How can I call 3 buttons to the same server function with 3 different return URL?

Hello everyone...

I have a question...

Can I use the same function side server to send to guests 3 different swfURL whereby key pressed from one of them?

If the answer is positive... How can I do it?

Please, help me...



on the client side


var responder: responder = new responder (function name);

Tags: Adobe Media Server

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    I hit a serious problem to update my application to use Adobe Acrobat DC 2015.

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    I need to print all pages, to 100%, with a particular printer, the "theLargePagePrinter". In addition, we use Pitstop Pro 13.




    say application "Adobe Acrobat" to Activate

    the shell script ("sleep 0.2")

    say application 'System events' to say process "AdobeAcrobat.

    the shell script ("sleep 0.2")


    with keys 'p' command down

    end try

    the shell script ("sleep 0.2")


    click 1 of the Group pop up button 1 of the 'Print' window

    end try

    the value x to 0

    Repeat until there are menu 1 of popup button 1 of the Group 1 of window 'print '.

    the shell script ('sleep 0.1')

    the value x to x + 1

    if x ≥ 20 then exit repeat # wait 2 seconds

    end Repeat

    the shell script ("sleep 0.2")


    click menu item (my theLargePagePrinter) of 1 of 1 of Group pop up button menu 1 of the 'Print' window

    end try

    the shell script ("sleep 0.2")


    click on radio button "All" of the Group 2 of window 'print '.

    end try


    click on CheckBox 'Size' of the Group 3 of window 'print '.

    end try

    the shell script ("sleep 0.2")



    say 1

    say (there are (box option "Shrink oversized pages" of the Group 3 of window ' print')) as text -< 'true'

    end try


    2 say

    say application 'System events' to display the dialog box ()get each attribute of option button of the Group 3 of 3 window 'Print') as text -< fails

    say 3

    end try

    Repeat while value of radio button "Shrink oversized pages" of the Group 3 of window 'Print' is 1

    the shell script ("sleep 0.2")

    click on radio button 'Real size' of the Group 3 of the window 'Print '.

    # the value value of radio button "Shrink oversized pages" of the Group 3 of window 'Print' to 0 -< cannot set the value

    the shell script ("sleep 0.2")

    end repeat -< maintains a loop

    end try

    the shell script ("sleep 0.2")


    click on radio button 'Real size' of the Group 3 of the window 'Print '.

    end try

    -more than < code >

    tell the end

    tell the end

    In the Acrobat SDK kit, locate in the JavaScript section and at the IAC-> section AppleScript to learn how to run a JavaScript via AppleScript. You have the Acrobat SDK kit?

  • How can I separate two movies on the same timeline?

    I use the first elements 11 but that you him have not used for quite awhile so I forgot much of what I learned. So here's my question: I have two movies on the same timeline. How can I separate them. In other words, how can I move one on the timeline, so it won't confuse my editing on the other? But better yet - how can I make a movie on the timeline completely and change it later as a separate film. I have really four shorts - a minute long. I would like to change separately, with a new file name. I don't know how to do that more.


    I did some research on the issues that you have raised in this thread.



    After you import a video into the assets of the project, you can right click it, select Rename. This file when you drag the timeline will have the new name.


    If you import a video into the assets of the project, drag it to the timeline, right-click clip timeline, select Rename from the pop-up, then the calendar file will be renamed but not its thumbnail in the active project. You rename this project asset vignette to match if you want. However, these traces yet files renamed to the original with original filename to its disk hard saving location.


    All down your Timeline... one way would be to export the clip selectively if she was included in the Group of the clips on the Timeline. Two conditions for

    a. change box, set the gray tabs on the work area bar to expand on the segment to export


    (b) in the field of export, have a check mark next to the option "Action work area Bar only.


    If you have made a clip in the active project, double clicked to open the preview window, you can cut the clip with the points put in and Set Out and create "subitems" with new names in the active project. These "subitems" would be part of the media of this project which could be moved to the timeline when necessary.

    Please review and determine if all the foregoing is in the right direction for what you want to do.

    Thank you.


  • How can I remove a button in the slides of interaction of process?

    I see that I can add a button when using slides of interaction of the process, but I can't figure out how to remove a button so that I only have three instead of four.  Any ideas?

    Double click on the offending button. When the text of the new label is available to change, there should be a negative sign "-" button to the left. Click to remove the button.

  • How can I view 2 sites at the same time (using the ms ms ctrl button to split the screen)

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    Try this:

    Alternatively, open a second window of Firefox (Firefox button > new tab > new window or Ctrl + N), the second loading site, resize the windows side by side.

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

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    You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update if necessary:

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    I had previously imported my Internet Explorer Favorites, but they are buried deep in the bookmarks menu and do not add a new favorite - so they are not practical to use.

    If I could synchronize my favorites to my favorites, I could finally give up favorites in favor bookmarks - but apparently Firefox does not provide this possibility.

    Disappearance of the favorite bookmarks toolbar button makes it practically unusable Firefox for me - unless I can find a solution.

    I have no Add-ons and no new plugin that could cause this problem.

    I solved the problem by a suggestion on the support Forum: I just exported my favourites, as a HTML file, from Internet Explorer 8.0 on the desktop. Then I imported the file Firefox by selecting import bookmarks in HTML... under the import and backup button in the toolbar of library.

    Finally, I closed and reopened Firefox. There was my favorite button once more on the bookmarks toolbar.

  • Hello. How can I call customer service of the Thailand?

    Please, help call the service the customer of the Thailand. I have applied to the service to the customer already and not even the number of investigation, but the customer service person has me logged in for 2 weeks already.

    Sofia, that I apologize for the experience you had with the support, but I just reviewed case notes, and it is said that the refund has been processed.

    This may take 4-5 business days for the refund to credit your account.

  • How can I stop CS4 announcements from the ad server calls?

    Hi people... I ran patience trying to figure this one, so I hope someone can point me in the best direction.

    When I insert a page in Dreamweaver CS4 from the local folder on my hard drive, Google ads on the page are always re-downloaded directly from the ad server. Changing in Live View is also, as just preview a page stored locally in a browser. I would like to stop this because if I add printing on my website ads it could look like I was deliberately clicking around my own site to increase the visits and revenue.

    For the moment, all changes to pages are made locally and uploaded only when I choose. I met talk farm premises, or something, and I wonder if this is the way to go. I got the idea (I think) but I don't know where to start and if I could do without the many weeks of work and headaches for whether or not it is the solution. Is there an easy way to make CS4 just use the ads to the local cache? Or another easy solution?

    Thank you


    bluelaich wrote:

    When I insert a page in Dreamweaver CS4 from the local folder on my hard drive, Google ads on the page are always re-downloaded directly from the ad server. Changing in Live View is also, as just preview a page stored locally in a browser. I would like to stop this

    On the view menu, see if there is a check mark next to the display of the external files. If there is, click it to turn off the option. This should stop Dreamweaver to download something that is not on your local system.

  • How can I distinguish multiple tabs of the same site in the tab bar?


    I did some massive open courses online (MOOCs) and its been necessary to have several tabs open at the same time for the same site. I would like to be able to distinguish these tabs by being able to put a tag instead of the url of the site ('instructions', 'template', 'code', 'scratch', 'docs' etc. etc.) and/or a color code.

    Does anyone know if and how this can be done?

    Thank you very much

    Tabs of colors, but the author warns that it does not work with other tab-related extensions, you will probably need to continue to look for one that does everything you want:

    If you can't find an extension of do-it-all, you can change the titles of tab with a userscript specific to this Web site. This is because the tab displays the text designated as its title page.

    You could "hard-code" the list of words for each page, or you might have a script to extract information from the page, for example, the first main star or some other kind of predictable data. The script then insert your favorite as the title of the page and Firefox text displayed on the tab.

    To see how that appears, to see if it would help, you could do this experiment:

    On a web page that contains text of the pointless tab, open the Web Console using Ctrl + alt + k (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + k). Paste the following code in the line at the bottom next to the caret, and press ENTER:


    If you opt for a script written for it, you can try the forum calls on userscripts. org:

    Ideas and script requests -

    Although some people are proposing small payments, that is not usually necessary to motivate people to help.

    Let me give you a brief warning on this site, however: last year, many popular scripts have been duplicated and reposted extra code that hijacks your Facebook account. Be careful when installing scripts, check the comments, make sure that there is no reference to Facebook.

  • I am asked to select an application every time I try to open a file that is linked through a Web site. How can I tell firefox to use the same application each time?

    I have a Web site; on several pages, I created links to images that are found in a download folder. Whenever I click on one of these links on the current site (using Firefox as browser), a dialog box appears to ask: do the Firefox with this file? Under question is a drop-down menu that has "TextEdit (default)", selected next to an option button. The image file opens in a browser window when I select Firefox in this menu drop-down. I can't tell Firefox to open all similar files using Firefox. How can I solve this problem because I have to go through the same process every time that I try to open one of these links.

    no link to my knowledge. We know that win 7 request to associate a program every time u open a file online. I think that you need to configure Windows 7. im not an expert yet in win 7, but it is what im sure on many computers that freshly installed win7

  • How can I create 2 albums in the same name and the same artist

    The guy is anyway to make the 2 albums in the same name for the same artist? If there is no way so please someone tell me how can I suggest updating to iTunes


    If they have the same artist and eponymous album, iTunes will think they are from the same album.  The best way would be to change the title for the second version, for example 'Loveless' and 'Loveless 2.'  Or you could put parts in separate lists.

    If you don't want to make a suggestion to Apple, here's the link:

    "In the dropdown for" Type of comment ", select"Enhancement request.""

  • How can I select multiple messages at the same time for archiving

    I want to archive multiple messages in a folder from archive. How can I select multiple messages at once?

    To select a block of eg: 10 emails.

    • Click on the first email
    • Hold down the SHIFT key and click the last email.
    • This will highlight all in the interval

    To hightlight all the emails in a folder.

    • Click on the first email to focus.
    • Press on and hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press 'A '.
    • This will highlight all emails.

    To select several emails:

    • Press and hold down the 'Ctrl' key and then use the mouse to select multiple e-mails
    • they will appear as "conversations in the messages pane.
    • Click on archives.

    Info on setting up your archive' Options ': '.

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    I have 2 Iphones but currently, only 1 computer, so I need to use my iphone and iphone my wife on the itunes, how can I keep the content and separate backups?

    Not at the same time. but every iPhone has its own identification and iTunes will make two profiles, one for each. Do not do anything, there will be separate backups.

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