I need urgent assistance in activation of Windows 8

Here's my situation: So I bought a laptop comes pre-loaded with Windows 8 from Best Buy (active). More than 3 months, the PC became a little bug and I decided to reset my laptop through the recycling option in the settings > change PC settings > Gene

How to get rid of OneNote

My new Vaio is loaded with OneNote 2013 - he took my printers so that there is the only one available to be OneNote.  I tried to uninstall in the ordinary, but not good, forms-the darn thing does not appear in any list in the control panel.  What can

How to play subtitles and change volume in Windows 8 metro video app

8 windows vedio app dosnt play subtitles, but when it is played the same file on vlc subtitles when played, also I do not see a volume control in the metro vedio app user interface

When I go to play a game, they are all lag and all fps are reduced. I'm going to can you run and it say is I only have 32 MB dedicated video ram.

Some day its there I have a steam called civilization V gold edition game and now when I go to play a game that they all lag decreases all the fps I'll can run and he say, I have 32 MB of video memory dedicated when the game I play world of warcraft

There was a problem of the Code 80240437 updates

I get this problem when you try to update Windows Server 2012.Only thing that has changed since I finally made the update of the problem is to install Lync Server 2013.I tried the recommended solutions here

power icon

The power icon is missing from the notification area in my installation of windows 8.   I tried to customize the notification area. The window for the filming of the icons or disable shows power as off.  But it is grayed out and I can't do altered to


Hello Recently I received a lot of frowny face blue screen (I like the new version of Windows 8 soft, :-)) on my laptop quite recent (~ 1 month)... looked at the analysis of .dmp file using windbg and found that the image originally my problem is ucx

Cannot start windows 8

Hey guys! I registered here because this forum is very active and useful. My main problem is, I'll start from the beginning. I tried to install linux Kali as a partition on my windows 8 and was using EasyBCD to add Kali linux to boot entry. Somehow I

Need to find the original product key Windows 8 to reactivate the laptop!

Hello I bought the laptop with Win 8 pre - install a few months back. Today, I decided to try to install Windows Media Center, and so after a bit of research I was directed to a Web page that said looking for 'add features' on the sidebar to win 8. S

Windows 8 How can I solve violation of CPD watchdog

Hi everyone I have this violation of watchdog of dpc error or problem I have no anti virus I use windows defender Here's my minidump files! 393 & authkey =! APe7M18qfTisH0o Thank you

The desktop icons to change the order after reboot

Original title: the icons on the desktop in the Land of window 8 Hello my friends. Before entering my question, I would like to thank all those who more graciously helped me with the many difficulties that I had with my old Dell XPS 8100 Studio, runn

Metro UI is blacked out

Most applications that use the metro UI run in a very low resolution and have many elements blacked out. screenshot:

DPW Nook HD XP driver failure +.

Dear Sirs: I bought a Tablet Barnes Noble, hoping that it would be useful for my wife. It's a HD + she hoped to use to play the old time radio shows that we purchased in MP3 format. She also hopes to use it to view PDFs of knitting patterns and instr

win8 installation problem

When I implement windows8 I get hardware error: http://upload7.IR/images/30149035806610433064.jpg What to say?

Unable to connect remotely on windows 2008 R2 since my windows 8

Cannot connect remotely on windows 2008 R2 since my wi

where is the INFORMATION PANE in Windows 8 Photo Viewer

Why two photos in Windows 8 viewers does not give you the ability to have an INFORMATION COMPONENT like VISTA? This is very convenient, especially if you only want to see your photos and not to edit and see the date of the photo, the date was taken? 

Windows store dashboard - > page shows Adoption - service is not available error - for more than a week

Windows store dashboard-> Adoption watch page - service is not available error - for more than a week. When the service should be back online? Text of the error - the service is not available now. Please try again later.

I get the blue screen with the exception of system Service in Windows 8. It seems that many people have of it.

I get the blue screen with the exception of system Service in Windows 8.  It seems that many people have of it.  I can't use my computer without losing all the data every few minutes.  It is brand new.  Fix?  It often happens with Firefox, but other

How to make a simple screen of Windows 8

How do you make a simple screen capture in Windows 8? E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

Xbox Music does not update, I get the 0x8024001e error code after a certain time.

When I got to my computer (it is a Samsung series 3), none of the applications would update. I reset the computer and all but one app update: Xbox Music. I can install any other application and update other applications, but when I try to update, it
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