Feature Request: 1-2: option report l / h for function of "marker".

Hello Peter et al.,.

I would like to request a report l option / additional: for the function of "marker" in the cameras: 2 / 1 (or 'Univisium' as I think marked Storaro).

He sees public use in the House of cards at the moment, and I turns a lot of work at present mainly (for TV broadcast and web) that goes from 2:1 for a more cinematic look who uses 16:9 screens classic a little more effectively than ratios correct widescreen/cinemascope.

I know there are a ton of extensions already available, but 2:1 seems to be quickly gaining popularity, and it would be great to be able to compose a little more precisely using function "marker" of the camera and the actual report.

See you soon,.


Menu > VF > marker

Then you will see that several settings marked "User box" that control the position, height, and width.

Those where you need. Then select: User box > WE

See you soon!

Tags: Large Sensor Cameras

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    Blog: LucD notes

    Twitter: lucd22

    Hi LucD,

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Indeed, it will be very useful. However, its implementation is not trivial. Onyx is currently working as a passive proxy between the server and the client. And information on the names of the objects are not available in SOAP messages. This means that Onyx will generate calls to the server to retrieve the name for help be MoRef, i.e. Onyx will be not only proxy, but also a customer. Despite this us will search if there is a way to implement this or a similar feature.

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    Kind regards


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    Feature requests/bug reports have a much better chance to receive attention if posted here: feature request/Bug Report Form

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    I hope that I am not not the only future for this update of the feature?

    We support FDR (finaldraft 7) and import FDX (finaldraft 8) in history. It works for you or are you interested in export FDR?


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    Hi Lutzz,

    When I'm trying to make a project, there is a list of small selection at the bottom of the window "Export media" saying 'export zone '. Here, I can choose between 'full sequence', 'working area', "sequences in and out" and "user-defined". This option jumps always come back to the "work area"!

    It is at least for me very unconveniant, because in 99 + % of my reports, I need "complete order".

    You can create a feature here: http://adobe.ly/feature_request

    Thank you


  • Want to report a bug/feature request, but the shape gives a Jrun Servlet Error 413 header length too large

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    Is this a problem with Adobe or my browser? (Chrome Version 37.0.2062.103 m)

    I got the error while trying to open the page that has form on this.

    I tried with IE and it worked fine. It must be a problem with Chrome. I get the same error on many Adobe web pages. I submitted a bug report to the Google Chrome team. I don't think that it is a matter of Adobe, although it could be differences in how browsers handle malformed web pages, but I consider this matter closed.

  • Feature Request: more properties with check boxes and option buttons

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    This properties can be defined in the code manually, but not in the palette.

    WebZopp wrote:
    > If you insert a radio button on a Web site, the pallete property inspector
    > (right of expression? in German it is called "Akbulak") should offer
    > checkboxes for 'disable', 'read only' 'access key' and a little more.
    > This properties can be defined in the code manually, but not in the palette.

    I agree that it is a very sensible suggestion. (The correct name in)
    English, by the way, is the property inspector). Since it is a
    User Forum, your feature request is not likely to be seen by the
    good people at Adobe. Use the request/Bug report form to do a
    official request. Most people who make requests through the agent
    form, most likely Adobe is aware.


    Adobe Community Expert David Powers
    Author, "Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8" (friends of ED)
    Author, "PHP Solutions" (friends of ED)

  • Feature request: Save as... from the iPad to cloud Document.

    I'm looking for a way to save money... of the tablet to the document cloud.

    First quick background:

    I created a template on my laptop with Adobe Acrobat DC and saved this template to the Document cloud.

    -This model has text boxes to type and file boxes for quick selection.

    I then discovered the same model on my iPad.

    -So I can type in the text boxes and make selections in all deposit boxes.

    However, once I completed the template there is no save under... function, that's why my changes could not be saved to the Document cloud.

    On the bottom of the screen, there are four options - from left to right (I dunno what they are actually called):

    Adobe DC.png

    Glasses - comment - search button - button eyes Share/Transfer button

    When you click on the button to the right (square with the top arrow) there are four options:

    • Shared file
    • Link sharing Public
    • Open to...
    • Print document

    I'm looking for a fifth option: Save under...

    This feature allows you to record what you come to the new PDF format to the Document cloud.

    Finally, if this feature does not exist and I'm doing something wrong, please I need your help. If there is really no way to record under... of the tablet to the document cloud, maybe this function can be implemented in a future update.

    Thank you in advance,


    Thanks for the feedback and the detailed explanation!

    Unfortunately, Acrobat Reader mobile products (for example, iOS, Android, Windows Phone) do not yet support the function "Save as."

    You submit a feature request form?

    Adobe - feature request/Bug Report Form

    Our product management team will receive a notification by e-mail and account of your feature request for a future version.

    Please note that there is a way to accomplish the same thing in the current version.  However, it is not as convenient as "save under".  Because it requires additional steps.

    1. Transfer the PDF original (i.e. your "template") from your laptop to your iPad using iTunes or 'Open In' iOS feature of Apple Mail.  See How to open PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat DC for iOS (iPad version).
      Your original PDF document will appear in the section "Local".
    2. Duplicate the original PDF document and rename it.  For more details, see procedure manage files in format Adobe Acrobat, DC for iOS .
    3. Open the copy (not the original).
    4. Make changes.
    5. Press the share button on the lower bar.
    6. Select 'Save Adobe Document cloud' to download on the Document cloud.

    Is this an acceptable workaround solution for now?

  • Fill feature request AutoFill toolbar

    Hi, I am familiar with the current built-in autofill described in this article:
    https://support.Mozilla.org/en-us/KB/control-Firefox-automatically-fills-in-forms?ESAB=a & s = AutoFill & r = 0 & s = ACE #Firefox:Mac:fx29

    but I would like to put in a feature request to a similar to Safari, added toolbar button where you can click on the button to complete the entire form, rather than having to click and fill each field separately as the only option. It should also be able to click on each field as well, because it is a nice feature, but with the addition of a button and form preferences where you can enter form data to use for each field. I know there are modules for this (AutoComplete and Autofill Forms are the 2 best on the 4 I have installed and tested) but it would be good to have a built-in toolbar button.

    You can submit this 'feedback' here:
    And the label as an enhancement request.

  • How can I uninstall several programs at once? (Feature request)


    I just installed package 12 small programs installed in my Windows 7 installation.

    Is there a way to uninstall them all at once?

    In "Programs and features" I would like to be able to select multiple programs, right click, select "Uninstall" and then uninstall them all at once, without be requested on any other issue.


    The option you are looking for will not happen.

    If a program that you install also installs the associated software, often requires to have the main software, you usually uninstall the primary program before you can uninstall those secondary

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    Before that you think (or probably you have already done) to suggest the 9-patch scaling, allow me to clarify my situation.

    I have controls that scroll in a container. I use an absolute provision and manage key events to make the scrolling. The same situation is if the container is set to any mode of scrolling in no more. Controls that are the object of a scroll are ImageViews, it is impossible to achieve by a substantive ruse. A masking approach, displaying a picture above the container and make transparent holes in this 'false' if necessary, is not a very effective in my case option, because I resize the container on some touch events, which makes it necessary to update this image on each of these touch events, which is very expensive in CPU cycles.

    I need the container to clip the elements it contains, giving a round border appearance. It has been suggested to me that in Java, it is possible by hiding the bitmap to the window, but this feature is not provided by Cascades.

    So, basically, you should post a request for such a device?

    I have not found a need for it and I don't know how many application developers want to play with the default layout and spacing of standard items - consistency is appreciated by the users.

    If you need it and may be useful, maybe it is. If so, you could add a feature request in Issue Tracker, if not perhaps wait until you have a good reason?


  • Feature request ACR - support for the predefined folder and name change

    Please add the ability to organize the first files camera presets. He quickly gets to be too many presets in one place even with a naming structure well-thought-out. Renaming within ACR would also be a great improvement.

    Please add your suggestion to the link below.

    Feature request/Bug Report Form

    Kind regards


  • Feature request

    Is the forums the only place to request features or report a bug?

    Features I would like:

    1 indicator flashing for missed notifications.

    2. Google maps to create a link to address in contacts, as sprint nav is in 1.2.0.

    3. a framework for the 'Phone' icon to set to open to the Dialer, all calls or calls missed (I tend to go to Detroit calls 'all')

    4. ability to turn off 'Auto Correct'

    5 spell Agic whenever you type. (After reading this post you'll see why I need this

    6 'group of all calls' by the appellant. (example my gf calls me 3 times I called 3 times, no need to have 6 all listed, just group them & view last)

    7. visual Voice mail.

    8 applications seem slow to open, accelerating them would be nice.

    9. move up the alarm notification. (sound on everyday for me no need to have it on the bottom of the screen)

    10 being able to delete unnecessary applications 'NASCAR' & 'NFL '.

    11 Add pages & be able to put 4 or 5 large app instead of only 3.

    Bug fixes.

    1. when the contacts are connected with gmail, birthdays are not sync.

    2. display of the 30 calendar days: all the day's events are not displayed.

    3. display of 30 calendar days: events are not colored they are all gray when "all" is selected.

    Welcome to the Palm support community, one!

    We invite you to post this here, but there's a race long thread here: http://forums.palm.com/palm/board/message?board.id=webossoftware&thread.id=443

    Also, see my signature for where to find the page Feedback of Palm Palm please leave comments.

  • Feature request: selection of the timeline

    I don't know if this is already possible, but is it possible that we can choose a specific part of the timeline as in After Effects?

    I saved it takes several in a single audio file and would like to be able to select specific parts of the timeline that I'm working on my projects.

    The only other option that I can think of is to split my takes separate audio files and create a scene for each audio file.

    You can adjust the take (and beach bars), but we do not have the ability to specify a range of input/output for punch-in recording, or a way to divide a take at this time, but both are in our feature requests database to assess the pre-releases. I can add your name both of these applications. Thank you.

    You can also try a scene from nesting in another (a bit like precomposition in After Effects) that cuts.

  • Marker trouble... Help us by filing a feature request!

    Someone from another bug which

    1. To set a marker of a particular color, you have to first add a marker, THEN change the color? Wouldn't it be better if there were separate shortcuts options while you might have a shortcut for each color in one step? (As on the FCP 7)
    2. Often after add you the marker, the SELECTED marker is still the PREVIOUS one, so when you change the color, eventually change the color of the LAST marker.
    3. The colors of predefined markers are not distinct enough. many of the colors are similar. We should be able to define our own colors (brighter) as we can to the labels.

    If you agree, please fill in the feature requests; You can copy my text by below!

    Go to: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

    Improvement / FMR. *

    Short title for your desired feature:


    How would you like the feature works?


    Why is this feature important for you?


    Improvement / FMR. *

    Short title for your desired feature:


    How would you like the feature works?


    Why is this feature important for you?



    Concise problem statement:

    Steps to reproduce the bug:

    1. Add a marker

    2. change its color with shortcut


    The color of the PREVIOUS marker is changed instead of the one I just added.

    Expected results:

    After adding a marker, color change action should apply to the one I just added.

    Hi Shonib,

    Thanks for the excellent requests!


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