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Question 5 D Mark III features

I just put my camera Canon 7 d of Canon 5 d mark III camera and I like some of its features, such as ISO noise reduction, noise reduction long exposure, highlight your priority, automatic light optimizer, etc. What I couldn't find anywhere in the man

RAW and JPEG shooting - how to reach?

Hi all - I want to shoot in RAW & JPEG tomorrow for an event. I'm sort of a newbie to this, help a friend at the last minute. I don't have the original software provided with my Rebel T3 (that I read that I would need access to the RAW files). So I h

I have an EOS T1i and want to experience time photography. Any help?

I have an EOS T1i and want to experience time photography.  I read a tip from Apple for the iPad and it's easy to do with the iPad, but timing is something else.  I would like to do with my Canon and be able to change the "timing" between shots.  Can

Display brightness and RGB histograms at the same time on 7 d MII

How can I display brightness and RGB histograms on the screen at the same time during playback on the 7 d MII.  Page 358 of the PDF manual shows a graph of the two together under Lens/histogram information, but I've been able to display one or the ot


I have several EOS ELAN for old SLR LENSES and a new digital EOS M. Is there an adapter for old to adapt to the new?

Compact flash card in the atmosphere of the iPad

A way to download pictures from a compact flash card or directly from my 5 d Mark III to air from my iPad. I know that Apple has a SD card cable. anything for the compact flash?

max 6 d memory card format

Don't know if there is an answer to this question. I see others asking also, what is the Maximum memory card format that will probably work in the 6 d? I checked the manual, I checked store descriptions, no one seems to know the answer to this questi

Have a Canon EOS 20 d. My EOS Digital Solution Disk won't work. How can I download it?

Have a Canon EOS 20 d. My EOS Digital solution disk will not work.  How do I download this software somewhere? It is not available on the list of Canon software. Can I use this software for Canon EOS 40 d?  Help.

No recorded images

Suddenly, my 3 years, EOS 60 d will not retain the images. When I press the button to view the image (blue arrow down / from the rear of the camera) I only see the screen message "No. Image". I took the camera back to Future Shop where I bought it, a

STM lenses will work in older cameras DSLR EF-S?

I will be upgrading soon an XTi T5i or SL1. I don't have the goal of origin for the XTi and I do not plan to use the new camera comes with the objective of the STM. I was going to give my old camera to a friend with the kit lens to this topic. The 18

Need help on a Canon DSLR upgrade

We had the original Digital Rebel and he failed and guaranteed has been replaced with an XTi at some point years ago. My wife does most of the time catalog photography to Web resolution. It has no needs print, high number of pixels is not really nece

7 D mk II connect problem

Hello I tried to connect via the supplied cable my 2 7 to my MacBookPro.  I have a 2009 13' MBP with USB2 ports.  My software for use with the 7 d 2 are up to date (EOS utility, Lightroom). I shoot attached all the time with my 3 5 on this computer u

Beep on 7 d MK2

I can't get the beep for saving when you use something other than 'automatic mode '. Is this normal? Yes it is enabled in the menu.

request for recommendation for flash

Hi.I have very basic knowledge and need help. I have a 600 d with a 50mm f1.8 and a kit 18-135 mm f3.5 lens. I want to buy my first flash.1 need this for most of the pictures of Interior as parties and weddings2. no idea about the cost but don't need

A 1066 x card CF there a difference in speed for a 800 x on a 5 d Mark II?

A 1066 x card CF there a difference in speed for a 800 x on a 5 d Mark II? Is there a limiting factor that I should have in mind in order to avoid unnecessary expense?

Where the Style of photo on the 60 d

I am relatively new on Canon 60 d and for the life of me, can't find the icon 'Picture Style'. There seems to be a kind of circular icon, but I can't find any. It shows supposedly Standard, Portrait, etc.. I found raw and jpeg icons but not Picture S

Problems with low light action on 70 d calls

I have just spent a T3i to a 70 d. I seem to have trouble with the plans of action in low light situations, suggestions on implementing...

How is it possible for the lights to photograph because not informed?

I recently did a photoshoot with some models where the light source led christmas lights. The lights were constantly.  I had quite a few images where Christmas lights showed NO light at all. Others where some lit up and others not. I don't see how th

WTF 70 d matching Windows 8.1 - crashes

Hello I tried to pair my 70 d to a desktop Windows 8.1. However the cameras LCD screen sticks to current coupling. I have disabled the firewall (just in case) Got the latest version of the software. Because the computer can see the camera is located

6 d needs a fast enough SD card for RAW to 4.5 fps

After reading a few comments on the problems with the (secondary) SD card controller into the famous camera of 5 d MarkIII, I decided to test my new unit 6 d. Speed tested with the same composition and lighting (poor tungsten), same frame parameters:
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