ff22 has two high bars of the page, who act in the same way at the same time. In addition, the BACK button would not light on many web pages. This means that I cann

Problem #1.

First the top bar has a logo of firefox in the upper left corner and the words "Ask a Question/Mozilla Support-Mozilla Firefox" are on the right side of the logo. The first bar of the high a minimize, overlap and close the buttons at the top right. When I click on the logo, a short menu unfolds, has a choice as ' restore "..." "" loved ones ".

The second bar from the top has the word "Firefox" in the upper left corner with an arrow down beside him. They resemble contrast white letters on an orange background of a huge button. When I click on it, displays a menu double glazing. He has a lot of choice as the new tab, new window private... Favorites, history, download... out. The second top bar has also minimize overlap and close the buttons at the top right, too. There are 7 Word securities "file, editing, display, history, bookmarks, tools and help" under this huge button orange at the top left. The logos and the address bar is less than 7 words.

I don't have 2 best bars. They worry too much about property screen.

Problem #2
The BACK button isn't light upward, and may not work on many web pages.

Thank you


Looks like it is an application or a Firefox extension that causes this problem.

You can start Firefox in safe mode to identify the problems: http://mzl.la/MwuO4X

In addition, this article may be of interest to you: http://mzl.la/NjT73w


In addition, you can try to do a reset software Firefox, if you are not able to solve this problem: http://mzl.la/MnSTZB

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