Linksys Routers

mixture of Vista/xp

I currently have a xp computer and a wrt54g router v. 6 my internet routing (1 Comp wired & one wireless), wireless computer has a pci adapter wmp54g. I replace my first computer (with the router) to vista. My question is: can I make changes to use t

How to configure WRT54G as a follow-up to my Airport extreme "n".

I bought a WRT54G version 1 less than 6 months ago. Last week I got a Time Capsule from Apple with Airport Extreme 802.11n. As the Time Capsule AE "n" will be faster, I would use it rather than the main router. But how do the WRT54G an extension EI?

Wireless and VPN RV042 router WRT54G

Respected member, please help if you can! I have an ADSL with dynamic connected with the wrt54g router, I recently bought RV042 and want to connect the wire coming from wireless with ports. so, basically, I want to use RV042VPN for help after the rou

Wireless router not working do not! Help someone? WRT54GS

I have the router WRT54GS v. 6. I've had this router for about 8 months and now it seems to give me problems. My Linksys Easylink Advisor program could not read my router, when I opened my Linksys Advisor my WiFi router network has not shown "Wireles

WRT54GS v7.2 difficulties to install

I just bought a v.7.2 WRT54GS recently to get my PS3 and PSP online. I have two computers connected to the internet through a Linksys network hub and a model TM502G modem from Arris Road Runner cable. I ran the CD-ROM supplied with my new wireless ro

WRT54GS with Speedbooster, what version number?

Hi all I was going to update my firmware for routers (w/speedbooster WRT54GS), so I check the bottom of the router... find model number... BUT there is no number of "worm" after her.  Which firmware version to use? Thank you for comments or ideas, Br

Bind the MAC to the static IP address with WRT54GL router

Hello We use the WRT54GL Wireless router to connect 4 pc to internet. One of these pc requires a static IP address, because the router can do only reliable port-forwarding for IP static (I would ssh it and use it as a web server). I was told that thi

Causing connection problems WEP

Hi all, I have a WRT54GX router with 2 cable from the PC to it. For some time the wireless feature is enabled only for short periods to allow WIFI access with my laptop or the use of a bridge from Sondigo wireless music, the wireless was not secure a

Monitoring of the channels/signalstrenght

Hello. At the moment I only use my WRT54GL Wireless Access. How can I track the channels and signlastrengh?

2 routers - computers connected to one cannot 'see' computers on other

ROUTER1 is WRT54G subnet made DHCP from It is connected directly to a cable modem. ROUTER2 is WRU54G-TM and fled through the default configuration of TMO. Despite the insistence of the installation, I didn't wa

Cable connection part for good - once I started using the wireless NETWORK card!

Hello I went although all people in support on this issue, but now I have no other choice than to ask all you people here! That is the problem. I have two computers with multiple network cards. One is a laptop computer with wireless Draft-N support a

Router bad for my needs

I think I left a pretty advertising convince me to buy a product that is not suitable for my needs. I hope someone here can shed some light on this for me as I'm new to the home wireless network. I have a box of Ubuntu (8.04) wired to a modem cable;

Weird WRT54G, DDNS, internet connectivity problem

The other day, we lost power at home (my cable modem and the router are not on a UPS system - they will be soon). The problems started shortly after that (it cannot be a coincidence, but I'm puzzled by the way in which they are involved). After havin

Upgrade to RV082 VPN BEFVP

I encountered some problems while trying to upgrade a virtual private network that was previously using two BEFVPs successfully. The tunnel type is Gateway - gateway. It seems that the RV082 no longer has the ability to accept "Any" remote gateway co

By default the password field BEFSR41v3

Has been changing some settings on the same page as the password change option and settings, also save all that was default in the saved password field.I have absolutely no idea what the password is now, and there's only one way to know without the r

Linksys Cisco VPN Client connection drops

I have a Linksys BEFVP41 V2. I have a PC running Windows XP SP2 with customer VPN Cisco I have a problem when I log in the VPN client with my employer network. It seems to be ok. No problem to do the job, hit their proxy server, etc.. Al
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