How can I add my email address to my digital signature?

In the past, whenever I've digitally PDF documents, signed my used email address appears next to my digital signature in Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.0.  However, because I bought a new computer and upgraded to Windows 10 when I sign digitally a document my e-mail does not appear next to my signature.

How can I add my email address to my digital signature?  And why it no longer appear?


Are you still using Acrobat 9? If so, BONE is not important. If you use a signature certificate that contains no email field (it's optional) now?

I believe that most users did not want to send in the appearance of the default signature, so it was deleted. If you are now using a newer version of Acrobat, as 11 or DC, you can create a custom look in which you must check "Distinguished Name". This is where email comes in the certificate.

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