How can I change to use a wep, tells me is not secure personal wpa running? I have a brand new d link 2680 router & used windows xp 3?

How can I change to use a wep, tells me is not secure personal wpa running? I have a brand new d link 2680 router & used windows xp 3?


Wireless security is controlled by the router.

Download the manual of your router on the following link:
    <>FTP:// >

To change to the WPA instructions are on page 39.

After that, you may need to remove all references to your router on your devices without wire, then re-establisg the connection.   Alternatively, you can change your Secure ID (SSID) as you make changes to the configuration of your router and then reconnect the new SSID for all devices.


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    Hi Elsie, welcome to the forums

    I will examine with pleasure for you to see if your model of printer available with Windows 8.1 full software. First of all, please let me know what model Deskjet F2100 you have and I'll do some research!

    In the meantime, you can run the HP printer install wizard for Windows to see if the tool installs the complete driver. If it is available, you will have the available printer software on your desktop that you can open to view ink levels.

    Happy Monday

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    I don't think he did his PC a "domain". This would require a server operating system and the domain controller.

    I don't see any problem with your configuration. 'Administrators' are a group of users, not a user. 'Administrator' is a user who belongs to this group 'Administrators' and therefore share the same privileges. There is no user named "admin" unless you create.

    If I understand correctly, you can connect to the administrator account. So, you don't miss any privileges or access to the computer. If you want to use a different account for yourself you can create and use that one.

    I ask for your specific problem. You don't tell him, at least no that looks like a problem. You seem to be confused about the installation, but I see nothing non-standard in your description apart because the administrator account is usually "hidden" after installation.

    You mention an internet problem. This has nothing to do with the configuration of your account or the "working group". And what is the problem with having backup privileges? I don't understand your remark on your child's account. Sounds more like you're talking about an account on a site, with Xbox, or almost, but not with local accounts. A local account didn't need "activation".

    I think you should talk to your brother in case you have problems. It seems to be knowledgeable enough to fix everything for you.

  • Precision T5810 two DVD drives, how can I change that used to boot from at the start of the optical drive

    My T5819 of accuracy came with two DVD-RW drives, a thin line 8 x, HL-DT-ST DVD + - RW GTA0N SCSI CdRom Device, the other a full size 16 x PLDS DVD + - RW DH - 16AES SCSI CdRom Device.

    To start from a CD bootable (e.g. Acronis image recovery disk) at the present time, it's the drive slimline (E:\) is seen from the trunk once optical drive menu start. I would prefer that it if it was a (currently F\ :).) What should I do to get the disks exchanged in the system (so the reader 16 x becomes E\: and I can start, and control of thin line becomes F\ :)?) Is it simply a matter of reconciliation where they are plugged, or y at - it a bios option (or both?)


    Guess the permutation of the cables can be that you are the only other choice. Restart, and then press F2 to open the BIOS Setup. Copy down all current settings, just to be sure.

    Power then off, unplug and press/hold power button for about 15 seconds before opening the case.

    If these are SATA optical drives and reached the data cables, do not bother exchange of berries. Just swap the cables. If they are IDE drives connected to the same wide ribbon cable, you will need to Exchange in the drive bays. That you want to create a primer must be connected to the end of the slick IDE and other intermediate connector.

    Once that is done, remove the battery from the motherboard and the press/hold power button for about 30 sec force the BIOS to check the material after reinstalling the battery. Then reboot normally from the HARD disk.

    If you get errors booting from the HARD disk, restart again and press F2 to go into BIOS again. Make sure that all the BIOS settings match what you wrote down or change to match. Save the changes and exit the installation program.

    Assuming everything works now, try to boot from one that corresponds to your favorite optical drive.

    You may need to check again drive letter assignments in Windows Management Console once it works the way you want.

    Or just learn to live with it like that...

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    Had this past weekend. everything worked until I installed Win 10 updates. Now the speakers do not work although the audio player is jumping any advice? Thank you

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