How can I get rid of the new toolbar?

How can I get rid of the new toolbar to the right of the screen (Windows version)? I don't need and I'm tired of having to close every time I open a document.


Hey jonj500,

Many of our customers have reported the same problem, we expect to be resolved in the next update. During this time as a workaround, you can view the PDF read (Ctrl + H).

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  • How can I get rid of the new toolbar that have been added by versions 20 and 21?

    I tried both versions 20 and 21, and both have the bugs below, so I ended up having to reinstall version 19:
    Versions 1.) 20 and 21 Add a new toolbar that has nothing more than a button "Firefox" on it--and no way to get rid of this toolbar is provided. It wastes far too much space on my laptop screen - button should be placed on an other toolbars, or simply part of the defined icon that users can use to customize their menus or other toolbars bar.
    2.) this new toolbar is not customizable. Therefore, I don't have the ability to recover space on the screen by the way all of my sidebar on the new toolbar, and then hide the MenuBar.
    (3.) the back, forward and stop. reload buttons in my menubar no longer work. Return to the navigation toolbar and display this toolbar do not solve the problem. Or I can right-click on a web page and select these functions in the context menu: they are disabled for life again.
    4.) I can no longer right-click on the menu bar or a toolbar and get a context menu you I can choose an option "Customize" - I can't ALL a context menu. In order to customize things for versions 20 or 21, I must first reinstall the version 19, make customizations, and then reinstall the version 20 or 21.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe or make changes.

    Alternatively, you can check for problems with the file localstore.rdf.

  • How can you get rid of the "new tab" page that flashes what you did recently? I don't like this option...

    How can you get rid of the "new tab" page that flashes what you did recently? I don't like this option. If I wanted to Flash all the pages I've visited, I would. It is not YOUR place to do it for me. I'll change the browser if it is not changed.

    Hello, please refer to customize the page new tab to turn off the function.

  • How can I get rid of the new adobe and re install the old free version?

    How can I get rid of the new adobe and re install the old free version?

    Hello Monica,.

    This link may help: How to find and install the previous Version of Adobe Apps in CC 2015 | Adobe Customer Care Team

    Hope that helps!

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  • How can I get rid of the new tab

    I like the way I was put in place, and all of a sudden it is changed without asking me for it. My home page has been Super Start and when I opened a new tab it says Super Start and it was my home page. Now, it says new tab and my home page is a bunch of GREAT photos of my favorites, and when I remove some that it continues just appeared with more. I'm not so how can I get rid of him?

    Oh, OK, I forgot SuperStart.

    If you are not already using the extension Classic theme restaurateur, please ignore this.

    To get the SuperStart on your new tab page, users post comments on his page have suggested a few different approaches:

    (1) set extensions.superstart.set.browser.newtab.url true -if you are not familiar with using about: config, here's how:

    (A) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press enter/return. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (B) in the search above the list box, type or paste super and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (C) If extensions.superstart.set.browser.newtab.url preference is false, double-click on it to change for real

    Then quit Firefox and start it up again (according to critics).

    (2) use the extension new tab override the value: superstart

    I have already mentioned earlier, this option, but it would be rather on: newtab on the extension Options page.

  • How can I get rid of the Yahoo toolbar?

    Aster using Firefox for the past two years, I had to uninstall and reinstall it after you download the latest version. Surprise, there's the toolbar omnipresent Yahoo follow me all I like a faithful dog.

    How can I get rid of it and use Google when I search? When getting a new website to my homepage, I want a new tab coming to type me the new address. If I can't do that, the concept of the whole tab went out the window. I don't have to go to a Yahoo search tool that in many cases, what I see in the search results has nothing to do with the site that I want to go to.



  • How can I get rid of the Yahoo toolbar when using FireFox?

    For some unknown reason, the yahoo toolbar gets somehow on my computer. How can I get rid of it please?

    • Go to the Firefox tools-addon-extension button
    • Select the yahoo toolbar and remove
    • Restart Firefox and try
  • How can I get rid of the bookmarks toolbar?

    I have too many toolbars and want to get rid of the bookmarks toolbar. How do I do that?

    Right-click and deselect bookmarks toolbar.

    Or view > toolbars

  • How can I get rid of the new search firefox 34 popdown menu?

    It's too embarrassing! .. multidimensional too "in your face". The old interface was very good and I would it is restored. How can I do?

    Hello larrybugbee, you can have your 'old' once again search bar, go to Subject: config, copy the next "BOLD" and paste it into the search field, now double-click it to make false, exit firefox and restart.

    Thank you

  • How can I get rid of the new tab completely option

    I don't like the new tab that opens each time you open a new Web page, I tried the options to hide and stop and neither work, I want to just stop this option completely and return to control when I open a new tab.

    I've used an app/add on speed dial called, what helps me access to my frequently used sites. The tab option new firefox is a pain unwanted.

    You can do this by changing the parameter of browser.newtabpage.enabled to false.

    To do this, you must go to the about: config page:

    • In the url bar, type Subject: config and press enter. If you see the "this might void your warranty!" caveat, just click the I'll be careful, I promise! button to continue.
    • Copy and paste browser.newtabpage.enabled into the search field. When it appears in the results below, double-click it to change to false.

  • How can I get rid of the personal toolbar that is always displayed


    Just migrated from xp to win 8.1 on a new computer.
    In the process of cleaning my firefox bookmarks and personal bookmarks file, I must have done a bad manipulation.
    My personal bookmarks bar is always visible in the upper part of the screen.
    I do not want this and just want to get rid of this continuous display. What was done wrong and how can I fix this?

    Thank you in advance,


    You can hide that in following:

    • Click on the orange button Firefox
    • Go to view > toolbars > and uncheck Bookmarks Toolbar
  • How can I get rid of the ADOBE toolbar offer in the emails of people get from Adobe send

    I like to send files. I'm not thrilled to have a huge banner of Adobe in the upper part of the e-mail people receive from me. Adobe can do advertising in small print, thank you very much. It is not very professional for me to advertise for someone else's company. So, how can I remove it?

    For now, it is not possible to remove the banner if you send custom links, but we are actively working on customization feature (similar to that of SendNow) which will allow you to replace Adobe banner/logo with your own.

    In the meantime, your options are to send public links of your own email account or use SendNow (you can connect to SendNow will continue to work until we have custom to send Adobe branding.

    Hope that solves your problem.

  • How can I get rid of the new green checkmarks on my desktop icons

    I have installed Norton and I tried to refresh my desktop. But the marks are still there.

    It was in the Verizon cloud parameters.

  • How can I get rid of the developer toolbar for Firefox

    Since a few hours ago this toolbar kept popping up at the bottom of my screen and nummbers randomly. I neither want or need.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
  • How can I get rid of the Bing toolbar

    I use Vista Home Premium. I use the latest version of Firefox. I tried all of the suggestions I've seen on the web, and I still have this annoying toolbar on my browser. It's the f * ing ridiculous to make it difficult to remove the damn thing. There is nothing in my control panel command called bing, or msn toolbar in ccleaner. I'm at my wits end on this thing. Help me!!! PLEASE, I BEG YOU!

    Thank you very much. Told me on other sites, he was called to the search bar, but it was not appear in my control panel under this name. It was also not in my extensions in Firefox. I removed an extension I was not using more, and then he was there. He appeared in my extensions under the name of toolbar search. Weird. I really doubt that many times I went in my extensions are looking for different names, I was told it was, that I missed as many times. I guess it's possible, but highly unlikely. In any case, thanks for your help guys.

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