Automatic update of Shockwave Flash 24.0 created conflict with Shockwave Flash 23.0 r0 r0 and creates constant errors for streaming audio.

When the attempt to load Slacker today 12/13 (day of the update) get the infamous "Shockwave Flash may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the plugin now, or you can continue to see if the plugin is complete. "error. So, I check

Cannot get rid of Yahoo as search engine

Let the Apple to take control and after removing the preferences Yahoo, it still manages to reappear when you use the search box - then all results are U S based. Apple suggested that I talk to Mozilla - ideas?

Firefox opens a web page to download the update to Firefox

Firefox opens the homepage, but another tab open with FF color and the logo indicating to download this update to Firefox. I check

context3d wmode bad possible reason is not available or device missing support

I can't play games with flash player. It shows the message "context3d wmode bad possible reason is unavailable or missing device support" in the window pop up. I found an answer in this forum but a link to the solution that no longer works. Could som

After a search of Yahoo. It won't on the site in the list that I click on.

Using 50.0.2 with Windows 7. It worked OK in the past, but now he ignores me if I left click on a result in the list. I need to right click and select "Open link in a new tab. That does not appear above, but previously, I don't have that extra step.

I tried everything but still not get any sound in Firefox.

Firefox works except there is no sound. I've refreshed it, tried safe mode, checked plug-ins and everything else that the Firefox advice gives but still cannot find the off and on switch. The other browsers work fine.

Greek letters no longer appear when I use fontname-'Symbol' in html/javascript. They work in Microsoft Edge.

I write code in javascript for astronomers and it uses the symbol for the Greek letters font. When I view the report on the FireFox browser, the Greek letters do not appear on the contrary they are in a different font. My screen to do very well with

Remove bookmarks toolbar option is grayed out

Cannot remove items from the bookmarks bar because 'delete' option (and 'Cut') is grayed out. When I use the button 'Star' in the top right to delete an item, EVERY copy of this link is removed, even those registered in other records. When I try to m

49 Firefox windows aero theme change (7) at the base once opened

However once I have start firefox in safe mode, it retains the victory aero theme. This is a new installation of firefox and the only thing I noticed is in the new version of firefox the output and minimize buttons disappeared. and when I start in sa

Can not access my account-Synch

Hello I created an account to sync a long time ago and could use it without problem. For two weeks, or so I can't access my account more. I have the screen: "continue please log in" (in German) and after typing the password, I am in a process without

Feature request: new tab color adjustment

If the user can customize with a value (in hexadecimal). The current subject: config command is too general, because this one will also change the color of Web sites that enable custom background colors. (which means that unfortunately the current su

-Is this a "no Proxy" security affect setting on my home network?

I have established that the the unique proxy setting that makes my computer works best is the "no proxy setting. I read, however, that this setting could leave my computer open to hacking and other intrusions. I'm on a home network with no other user

Shockwave plugin

I got the message saying that the shockwave plugin is disabled, because it is the older version. I followed the steps to update and said that it is complete and I restarted computer but plugins Firefox is still saying shockwave player is version 23.0

Disappeared from the search bar. How can I get that back?

The right of the missing address bar search bar by double clicking. The need to double-tap started after the last software update. He was a nuisance and now has caused the loss of the search bar.

Firefox start page - the page went so big that it overwhelms the screen, how do I resize the start page

Start page for Firefox - I don't know how the original size of the page disappeared so large that it overwhelms the screen. I don't know what button I pressed the home page becomes so big on the screen. Please help me how to resize the start page. Th

How can I close Firefox (closed) if properly run two windows with multiple tabs in each and I want to save them all?

How can I close Firefox (closed) if properly run two windows with multiple tabs in each and I want to save them all? I tried to close each window by clicking the X in the top right, and then restart Firefox only loads the last closed window. Is it po

My website CSS is interpreted differently (in Firefox only) after v.47

Hello, can someone help me understand what could be the cause of most of my text pages appear in white on a white background. We have made no changes to the code or the CSS Web site. Happened since Firefox v.47 came out the previous year. The text of

Favorites of Zombie

Left Favorites IE 11 for Firefox. Imported, then led to their Internet Explorer folder in "Bookmarks Menu" and deleted the Internet Explorer folder. Some do not work. So, how do I remove these? Right click + Delete does not work. Right click + Proper

Some add-ons installed do not show in the toolbar

I have some add-ons installed that keep disappears from the toolbar at the top of the page where I want what they (next to the search bar). They include the video Download Helper and Cookies-Self-Destructing. I entered in Customizing, and these modul

Every time I start Firefox, I get a survey with a suffex program has. How to eliminate

Every time I start Firefox, I get a survey with a suffex program has. How to eliminate
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