How can I disable AutoFill for a recipient name?

Inadvertently, I added an additional letter at the end of an E-mail address of the recipient. Now when I try to enter the correct name, autofill insists on adding the extra letter. How can I disable AutoFill?

AutoFill suggestions come from your address book. The misspelled address is almost certainly in a named collected addresses address book. Find, edit and move it to your default address book.

An easy way to find it would be to create a new message to the wrong address and save it as a draft. Open the message of project, click the yellow star next to the address, select Edit, and a dialog box appears, where you can change, delete, or move the Contact entry.

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    How can I disable search for it invdexing?

    Click on Start - Control Panel (and select Classic view in the left pane), select Administrative Tools , then Services. Scroll down for Search of Windows, do a right click, choose Properties.

    The value of starting off. Click on stop.

  • How can I disable autofill in Firefox Mobile (Android)?

    I found all kinds of people asking this for the version of office, but as in all for mobile? AutoFill information gets in the way of the rest of the screen on the phone, so is more harmful than helpful and I want to turn it off, but I can't figure out how. Thank you.

    To disable the form fill in Firefox for Android:

    1. Type "subject: config" in the Firefox address bar, then press on enter or go
    2. Search for 'pre-fill '.
    3. Tap "browser.formfill.enable" preference, then press the rocker switch to change from "true" to "false".
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    The reset Firefox feature can solve many problems by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your vital information.
    Note: This will make you lose all the Extensions, open Web sites and preferences.

    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Firefox > help > troubleshooting information.
    2. Click on the button 'Reset Firefox'.
    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

  • How can I disable cookiies for other computor can read my request

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    Post your question in the forum for whatever browser you use.

    Use your browsers as helper function find the answer.

  • How can I disable UAC for Google Chrome 6?

    Hey there. I've just updated Google Chrome version 6. But now, when I go to open it, I have the annoying user account control prompt of "still you want?

    He has never done this to my previous version of Google Chrome. So, how I have new confidence in this program?

    Thank you!


    Turn right click chrome.exe and uncheck "run the program as an administrator".

    "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP -

  • How can I disable message for free images 10? I can't use the product it does off my screen!

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    Help, pleaseadobe message.PNG

    Hi, Pascale.

    By clicking the button OK in the dialog box should give your team and 10 free images. Sometimes, you'll see a different status message once you accept free images. Messages appear just after the connection. Looks like you see these more often than that. Can you elaborate?


  • How can I disable the auto restart (following updates) for Windows 7 Home Premium (without messing around w / the register)?

    Hello.  About all of the weeks I have my upload computer files from one day to the next.  It's a 17-hour process, and I don't want the computer off or restarted during this process.  Murphy's law usually results in an update windows & restart related happening whenever I put my computer to download said.  First of all, it is deeply annoying that windows would reboot my computer without asking me (Yes, I realize he asks you, and if you are away for an extended period, he just goes ahead and does it... but really, what the $#! % is the point of asking you if she goes ahead and that anyway when you get him just enough early?)  Wow!  Incredibly retarted the Windows for this.)  But anyway, how can I disable this for Win7 Home Premium?  (As if in the first place is not quite annoying, making it virtually impossible to figure out how to turn it off is like adding insult to injury).  Please NOTE, I've seen some other forum post responses on this site that is: (1) link to an information page on the group policies for system administrators, but nowhere does really explain where and how to access these policies and change them!  (2) has a process that begins with 'gpedit.msc' running, but when I started > box to search for this file, there is no result.  (3) the hacking the registry (seriously?  Please, don't.)  SO, please tell me how to disable the auto restart, step by step, without messing with the registry, for WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to potentially re - activate cela in the future and/or switches back as my usage dictates.  And for the record, it's nut that's not a simple option toggle any, as when my computer or monitor sleeps...  Thank you!!

    Thank you.  I'll do it and change my Windows Update settings.  BUT, FYI, in an act even more incredible, the same night I posted my question here, my computer was said upload, and I was still in place at 03:00 (when Windows is set to d/l and install updates).  I went to the kitchen for a bit and returned to my computer to find a countdown - he downloaded updates and "will re-start in 7 minutes" or so and counting down... I said "AH HA!"  I caught you! "I clicked the button of REPORTER and went to bed smiling that I myself had saved wasting many hours of work.  But when I woke up the next morning... HE HAD DONE IT AGAIN!  This means that it is: (1) downloaded another "critic" (cough) update later in the evening, which seems likely because it took to do this at 03:00 and had already done so... or (2) the REPORTER button defers only during a certain period of time (maybe an hour, or even less, by the look of it) and then do it again anyway.

    This is ridiculous.  As it is not ridiculous to called 9 10 patches 'critical', so critical that an urgent restarting your computer is necessary EVEN IF HE is BUSY WORKING, the substitution of the computer user asks to postpone and reboot anyway is absolutely unacceptable.  How the manufacturers of Windows might think this makes sense, let alone was a good idea?  Reporter should make the computer restarts DO NOT until * I * say he is allowed to do.

    In this case, finish the work of 17 hours, that the computer was in the Middle has been MUCH more critical that whatever is downloaded updated.  NO doubt about it.  I know.  Apparently, my operating system is not smart enough to know.  So to take it upon himself to replace my reporter application is crazy.  And in addition, the operating system MUST be smart enough to understand this - it's really not that difficult - if the computer is a lot of work, something intense, a download that is not finished, a sort of bar of ANY progress on ANY application which is not 100% yet, etc., it should be smart enough to WAIT to reboot anyway.

    Thanks again once, change Windows Update settings so it will download updates but let me choose to install them, since this operating system is so poorly thought.

  • How can I disable touch sounds?

    I've recently updated to Android 4.4.2 and now I touch ring ONLY when I type in Firefox version 31.0. Any other apps have touch sounds, and I have disabled system/touch sounds. How can I disable them for Firefox?

    Hi guigs2,

    Thank you for your help. I tried to switch the keyboard preferences several times, including with reboots. No change. I should add that the Tablet is an Asus transformer TF701T so I also confirmed that I had Google touch keyboard as default and not the Asus touchpad.

    Will [topic: support] took me in a "Troubleshooting" page, but saw no reset button. I decided to uninstall and reinstall.

    A very interesting thing that happened at that time here. As soon as I uninstalled Firefox, I started to have touch sounds in ALL my apps. Before uninstalling, I only received them in Firefox. I checked again and the system settings Touch sounds Android has been still on off and Google keyboard was always set by default. So why am I touch sounds?

    I went to re - install Firefox and got a prompt asking if I wanted to use the Asus keyboard or keyboard from Google. I chose Google keyboard (as I always have) and all THE sounds of touch stops immediately. For all applications.

    Not sure if it's an Asus, Android or Firefox glitch. But there you go. Fixed a problem.


  • How can I disable resizable text areas?

    In the beta, I noticed that you added an option of resizing for multiline text boxes. How can I disable this for all users on my site? Is it something I can write in my CSS to disable?


    textarea {resize:none}
  • How can I disable limited Mode for watching Youtube videos?

    How can I disable limited Mode for watching Youtube videos?

    You need the restriction code to disable restrictions.

    UPDATED - revised to include the correct article for Mac.

    OS X El Capitan: set up parental controls

  • How can I disable Chat in v8.0? Or, at least, say that I'm offline for some bimbo wanting to talk to me whenever I start FF?

    How can I disable Messenger Chat in v8.0? Or, at least, say that I'm offline for some bimbo wanting to talk to me whenever I have started with Yahoo mail?

    Sorry, I somehow wrong posted this under the mail filters first.

    Yahoo Messenger is a feature of the new version of Yahoo Mail. Connect to your Yahoo Mail account and go to the Messenger options to turn off it.

  • I blocked a video on youtube and now I can't view. I have I get is a black screen. How can I disable this feature? and where I looking for her?

    I blocked a YouTube video using the block tab has appeared it on the top right of the video. Now, I don't see any video. All I see is a black screen. How can I disable this add on? and where I looking for her?
    Thank you

    If this does not work in mode without failure, then disable all extensions and then try to find out who is the cause by allowing both the problem reappears.

    • Choose "Disable all add-ons" on issues to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode to set window to disable all extensions.
    • Close and restart Firefox after each change through "file > exit ' (Mac: ' Firefox > leave";) Linux: "file > exit ')
  • How can I disable the AutoFill?

    How can I disable the AutoFill?

    See control if Firefox automatically fills in forms

    Tools > Options > privacy > History: "don't forget to search and form history."

  • How can I disable "Fingerprint Software" for only for the programs?


    somehow, the 'Fingerprint Software' require the user to slide a finger at any time it open programs that require the user to insert "user and password."
    How can I disable it permanently just for the program, not to open a session?

    Thank you.


    In the TrueSuite Access Manager, you can configure some settings.
    In the administrator settings, you will find two tabs; General and advanced.
    On the Advanced tab, simply uncheck the option called: change logon Windows fingerprint logon password.

    I think that should do the job.

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