Manufacture of extreme dual band 802.11 airport "buzz sound" when the power supply is attached

Hello which is very probably wrong with my Airport Extreme? My Airport extreme dual band 802.11 done "buzzing" sound when the power supply is attached. The sound disappears immediately when power is disconnected and begins as soon as you connected ag

How to remove some of the data in the time capsule

Can I just remove data backup in the time capsule by a certain date?

Intermittently, Time Capsule does not connect to the cable Modem

Capsule time bought a few weeks ago.  Barely implemented.  TC does not recognize the cable modem.  These forums to get help.  Tracking the specific set of sequence with long delays between the steps and the modem and the TC.  It worked for about a mo

time capsule A1254: HD level or replace?

Two or three years, I have replaced original 500 GB HD time capsule (A1254 time - I think that it is generation 1 - wireless "N" but not dual band... it has been replaced by apple earlier after the death of one (it was perhaps a reminder/known proble

Time capsule for iTunes and photos

Hello I'm looking to use a time capsule as a library for my media such as iTunes, photos and videos, and have more than one mac to access all records.  Disks hard on Macs at home are getting clogged with this type of file and I would like to have bot

drops game

So let me explain my situation. I'm an apple guy. I have everything Apple. 5K iMac, iPad pro, alll iPhones retina 6 +, Apple TV 2nd Gen and have just received the new AppleTV, Apple Time Capsule 2 TB, multiple Airport extreme,... My problem is I have

Airport Extreme acting funny

Hello My Airport Extreme began to behave badly. I'll GET noisy fan, the orange indicator light starts to Flash and then all stops and light turns green. Repeat this every so often. Anyone out there have any ideas? Thank you Rex

Airport Express as an Extender has stopped working

How to debug an express Airport which ceased to operate as an Extender?

Why can I add an airport Time Capsule not in the list of products under 'my profile to support?

Apple allows to record your TCs Airport? The serial number has been entered correctly, and on all of my accounts of ID, I get the same error message appears. (see screenshot above) I am doing the impossible? Kind regards

How can I make use of TC partitions and make sure that the file analysis is on the right partition?  I do not see the partitions that I have done in the Finder, but I can drag and drop the files in the folder 'Data' unique under Finder/Shared/TC.

MacBook Air, OSX 10.10.3, 128 GB; 2 TB Time Capsule ME177LL/A. Final objective: use Time Capsule as a Time Machine for my MacBook Air and as a storage solution for large files that I don't want permanently on my MacBook Air. So far, I've implemented

implemented 2012 Airport express base station

I have an Airport Express from 2012. I got my imac computer main "erased" to remove something so starts from scratch. It is connected to my main use of the airport. My question is: how to reconnect my Airport express if I get wifi using my computer l

Just got my Time Capsule password?

My NEW Capsule has the power and ethernet to the modem connection. Yellow flashing to the edge. Went to the public services of the airport... but did not see connection. Help?

What is the mode of connection (ME918LL/A) current Airport Extreme support?

I have a setup of the airport with two airports of previous generation connected in Bridge mode. (NOTE that this is not the same thing as a network via a wifi - connection Wi - Fi). I want to upgrade one of the units. I believe I read somewhere that

Best way to install?

Asked me to look at an Airport Express which I have no experience on. It is connected to a router ADSL from Sky and they want to use the Airport Express to extend their wireless. I guess you make an ethernet to the router at the most convenient airpo

TWC Modem/Router-with Apple Time Capsule extreme

Can someone find me on this configuration? I'm trying to improve the coverage of the WiFi in my house and I'm trying to do so via an ethernet connection to two Capsules of time separate Apple.  One is an airport Time Capsule 802.11n (3rd generation/F

A neighbor's wireless network is more powerful than mine, so my MacBookPro selects every time.  How can I eliminate the network of neighbour from the airport to the research?

Wireless network from a neighbor is always "found" by my Airport first, then my MacBook links to it.  But I want to find my own network, of course.  Question: How can I remove this neighbor of the network function research network?  Is it still possi

Cannot set the Airport Extreme to extend the existing network

Network WiFi of my holiday home is provided by the router from my ISP (Time Warner). I have an Airport Extreme, which used to be configured to provide the WiFi network to another well, and I would use it to extend the existing on the TWC router netwo

Time machine automatically upwards a WD passport when its plugged into the machine of time rather than the macbook?

Hello I have a Macbook Pro with a WD passport for mac that I keep all my photos on.  I know that time machine will back up there if I plug it into the mac and select it to be excluded from the United Nations through the time machine preferences, whic

How to extend the range of my Airport Extreme Base Station (802. 11 a, c) using a relay of Airport Express (802.11n).  Airport Utility (V635.2) says that this version does not support the relay.  That is what it is?

How can I extend the range of my Airport Extreme (802. 11 a, c) using an Airport Express (802.11n) point.  Airport (V635.2) utility does not recognize the Express on its screen?  I have to buy equipment?  I'm on a MacPro OS X 10.10.5.  Thank you.

Xfinity X 1 modem/router is compatible with the Airport Extreme? How it should be configured to maintain my wireless network?

I got a modem Comcast/Xfinity upgrade. Xfinity X 1 modem/router is compatible with the Airport Extreme? How it should be configured to maintain my wireless network?
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