Basic information about thundirbird - where to go, what version is coming - is very dated. Someone at - it supported?

I'm looking, more serious than before, for an easy to use and reliable email client. While Thunderbird can be 'heavy' she seems to have the best support I can find in the recent email clients and supported. HOWEVER - I try to google on the recent dev

How can you delete a mail without opening it?

We have received an email with the subject Zorpia - not-open and do not know how to delete it without opening it

I need to change the name of someone in my address book, how?

Why everything is so complex and involved? All I need is to change the name that is displayed with an e-mail address. The chap Protocol is dead, but not his wife. She doesn't want to see his name every time! I don't know even how to get the answer to

The contents of my Inbox and other folders disappeared. How can I get back them?

My Inbox and all my files are suddenly showing no emails. If I get a new email increases the number of e-mails (next to the Inbox, in parentheses) but I can't see the new messages (with the exception of the snapshot, you get from the first lines of n

Strange behaviour of my 45.5.1. with regard to the address book

This happened today, out of nowhere I started to email. I clicked on WRITE as usual, then: and now where I typed the first letter of the address of the recipient, which was 'c', I got a drop-down list of my address book complete, arranged with addres

Folder list disappeared. Also I am getting 'sent' messages in my Inbox.

The list of folders, normally on the left of the screen, has disappeared. I can't understand how to view again. When I send a message, a copy appears in my Inbox. Before he went on SENT and again, I think. I went to the ACCOUNTS, but there is no "SEN

Peope get a message "cannot be played back. Close for the day' to our email. Why?

Once send us an email to someone, they get it and they send a response. Then they receive an e-mail from us with the subject: "cannot play". The text reads: "Shut down for the day." Then we receive an e-mail from the person, ask yourself if we got th

After change of the host, I can't find my old mails, but they still appear in the search...

Hi all I just changed my host and the server settings etc in my account settings for my e mail account. All my old messages disappeared. I guess it's 'normal' when you change the host, but I can still find the emails when I search a specific e-mail a

Why can't I set up mail discarded to directly access the Recycle Bin?

Explanations online do not all Thunderbird to my computer! Messages to get mark by them but not junk will not directly in the trash folder, and I can't find a way to address this issue. I'm tired of deleting 30 or 40 messages of spam by hand every da

How to remove a Thunderbird e-mail account.

I'm in Australia. I went to Tools / settings of accounts but there is no button on the bottom of the page to bring up 'delete account' version 45.5.1

Why do I get "gibberish" in my email, when I try to send a message?

When I try to "transfer" a message I have computer "gibberish" in the body of the message. I've included a screenshot. What is the 'fix' for this?

Add a task in Thunderbird

Hello Adding to what a task seems very similar to adding an event except that I can't find my tasks anywhere after that I click on add and save. they do appear not in the calendar, or the column task in the right column of the Thunderbirds. pointers

I can't get my (before opening) incoming e-mail list to appear.

I must have hit some wrong button because I can't go back to my opening list emails (no-deleated) screen. There are tabs across the screen from the top view of (now big screen), which represent a bunch of old, perhaps archived by year, emails. Hittin


I have a problem (again) with entry of a password to my Googlemail account in Thunderbird (used in a Mac). First of all, I must admit being very confused by googlemail v. gmail (I am a retired person and it is easy to do, in my case). I had no proble

I need to talk with a person. My ISP is not recognized by email Thunderbird

I need to talk with a person. My ISP is not recognized by Thunderbird. In addition, Thunderbird does not recognize the IMAP server that my ISP insists.

Master password is requested several times

I install Thunderbird to work with four (4) email accounts. Clean install. I then added a master password. Now when I run Thunderbird he asks after four (4) master password, but should ask only once. It generates all four windows asking the password

After upgrade, can not receive or send messages

After the automatic update, I am unable to send or receive emails

45.5.1 incompatible with 45.5.0. Cannot start Thunderbird.

Thunderbird will not start since the last update. XLRunner message is error: platform version 45.5.1 is not compatible with minversion

WhatIs the future for Thunderbird. Reports suggest that is to be done

An article published this week in Micro Mart (issue1443, "which slows down your PC) suggests that support for Thunderbird is removed and that a switch of e-mail program should be done. Any comments? True, false (I hope) as I used Thunderbird since it

An update of Windows 10 this week caused blind copies to send e-mail address of recipients in the list and I don't know how to solve this problem.

The update has caused a problem with sending emails which I solved it with help, but now I can't send to several people without all of the addresses being shown as well as their address book names, even when I use the BCC field.
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