when I work with the reagents long pages, I saw in the browsers and keep them open while I do a few code tweaks.  Then refresh browser (F5 or Ctrl + R) to check my progress.  I almost never work without one or several browsers open at all times.

    Right click > inspect element is another feature of good browser to use.

    If you have Firefox with the Web Developer Toolbar extension, you can use Resize > sensitive view layouts to see the appearance of your page (s) on multiple devices.  This is a handy feature.

    In addition, you can edit the CSS in real-time to see how it effects your work and lots of other good things.

    I highly recommend the FF Web Developer Toolbar.  It's free. I use mine constantly.

    Web Developer: Modules for Firefox

    Nancy O.

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