Gambling Y50 Lenovo problem


I recently got the Lenovo Y50. It has a 960 M GTX and an Intel Core I7 processor. When you try to play one of my favorite games (League of Legends), I realized that even on the lower settings, the Y50 runs only about 45 fps games. The specifications of this laptop should easlisy be able to run the game a much higher FPS, even on the highest graphics settings... Does anyone know a soultion for this? Yes I played with my charging cable in and I made sure that the game is running with the Nvidia graphics card... Help?

Thanks in advance

Hi, yes I updated the drivers but I actually discovered that the problem was that I didn't have my battery on the mode performance. Thanks anyway!

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  • normal temperature y50-70 of Lenovo problem


    I tried dying light on my y50-70

    with the air conditioner off the coast:

    GPU: 86-88 degrees

    CPU:89 - 90 degrees

    with the air conditioner on:

    GPU: 77 to 81 degrees

    CPU: 80-83 degrees

    Is this normal temp? and if not what is the normal temperature of this computer laptop while in game?

    Thank you

    In short - I do not recommend playing at this high temperature.

    Long answer - it will not send Sparks, but the components will lose effectiveness and can be damaged over a period of time. How long? Maybe 6 months, 1 year, 2 years - it all depends on how much you play.

    Heat is an enemy of computers. The cooler you can run them, the better.

    My current time, because all settings/changes, do not exceed 80 all in game. GPU - max 78, CPU - max 81

  • Y50 - Lenovo wifi module

    Nice day. I bought a Lenovo y50. and I'm having a problem with do not grasp the memory. and the question is can I set the location "wireless modila.


    "' ' I can use it as a data bank?" I don't need wifi module, I have a usb wifi adapter.

    Mod edit: System model added to the front of the subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

    The Y50 does not support storage Msata

  • touchpad Y50-70 problem impossible to install the drivers of the momentum


    I am facing a strange problem in recent months (my touch multifingure, scrolling etc. all the actions of the utility does not work). I elan touchpad but system still detects as synaptics. whenever I try to install new drivers or reinstall (via system update or by the installer direct running) the system always install the synaptics driver.
    my keyboard and touchpad was replaced for issue with right click and the previous part was the touchpad from synaptics with windows 8.1. After the replacement of this piece, I've updated for winodws 10. Lenovo enineers also visited for the same problem but no luck they tried to update of the bios, removal and installation of new driver several times and eventually finished near the top of the keyboard chnaging and press with little luck one but still no news.
    Yet once same problem that this time also they replaced with touchpad momentum but sytem always detects it as synaptics. Can you help me?

    Currently I have unistaaled each driver and work on windows driver.

    makes it difficult for me to use scrolling, multitouch etc.

    Thank you

    Well yet but a few tens of windows update major sound last month has solved my problem. Now system detecting touchpad properly and everything is working properly.

  • FPS Y510P Lenovo problem

    Hello guys, Im using Lenovo Y510P with the following specifications:

    • 4th generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ / 16 GB RAM / Full HD 1080 p 1920 x 1080/1 TB HDD + 24 GB SSD / Dual SLI NVidia GT750M 2 GB / Bluetooth / Cam

    I got this laptop from my brother, and I use it to play in Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) game. I saw this laptop do about 250fps in most of the maps from CS GO, but still I get only 124fps in the cards with the settings lowest. Anyone of you guys you will suggest tips to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: Installation of the OS on the 24 GB SSD does affect performance of game somehow? My SSD has been damaged and there are currently no SSD inside. It is only the HARD drive.

  • replacement screen t420 Lenovo problems


    My screen cracked a few weeks ago and I decided to order this form from amazon:

    I followed a video online with instructions on how to replace the screen. Im sure that I installed it right but when I turned the laptop on only the backlight turned on and nothing else. Ive heard that it may be a problem with the display cable, but I'm not too sure. Any help would be how to fix this would be appreciated.

    There are 3 parties involved (motherboard, display, cable) and there is not much you can be sure of without some spare parts for trying. I'll say that GENERALLY, if the motherboard damaged the screen damage, the motherboard fuse jump. As your backlight lights up, it is not the fuse. I found that, if the backlight lights up, in most cases, the cable is not plugged straight into the connector on the motherboard or, more likely, behind the Panel. If you plug the connector on the Board with the new band, it may pull to one side or the other. In addition, the connector of the cable behind the Panel is fragile and easy to damage. Finally, your new Panel may be defective. Cable not connected right or damaged is probably more likely.

  • performance y40 Lenovo problem

    I bought lenovo y40 ago 30/11/2014... I am not happy with that because his slow running on day 1... I tried many way to solve it but it doesn, t work I need few Suggetions as soon as possible, that I have to solve this problem.

    You can try to reset the laptop which will erase all of your personal files (make a backup) and restore the system to its original configuration.

    Shut down the laptop computer

    Press the NOVO button next to the power button

    Follow the instructions to reset to the factory settings.

    Once the process is complete, recheck the system. If it is still slow, then call Lenovo in your country and request a RMA number, maybe your drive HARD or SSD or RAM is not good and is a failure.

    Send it for repair.

  • K5 (snapdragon 415) Vibe Lenovo problems and bugs...

    This new form is only dedicated to all the problems and fixes for Lenovo vibe combined k5 (snapdtagon415). Please report all problems in this post. Also give the problem of bugs and suggestions for future updates.

    (1) uninstall all preinstalled applications and disable applications that can not be installed.

    (2) a lot of apps running in the background, then check all of the apps you don't want to run in the background Manager. Do carefully and do not disable the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

    (3) disable Google use user data for Google as Google keyboard applications collection.

    (4) use a black as wallpaper background picture as it can reduce the use of heat and battery.

    (5) any suggestions more? Message using Heating_Battery message Tag.

    Note from the admin; thread locked.

  • Y50 Lenovo does not start on first boot

    Hi, I noticed that my laptop does not start at the first power on. A press on the Start button, Lenovo image shows, but after a few seconds the power turn off. I need to press the power button and restart the laptop without problem.
    Anyone else having the same problem?

    Good news... It seems that the problem is solved with a restoration of the default bios...

  • UHD y50 Lenovo

    I bought the UHD variant, and I'm happy with it, except for the lock at 48 hz. Some games can't. Then I tried to replace, but most (or all?) Replacement FHD screens have 30 pin connectors and UHD has 40. So my question: is it possible to replace the LCD cable as well with a 30 connector pins, so I can go to a panel, FHD, 60 Hz?

    I would say to just get a 60 Hz external monitor and connect it via HDMI (aslong you play on it in the House).
    I would not recommend making the UHD to FHD replacement screens.
    Maybe, try to replace your laptop for a 1 FHD.

    * Note that you can only 1080 p 60 hz with the HDMI, you have right now.

    I'm stuck with the laptop, now that I can't connect it to the monitor 120\144hz since we have only one HDMI output. (shame on you, Lenovo).

  • Internet y480 Lenovo problems

    Whenever I have restart my lenovo, it connects to the internet automatically. I tried to restart with a lan connection and wifi, the same question. Whenever I have to network troubleshooting to restart internet. I end up getting this message

    connection to the local network
    Wireless network connection is not a valid IP configuration

    After a while, he got very boring. Y at - it a fix for this!

    Can block the macfee map network or something?


    You can try to disable the antivirus to check if this is the reason?

    There are a few discussions on wireless connectivity, please, search the forum for possible solutions/suggestions.

  • Update of propeller-windows Lenovo problem


    I did factory reset on mine Helix. That I have updated all the drivers on lenovo tools.

    But, I can't update windows on Control Panel. If I clik, I see just look at turning around.

    It's OK now, it works. Have no idea what was wrong.

  • Update for the s650 Lenovo problem

    Dear friends,

    After the update kitkat 4.4.2 on my mobile Lenovo s650, in the list of contacts other connections/networks whatsup, Skype, viber and others are not displayed.

    I checked all the connections required as whatapp, Skype under the Framework of Contacts then Contacts on the screen, but it does not show my contact, each account is also synchronized successfully but doesn't show is not in my Contact list.

    It shows, but individual, it does not show under a Detail of Contact with associated icons.

    My phone detail is mentioned below.

    Basedbad Version S650. LINE. V108

    Build the Numer S650_ROW_S305_140820

    Please try to help out me.

    Thank you very much.

    Muhammad Faisal

  • sounds on my lenovo problem

    After instalation of windows 7 on my laptop lenovo I nai more son?


    See this page to select your language:


    Or sorry that it is area English.

    Left click at the bottom of the Microsoft Community page

    English and set your language.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Display N440 Lenovo problem


    I have a N440 who bought in China and in the last days, the screen was a little strange behavior.  Practically all the time with the laptop powered by battery or AC the screen will be a mixture of multi-colored lines and shadow areas.

    I have connected the laptop using a VGA cable on my HDTV and get the same problem - looks like a graphics chip problem maybe?

    I think that the laptop works a nvidia card - does anyone know if this can be replaced or is it integrated on the motherboard and therefore not worth replacement.

    Also, what would be the best way to retrieve the data from the disk - it works under Windows XP.

    See you soon.

    Yes, looks like graphic chip problem.

    Cannot be changed AFAIK. Replace the motherboard.

    Remove the HD and put it in a box external usb

    to save your files from another computer.

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