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screen brightness 75 z50 Lenovo problem

Hello Side by side. I can see the difference between the two laptops. (posting screed) 1. 2009 acer aspire windows icore5 10 2. 2016 lenovo z50 75 amd fx7500 windows 10 It's sad to say, my laptop 7 years seems brighter and more crisp than my laptop f

Cannot connect to or discover the Bluetooth device despite good matching steps win 10 Ideapad 310 15ISK

Just bought this laptop. I know that it is supposed to have full Bluetooth connectivity out of the box. I tried everything, read all the instructions and knowledge base, etc.. Downloaded 2 packages of different drivers of my product page and searches

Lenovo ideapad z710 win 8.1 limited wifi

Hi all Just got my new z710 (recast). No matter what I try I can't the wifi to connect to my hub Virgin super 2. I can connect to the next doors wifi but not the Virgin hub. Any suggestions? Adapter is Broadcom 802.11n SteveN

S10 - 3 interrupted?

I intend to buy the S10-3. I called the dealer in Greece and he told me that the model was arrested - is interrupted - and Lenove has not announced what model will come next. Can anyone confirm or deny this information? Thank you

RAM is covered by the warranty?

If the memory is faulty in the week to buy the netbook, then that would be replaced free of charge? I'm going to... lenovo service center it than what I have to take? just the netbook, power cord n guaranteed? Thank you

S10 & Internet

I need help for the Internet connection. Please enough. I just brought an IdeaPad S10 4333-XF7 today and I'm trying to do to connect to the Internet for about two hours. I have not installed ReadyCOmm, and I already tried updating the driver (the sys

S10 - 3T display problem (solved) rotation and camera

I have replace the first departure of win7 with win7 enterprise. Impossible to install the player from the camera. I tried s10 driver and both drivers for camer s10 - 3T, I also try to unplugged the battary wired and used powder, but these methods do

Motherboard for the IdeaPad S10

Hi, looking to buy motherboard for Lenovo IdeaPad S10. motherboard model: DA0FL1MB6F0

New BIOS for the Ideapad S10... .this that needs to be done?

Looks like there is a new version of BIOS for the S10. Don't know what he's doing, but being like curious I installed it nothing appears again in the BIOS menus. System update had an empty description as well. What does Lenovo? * BIOS * seller * LENO

Sleep U460/Windows 7 settings

Just got my U460 last week - very nice machine.  Just one problem, I can't seem to stop fall asleep by himself. In Windows power management I put ' never sleep ' when it is plugged in – all power profiles.  I even checked the advanced settings.  (I l

U460 - speaker emits noises of buzz

That of the speaker (front right) makes noises of buzz (as interference but not its high-pitch) playback of no sound.  Mute is not help. But if I plug headphones to the headphone, the noise disappears.  (I think because the power of the speaker is tu

Yet another question s10-3 wireless

SUP yall... Just got my s10 - 3 pre-installed with windows 7 starter, but being the old skool, I reformatted with XP through lenovo driver offers full support. So things have been going pretty well with it, until all of a sudden, he acts as the wirel

Strange problem with sound/video U350

Hi all Two days ago I bought the U350 model and unfortunately I already have problems... Today, I played a video and I noticed that sometimes, it stops the video and audio for a few seconds and then continue. More rarely the sound stops just and retu

Natural touch eBook reader S10 - 3T

Anyone know if the e-book reader of NT simply places a shortcut to a book on the virtual shelf or it copy the e-book file in a folder on drive c:\ somewhere? So far, only the e-book reader in NT seems to have no practical use on my netbook.  I like s

[answered] Larger HARD drive, I can integrate S9e

I currently have a 160 gb SATA HDD mounted in an Ideapad S9e and I was wondering if I could increase this? the current drive is this. is it possible to install a 250 GB one? Edit - or even a 320 GB? Thank you.

Specifications for U160

I checked several times the Lenovo site to search a PDF updated on the 'IdeaPad U series tech specs' but the one on the U series page is obsolete (it does not list the specs on the U160). http://shop.Lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/Web/LenovoPort

resizing HARD disk partitions/disks

looking for guidance and advice please.  Have the s10-3 with 160 GB HARD drive that comes with the OEM partition for a restore (good) the hidden partition (OK) key and then a C drive which is 103 GB and poartition D: Lenovo, which has 30 GB - I under

Lenovo S10 - 3T spare battery

They finally at 866-42-THINK (84465), mine was 49 with free shipping :-)

U330 Windows 7 - RAM/memory issue of usability

Hello I just bought Ideapad U330 Core 2 duo P8700 2.53 GHz with 4 GB of RAM. Default OS is Vista and I've upgraded to Windows 7 (32 bit) using the free upgrade option. When I try to "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System", he says "memory (RAM

S10e / s10-2 the fn and ctrl switch Remapping keys

Hi on board, Objective: to the low left function and control (fn, ctrl) keys, the s10e. Yes, I am a user who likes the function key on the far bottom left. I have large hands and I Use keyboard shortcuts a lot involving the control key * is there a b
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