How can I print multiple different .ai files on a single page in Illustrator CS6?

How can I print multiple different .ai files on a single page in Illustrator CS6? I have all the files organized by organizing Documents > tile all in the grid and I want to print files in this format, so that they can all be seen at the same time when printed on a single page.

General information, it's that I have 16 drawings of different CAD I converted and edited in illustrator. I do basically a plank-contact with all 16 drawings so that they can be examined on a sheet of paper after printing. Each drawing is in its own unique file but I did not understand how to put everything on one page for printing.

Try to do with the bridge. You cannot print all document tiled windows.

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    Hi thomasr1953,

    You will need to uncheck 'Open documents as tabs... new' under ' Edit > Preferences > general "so that the two PDF files open in separate windows.

    Then, you can drag the second file to the second monitor.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

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    Hi bdaely,

    What application you use to print multiple files sometimes?

    What is the number and model of the printer?

    We will be able to print multiple Word document files.

    You may need to communicate with the application through which you print. If they have suggestions on changing the configuration of the file to print multiple files.

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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    Like the old BACK of the command "dir C:\ impression" (or what ever that was...

    Hello gmk2, welcome.

    You should be able to open the command prompt and type:

    dir c:\folder > txtfilec:\.

    > - Print directory to the file list

    Which should print a text file with the contents of the directory.

    Hope this helps,

    Thank you! Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    The print Photo of Windows XP Wizard would print three 4 x 6 photos
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    You see the list of "Related Discussions" under the button 'More help'?

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  • How can I register multiple audio clips (short) in a single long audio clip in first Pro CS5?


    The question is in the title, but I wonder how I can join multiple audio clips (short) in a single audio clip in PP CS5.5 long.  I put all my short clips just next to each other and selected all to see what options are available by clicking and using the options on the toolbar at the top.  The closest I got was to nest sequence, but not what I really want.

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    Thank you


    O.K. This is the kind of basic and you will need to learn until on it fully... .but for now...

    Make sure you have the WAB (work area bar) which covers the length of the audio clips. (You don't need to choose)

    Go to the file Menu > export media

    You will receive all the Export Options.  Select the Wave file

    Select the option to export the work area.

    Choose a location to export the file to (location HD)

    Follow your nose from there...


    BTW - Why are you taking the audio to the Audition anyway? What are you going to do for her.

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    You can use HP Smart printing to this effect (compatible with Internet Explorer 6-9).

    Follow the steps to install the software and do not forget to activate the listed command bar:

    Then it will allow you to select a specific area of andprint it.


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    Currently, in order to check the news issues, I need each time to go to each section, and then select subset, go back, select a different subspace. It is very awkward, slow and takes the resources of the server.



    You must select Track in Communications under Actions in view overall of the appropriate forum area that interests you. You should then receive notifications in respect of Communications and filter in "unread". If you don't want e-mail notifications, you need to trigger in your user preferences. For more detailed information, see my previous post here:

  • How can I print multiple "certificates of class completion" with a list of students?

    Sorry to ask this in two different forums - I didn't know which was more appropriate.

    that I have no need of instructions of the community - just to remind the appropriate documentation. I want to learn and it work on mine. Just having trouble finding exactly what I need.

    I think it starts by either:

    • importing a text file, or
    • type/paste the list in a PDF form

    Then, the user clicks a button that does the following:

    • Adds a page for each student's name
    • Inserts the name in a form field (with formatting such as the police and alignment)

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    The remaining task is to add a date, but that seems pretty easy - I have not decided who will be by the dynamic/automatic or if the user must type in another area (in the original form).

    I came up with the solution the most impressive in the history of the universe and published a tutorial on my bloggy blog. Check it out!

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    I have 3 color images I want to print on a printer A3 + sheet set.  They are all different sizes, 2 portrait and a landscape.  How to make a template to do this please?  I use Lightroom 5. Thank you.

    Used custom package and it worked perfectly.  Once I had the drag each image in the work area and sizing etc. it worked perfectly.  However a problem I have now is how to save this format for any redo a few days after, or I have to start over again?  I notice that once I digress the final 3 to the top of page set up and then return it does not show, only a single larger image.  I recorded the model in "collections", but once I get out of this model and later back I don't see three images created such as I finished it. Any ideas?

    In any case, thanks again!

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    This is worse than trying to deal with the bureaucrats in the Government... I just wondering how I can print full pdf format for PES 10 user guide... I got one for version 9 but could not get anything for version 10? The address indicated in the manual start Guide does not go through? Help!

    All the Photoshop Elements user guides PDF downloads can be found here:

    FAQ: Where can I download the Photoshop Elements user guides?

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    ! HP Photo Creations

    2 Windows XP

    3 no error message - HP Photo Creations just going forward with what I don't want

    4. no change is what HP Photo Creations

    Hi, Jerry.

    Can you explain what you mean by "with the tab?"

    Here's how to print a regular photo. In summary, select the impressions rather than impressions Collage project.

    1. Click on the catalogue or the complete Catalogue
    2. Click the print at home tab
    3. Click the tab prints & posters
    4. Click on the prints
    5. Add your photos from your computer or online like Facebook or Flickr library
    6. Click the button Print & command
    7. Select the print size.
    8. Click on the button Print 4 x 6 print. (The numbers will change according to the selected size.)

    If you choose the Print of Collage project in step 4 instead, you can create a white background by applying the flat white theme. Impressions of collage you can put up to 60 photos on a page.

    Thanks for trying to HP Photo Creations,


  • How can I print 2 of the same images on 1 page with bridge or CS4?

    Hello people

    Need to do a very simple task. I have an image created in photoshop is a particular size of a model I created. I need to put 2 of these photos on 1 page to print, to save on paper and effectiveness, etc.

    Is a very simple task yet, I'll get out my mind trying to do. I used the bridge after watching the tutorials. Very well, but the 2 images were not their original size.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    The big P

    in CS3 or more you can make a contact othrwise Board create a new canvas in A4 to your resolution of printers and paste the image twice

  • How can I remove the paths but keep ' colors inside their '? (Adobe Illustrator CS6)



    Maybe it's not visible in this photo, but it is to me, and even more in other programs such as Inkscape.

    The problem is this: I have a box filled with a color (worse with white or black) - paths inside (with weight on 00pts!) create some sort of weird line through my beautiful color well.
    I tried to delete paths (in eliminating all) and also to export as formats other than .svg (such as .png), giving no results. I don't want my image rasterized because it relies on its sharp contours (as you can see).
    Unless I can solve this problem, my image will become useless...

    Thanks in advance

    You created it using live paint?

    It is obviously a couple of forms that make the work.

    In case it is still a direct object of kinf od, this increase.

    Then use the pathfinder "Merge" (from the Pathfinder palette).

    It will combine all these objects that share the same color.

    You can keep a copy of the original file.

Maybe you are looking for