Help: Why the IP addresses change in a multi-router Home Network (Wrt320n, wrt54g2)

I am trying to update my routers and computers at home. Previously, I had a router connected to the internet with a wireless G and an another wireless router connected to the external router with another wireless G network. The external wireless network was used to play games and the internal network has been used for all the other stuff TIVO, access points of impression, computers, etc. The external network had 192.168.1.x ip addresses, and the internal network addresses are 192.9.2.x used routers were linksys wrt54g and wrt54g2. Everything worked.

So I bought a Linksys wrt320n and put in place that the external router. However when the internal router is connected to the external router, the ip addresses of the devices connected to cable networks and wireless to the internal router are numbered 192.168.1.x instead of what I expected (192.9.2.x). This resulting in the Buffalo Access Point and the access HP Points not being seen in the network. In addition, if I disconnect the internal router to the external router, after reboot ip addresses are what I expect.

Of course, technology has changed or I was very lucky. But why are the IP addresses internal changed/performed by the external router? I watched as each private network between them.

Any recommendations? I hope that there is a setting I can change to fix this. Any help is appreciated.


1 is a subnet public IP, which is owned by Sun Microsystems. It isn't a private IP address subnet available for private use. I recommend you change the subnet to a private inside 192.168 IP subnet. *. *. With the IP subnet, you use currently, you can access these public Sun IP addresses if you need them...

2. what you write seems to me as if you connect the internal router with an external router LAN port. With your configuration, you must connect the internet port of the router internal to an external router LAN port.

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    Hi MikeButterworth,

    Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the TechNet forum.

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    If you use a router with home network (peer-to-peer) all computers are equal on the LAN (no host server or real).

    There is no host computer are the same not configured with a different IP address, which is usually provided by the router

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    Hi umiwangu,

    In my experience with BC as well as other systems, it is important to note that the pages and menu items are separated from each other.

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    See the article for more information on how to ask questions on the help forums.

    Suggestions for a question on the help forums:

    Please provide the necessary information to help you further, I'll be happy to help you.

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    For example if I do the following:

    > JavaLoader.exe save Sudoku_v46_480x360

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    > JavaLoader.exe save Sudoku_v46_480x360

    > diff Sudoku_v46_480x360.cod Sudoku_v46_480x360.cod.1

    The files will be different.  I compared the in a hex editor and the differences are small (single-byte) and coherent (0x07 in 0x77) in 10 places in the file.  They seem to be divided as wel.

    -What is JavaLoader.exe done or there at - it something on the device itself that constantly updates the application?

    Thanks for any idea!

    Never mind, just found out why this is happening.  Some of the .cod files (if there is more than 64 k I think) will decompose in a zip format and zip headers may be slightly different (last modified time may change) then the global .cod file will be binary different.

Maybe you are looking for