How can I fix: Burkina Faso / approval of the separate tabs when you click on links?

When I click on the link in the email took me to the new tab, he wants me to click the "approve" button to open the link

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    Turn off the preview pane. (View |) Page layout).

  • How can I make an invisible button that toggles an icon when you click it?

    I am extremely new to Acrobat and Javascript overall, so I'm a little lost. I work with a form that requires that I do several buttons from rocking of the images/formatting in an existing pdf. What javascript would be appropriate for an 'invisible' borderless button or no fill color, in order to define an icon in there when you click on it and remove this icon when you click it again, with the ability to switch back constantly? Thank you very much!

    Mark III

    There are a number of ways to do this. If you want everything to be autonomous within a single button, you can configure the behavior of 'Push' button and set the icon the mouse down on the non-empty icon and flipping to the icon of the Virgin. You can then place the following code in the mouse event to the top of the button:

    Script mouse upward to a button

    (function () {}

    Get a reference to this button

    var f =;

    Get the current property of the submitName

    var NS = f.submitName;

    Toggle submitName property

    f.submitName = sn = "" | SN = 'false '? "true": "false";

    Set the icon on the Down or reversal icon (empty) defined for this button

    var oIcon = f.submitName = "true"? f.buttonGetIcon (1): f.buttonGetIcon (2);

    f.buttonSetIcon (oIcon);


    This code co-opt little used field submitName property to track the State of the button. (It won't be a problem for the buttons, even if the form is put in place to present it as 'HTML', which is the only time where this property is used.) It extracted the icon below or on the icon to use for the icon overview.

    If you don't like that behavior, you can use a button hidden and implemented in the same way, companion setting icon upwards on the non-empty icon and the icon down empty. The key code can then be something like:

    (function () {}

    var f =;

    var F2 = getField ("b2a");  Get a reference to the other button

    var NS = f.submitName;

    f.submitName = sn = "" | SN = 'false '? "true": "false";

    var oIcon = f.submitName = "true"? F2.buttonGetIcon (0): f2.buttonGetIcon (1);

    f.buttonSetIcon (oIcon);


    In this way, that you don't have to limit a parameter of behavior of Push button.

  • The Messenger app will be not updated. Stuck on "Waiting."... "and the logo in grey. How can I fix this or return to the previous edition that worked?

    I received a prompt on my Ipod touch 5th generation yesterday, that there is a new update of the Messenger application. So I tried to update, however, the app is now stuck on the phase "Waiting."... "and the logo has been disabled. I still get notifications of new messages from the app, but I can't open. I tried to remove and then reinstall the application but the application did not and the app store think that I always opened it. How can I fix this or return to the previous edition that worked?

    Thank you in advance!

    Hello cfossum,

    Looks like you have problems with a third party on your iPod touch app, since the Messages belongs to iOS and you would receive separate not quickly update.

    The resources below will provide some troubleshooting steps for the problem you are having with the Messenger application.

    If an application you have installed unexpectedly closes, unresponsive, or does not open

    Take care.

  • How can I fix excerpt: error writing to the file and an unstable WiFi connection

    original title: How can I fix excerpt: error writing to the file

    Hello, I do not know anythingon fixing of my computer when I have problems. I looked at all the research sites and assistance, and none of them helped me with these problems and im getting ready to launch her aspire one mini laptop computer. im running xp and I bought it used and it has done this from day one. 2 weeks ago, that I got it. Please can you help me.

    How can I fix excerpt: error writing to the file C:docume~1\user\local~1\temp\nsvc.tmp\conduit-left.bmp

    and im having problems with my connection remaining on the port wireless what do I do, I can solve this problem too because I cannot even be in line for more then 5 minutes with the duty to stop and start over or repair the connection.

    For the first question, try to go to start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Cleanup and that should clear of junk.  Then click Start | Run and type msconfig and disable the startup items, that you don't need, as many programs decide that they must run at startup and clutter the machine when they do not need to.  Also perform a defragmentation of the disk (under system tools also).  See if that helps with performance and other issues.


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    This forum is for developers who use the LR SDK.  Your post in the main forum of LR will be enough: need to change the dimensions of mm to inches of layout using custom calibration.

  • How to open 2 sites on start and 1 Web site when you click the home button?

    How to open 2 sites on start and 1 Web site when you click the home button?

    You can change your shortcut on the desktop Firefox with two starting URLS. To try:

    • Shortcut on the desktop: right-click on the icon, choose Properties
    • Icon taskbar pinned: clic click right on the icon, right click in Mozilla Firefox, click on properties

    Windows normally selects the shortcut tab. If this is not the case, go ahead and click on the shortcut tab.

    You will see the target highlighted. On 64-bit Windows, which is usually either not less the following:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

    For the specific shortcut launch pages, you can add them to the end, for example:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -url "" -url ""

    After OK'ing the Properties dialog box, you can test everything right now to confirm that Firefox is now launching a window with tabs. Either:

    • Double-click the shortcut on the desktop
    • right click on taskbar icon pinned, click Mozilla Firefox

    Who do you want?

  • "windows can not find the new updates" when you click check updates

    Hello, I'm sorry for the confusion caused with my previous post. The error I got is 'windows can not find the new updates' when you click check updates. It displays a notification to install the new updates on the desktop and displays the 80072EFD error code. Please help me to get this resolved. Its 32-bit windows 7.



    First, update your anti-virus software and run a scan completes. Then:

    If you have not already seen it this article, it may be interesting to read through to check it out -

    If it still fails to run the resolution of the problems of Internet connection (from Control Panel) and see if that finds & correcting something. More details here -

  • I keep trying to change my cookies setting, but as soon as I close out, he return to the previous settings. How can I fix this so that making the changes will stay?

    I followed the instructions to change my settings of cookies, but whenever I click on OK and close out he returns to previous setting recall the story. How can I fix this so that the parameters iI choose will stay?

    That's ok.

    Firefox shows that the 'use the settings customized for history' if at least a history and cookie setting is not the default to make you aware that the changes have been made.

    If all the history settings are the defaults, the custom settings are hidden and see you "conservation rules: (never) don't forget history."

    "Never remember history" means that private browsing is active and "Always use private browsing mode" Gets a check mark.

    The default cookie settings mean that all cookies are enabled.

    Have you checked exceptions to make sure you aren't blocking cookies?

  • How can I fix an incorrect password in the mail

    When I try to send a mail from my Air iPad, OS 9.2, I get an error saying that my password is incorrect, with just an OK button.  How can I fix it?

    Go to settings > Mail, Contacts, and calendars > tap the account > retype password. - AJ

    Get help with Mail on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

  • How can I fix my flex app in the browser

    It comes to my Flex project url:

    Please tell me how can I fix flex application in the browser. and there will be no browser scroll bar. How can I hide the browser scroll bar?

    Set the bottom style for body in your HtmlWrapper (html file in which your application swf's embed), as well as the attribute scrolling = "" on the body tag.

    Thank you

    Jean Claude

  • How can I close only 1 session, without closing all sessions, when you run several at the same time?

    I run normally 2 sessions of Firefox. Currently I have 3 sessions running. How can I close only 1 session without closing all? When I choose "File" and then "Exit", all sessions nearby.

    Firefox does not work more 'sessions', you see several windows running in the same process. IE runs each window in its ' own process and Chrome runs each tab in its' own process, but Firefox running in a single process.

    Do not use file > outputis to completely close Firefox, do not close the window you are looking at when you use this command. There was formerly a command to close this window on the file menu, but who took a few versions ago. You will need to use the X in the upper right of the window to close this window and leave the other open windows. Or you can use {Ctrl + Maj + W} close the window that is to the point (where you look).

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    I've found that a right click works indeed to remove the context menu when you are on the part of the library, but when I was in the My Computer tab, right click does not work.  I had my library closed shutter, but once I opened it and tried, I managed to solve the problem.  Thanks for the help.

  • I've just updated to Firefox 17.0.1 and now I can't click a bookmark to open it or open new tab when you click New tab.

    I have several bugs mentioned in FF 17.0.1. I'm only able to open bookmarks by clicking on them and selecting open in a new tab in the menu dropdown. I can't open a new tab by clicking the new tab or by clicking Open a new tab in the menu at the top of the browser drop-FF. In addition, no buttons work in FF, such as home, previous, next or update. It is so aggravating!

    Once I posted this, I restarted with Add ons disabled and it worked... deleted a cpl of addons for the verification of the compatibility and fixed it.

  • Thunderbird crashes whenever I try to open it. How can I fix or should I download the latest version?

    I click on the shortcut to Thunderbird and Windows tells me immediately that the program has stopped working. He then tells me that "a problem caused blocking the program works correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Is there a solution for this? If this is not the case, should I download the latest version of Thunderbird? The new version will automatically find my settings? Obviously I can't automatically upgrade if the program closes before I open it!

    Yes, install the latest and see how it goes.

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