FireWire 1394 camera problem

Community salvation OR,.

I want to use my guppy (FireWire 1394 connection) of Allied vision camera, but I came across a connection problem. I use this card FireWire (, but according to the installation, check, this card is properly installed.

When I plugged the camera Vision Builder AI 2010 and it wouldn't recognize my camera so I went for the problem that I found at my material properties. When I go to the properties of the camera, he said: "this device does not start. (Code 10).

I've been looking for a solution, but I'm not a genius when it comes to this. So is there maybe someone who can help me with this problem.



Here's an update after a whole day looking for a solution.

I currently see the my card PCI IEEE 1394 (old map 2001) who has a complaint OHCI driver (I guess that's the default windows driver). I also see the camera under my hardware, but it shows with a small sign of error that says "device will not start (Code 10)". I also installed the driver NOR can I see in my MAX of NOR, but non-material to my PCI IEEE 1394 card.

I also discovered that when I had a unibrain driver installed (in collaboration with the complaint OHCI driver) my camera simply don't appear in my hardware.

That maybe I need to connect the driver OR with my IEEE 1394 card (I tried to do, but I could not)?

In the attachments you will find a photo that shows my material.


Don't bother the problem is resolved. I think she had need of some time after uninstalling the driver unibrain to see the cam OR max. For those who have the same problem: just install the default windows driver (OHCI complaint) and install the NOR-IMAQ for IEEE 1394 driver (think my problem was the additional Unibrain driver).



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    I'm under LabView 8.6 with NOR-IMAQ 4.1 and NOR-IMAQdx 3.2

    Any suggestion how to fix this annoying problem?


    Please make sure that the Microsoft 1394 adapter driver is installed and not the driver fix (is installed from the FirePackage) no more.
    You can use the 'install or remove the 1394 driver' tool from the FirePackag directory or manually in the Device Manager.

    When the camera makes its appearance in the device as a device of imaging Manager, it will also be available in MAX.

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    Be sure to contact the Skype Support like this might be a known issue and they might have the solution.
    There is also information and on the Skype Forums.

    Skype - Support

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    Also check with the manufacturer of the system, their drivers and documentation support online and ask
    their forums (if any).


    You will probably need to reload the drivers of the device and any camera control software.

    Login as an administrator.

    Double-click Control Panel / Device Manager - Imaging - writing down of the brand and model of camera.
    on this subject and on the tab of the driver is version. Now, click on update drivers (who are unable to do anything as MS
    is far behind the pilots of certification). RIGHT click on the camera - UNINSTALL - REBOOT - it
    will update the driver stack.

    Now, go to the system manufacturer's website and download the latest driver for the camera and the other related camera
    software (if not more recent get the same).

    Download - SAVE - go to them and RIGHT CLICK - RUN AS ADMIN - reboot after each driver.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager

    Then let windows updates on however prevent loading of drivers who are often older than the
    those that you have installed. If updates suggests a pilot and then HIDE it and watch manually to see if their
    really is a more recent version (at the time system manufacturer and the sites of the manufacturer of the device).

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers (WS.10) .aspx

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Camera problems of Smartphones from blackBerry after 8100 Firmware update to v4.5

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    It is a known issue for me that I'm updating all the handsets of our work with the Blackberry firmware for the company that I work.

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    When you are in display mode and the outside (even if covered) the screen turns white as if the lens opening is open wide.

    Even when you take the picture, the result is white all over.

    Please see examples here:


    Two of these photos were taken inside with just on fluorescent lights.

    However if I return to the firmware to a lower level the problem no longer exists.

    I tried to change the settings for the White Balance on the handset and no matter what setting I put it on the same results occure.

    I was wondering if there is a patch or I have to wait the next release for a bug fix?

    Thank you for your help in advance.


    Updated the combined software and the camera problem no longer exists.

    Can I get some laurels to solve the problem myself? Laughing out loud


  • Hi cyberlink you cam problem...

    Hi team,

    could you please find my cyberlink you cam problem...

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    Hi Asra,

    Sorry, still no magic solution for this - instructions to 'fix' Windows 7 are not so different from those proposed in your first application.

    Possible software patches for webcam in Windows 7 are explained in this document:

    Webcam troubleshooting (Windows 7)

    If you have tried the Hard Reset, if you tried to reinstall your driver, if you tried to check the BIOS... then the webcam can be broken.

    Webcam of tiny and delicate wires break, crush or break away from the camera.  It is not so expensive to fix, but you cannot fix a broken webcam with software.  You will need to send (or take) the computer to have the webcam repair.  It's sad - it happens.

    One of my notebooks had a broken webcam and the laptop was new, too.  HP fixed the son, returned the laptop and everything was good after that.  So, is it broken wires for you?  Unknown;  There are a few software patches to pass and then you might consider, in fact, the webcam is broken.

    You can always take the laptop to a local repair shop and get a notice.  This isn't a real difficulty expensive even if it is the offending material.

    Good luck.

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    Tracker camera taped permanently 'camera problems' indicates how much time left

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    any ideas?

    Yes, the shots just won't solve. Try to prune the shot is shorter. 30 seconds is an eternity. I just cut a: 30 second TV spot which has 12 changes in action. The average length in a film shots went from 12 seconds in the 1930s to about 3 seconds today. A century of cinema data reveals how movies have changed

    The normal way to work on a camera track turned is to rough, cut to about the finite length of shooting more a few frames as the handles, and then make the camera tracking and insert your effects. If you really must track camera suddenly more than a few seconds, you will need to carefully plan and fire the shot, so the camera can be re-created. More so the more likely is that the software cannot be resolved for the camera. The more things that are moving down the less likely, is that you will get a good solution. For example, if you walk with a camera on a sidewalk in New York spent thirty seconds you probably will be able to solve for the camera, unless hide you all mobile people, then compose the shot until you try to solve it.

    A digital SLR that moves autour a little will also have rolling shutter problems and who gum up the shot. Blur fast movements also clogged the solution. There is no camera Tracker that can solve every time. Tracker of AE camera does a pretty good job with images carefully shot that has a lot of geometry sets in the scene when the lens used has very low distortion of the objective. Without seeing your shot, it's the best I can find. The chance whether the shot instead of a bug is very high.

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    I'm in the middle of a piece of code that used to use IMAQ Legacy 1394 to IMAQdX since NEITHER decided to drop the single 1394 support portage.  I ran into an interesting problem.  When you work with a DCAM 1.3 complient camera (Prosilica E1360C, firewire) I find that it is possible to manually set the Max gain, but when you list the attributes of the camera in LabVIEW using the enumeration, CameraAttributes::Gain: Value rises only not available in writing.  How did MAX OR move it?  I tried to write the gain using the gain writing Register register manually by referencing the DCAM 1.3 Spec document and then using the to write, but I had no luck.  The same is true when you're just trying to write the CameraAttributes::Gain: Value by using the attribute writing property node.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

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    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could possibly offer some advice.

    I have a laptop T431s and I need to be able to connect the firewire cable (1394), such as an external HARD/camera drive - obviously, I have to get some kind of adapter (if it is even possible) while I was looking for some advice on what could be my options.

    I have mistakenly bought a PCMCIA card adapter after someone suggested it - s not much on computers I should have checked it first though, as the T431s is not a PCMCIA slot... leasson learned

    Thank you for your time and if you have any questions just let me know

    Looks like you'll have to go USB Firewire.

  • 7 - the iPhone with camera problems

    Hey guys,.
    UST bought the new iPhone 7 and I already have problems with it, specifically with the camera.
    It's already happened seeral times more that when I open the camera the camera itself App would not focus or react; Instead, simply, you would see a bluish image dark on the screen, and it was not possible to take a picture or anything like that.
    Even after you leave the app and restarting it, it was always the same.

    Anyone else having similar problems?

    Thank you and best regards,


    Hi LauraLovesMAui,

    Congratulations on your new iPhone 7! I understand you had some problems with the camera on your iPhone does not display does not correctly. I know it's important to be able to take great photos, so I'm happy to help you.

    You have this problem when using your camera in other applications?

    Make sure that you follow the troubleshooting tips recommended here:

    Get help with the camera on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

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    My 5s iPhone camera does not seem to focus more. It is still used to work properly and there is not water damage or damage to my phone but it jut all stop suddenly focusing. No matter what picture I take now is fuzzy and its extremely irritating because the camera is a big reason, I have the phone. Is there a reason that this could happen? It might just not be the focus because I have tried auto focus and other things, but all my pictures are blurry just significantly. There are no scratches or anything on the lens of the camera because it can take clear pictures but if it's close enough as a foot or 2 later that it is not.


    Keep your software up to date on your iPhone iOS can help prevent the problems you describe.

    Tap Settings > general > software update

    Lates iOS version available for your 5s is 9.3.4.

  • Camera problems after upgrade to iOS 9.3.2

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    I have the same problem. The camera is useless

  • Missing camera problem - cannot export (share options greyed out)

    I'm under El Capitan 10.11.3

    10.2.3 FCPX

    I7 MacBook retina (2012)

    8 GB RAM

    I worked on my calendar, creating several minutes of content.  In the background as well as media files import and transcoding, I noticed that all my stock options were grayed out.  I learned that I stumbled upon import of problems due to the lack of space on my external hard drive as they are for most of the 4K files.  I understand that when you work with 4K you can work, but you must wait until all transcoding of files before exporting a show.

    I also made the mistake to rename some of the clips in the bin case after being placed on the timeline (I think this might be part of my problem).

    This combination of import to a drive with enough space to allow the final transcoding with name change has created a lot of clips of CAMERA MISSING - so NO the ability to share.

    I bought a larger capacity drive and copied all the files in the new storage of 2 TB.

    One - I do an import/reimportation of camera/player.  (in some cases if it does not work - I am again an import - then try to link)

    I am finally able to exit then restart and see FCPX that my changes TAKE so I think I'm on the right track.  Sharing options are grayed out still, but I think that once all are properly reassociated on the timeline, I should be ok - right?

    Here are my questions:

    Why not see problems with my events (no yellow warning sign) everything seems fine - I can change but can not export?  Sharing options are still grayed out?

    Then if I stop/restart FCPX - all yellow and Red warnings lack of cameras back.  I thought I solved the problem, but sometimes getting rid of missing camera is a big chore.  I'm on the right track?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    It is important to allow the import of the whole process independently of the clips - not only 4 K resolution. And part of this process is transcoding if you choose optimize. So I think you're on the right track - you have files with incomplete optimized versions. Suggest that you select your clips in the browser, right-click > transcode media and create optimized media. Open the window of background tasks and monitor if transcoding is started and if it ends.

    Post back and let us know whether or not exporters continues to be a problem.


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    I use iphone 6s, having 64 GB since I got this new iphone I m facking a lot of trouble

    I have a few questions about above mentioned propblem.

    1. whenever I open the camera, THE CAMERA STUCK for a MOMENT before showing me the view that I want to capture, how can I solve this problem

    2-if I'm looking for any application that is on my iphone6s, who is looking for bar some time works do not at all.

    3 - I have Facebook app, there are video link of any page official... When I try to open the link, rather than open the link that taking me on the weird link that I can't open.

    Any suggestions for these than these questions please help me to get rid of.

    Try resetting your device. This will not erase your data stored on that device.

    • Press and hold the sleep/wake button
    • Press and hold the Home button
    • Press and hold both buttons until the display turns off and on again with the Apple logo on the subject.

    Alternatively, you can go to settings - general - reset - Reset all settings

    If that doesn't work, restore your device to factory settings. Please note that this will delete the data on your device.

    Take a look this Apple Support article: use iTunes to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support.

    As a final step, try recovery mode. Turn off your unit, then plug it to your computer with the hold home button. Hold down Home button until you see the logo of iTunes on the screen of your device. After that on your computer, you should see the iTunes window saying that your device needs to be restored to factory settings. Click Restore.

    More info here:

    If these steps do not work, contact Apple and ask for help.

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