How can I make use of TC partitions and make sure that the file analysis is on the right partition?  I do not see the partitions that I have done in the Finder, but I can drag and drop the files in the folder 'Data' unique under Finder/Shared/TC.

MacBook Air, OSX 10.10.3, 128 GB; 2 TB Time Capsule ME177LL/A.

Final objective: use Time Capsule as a Time Machine for my MacBook Air and as a storage solution for large files that I don't want permanently on my MacBook Air.

So far, I've implemented the TC and set up Time Machine on the TC.  I was able to create 2 partitions on the TC using disk utility then that TM was a backup and the disk was recognizable in disk utility.

Under Finder/shared, I see the TimeCapsule 'airport', and when I click on it it is a file called "Data".  I was expecting to see my two partitions here.  Under 'Features' is a ' Zissou31 MacBook Air (3)"sparsebundle file and I can also create folders here and drag and drop files on the TC here.  I can see the partitions in disk utility, but how do I see/use the partitions I created in the Finder?

I fear that this may not be set up correctly and I'm either losing on an entire partition I created or these files dragged/dropped may be at risk of overwriting of TimeMachine.  How can I make sure that the file analysis is on the appropriate partition?

I disabled TimeMachine and go back to see if I could 'point' to one of the partitions, but the "Data" folder is the only thing that TimeMachine seen.  How do I point time Machine for one of the partitions?

Thank you!


In addition, in disk utility, I can see one of the partitions TC is related to the time Machine, indicated by the icon Time Machine green bottom left, but two partitions seem to fall under "Zissou31 of the MacBook Air (3) .sparsebundle.

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