How can I remove all the GAMES that come when you buy a new laptop?

The last time that I removed the games on another computer, she erased some items needed for other uses. I have the kids use games & would like to have the extra space.   I have a Toshiba 3GBSDRAM, 250GB HDD, thank you very much! Faith F


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Some manufacturers may include third-party games when you buy a new computer, these will have to be uninstalled separate of Windows games. You should be able to uninstall most of the applications, including games, in the section programs and features in Control Panel.

To access the programs and features, click Start and select Control Panel. In Control Panel, click programs and then programs and features. Third-party software, select the application you want to uninstall, and then click Uninstall just above the list.

To uninstall the games provided by Windows Vista, go to programs and features, and then click Turn Windows Features On or Off in spots on the left. You may be prompted for an administrator password or to continue. It can take a bit of the screen of Windows features to complete loading. In the Windows features page, clear the check box next to games and click OK. Windows may ask you to reboot after it's finished work.

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    Hi andypily1,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers community.

    Try the steps one by one and check below.

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    Recently, I synced my rocket to WMP and ripped CDs. But now when I plug my rocket in everything I see when browsing the content are the CD I ripped and not the music files that are also out there (who are not torn, just mp3 files). I went to the 'end sync partnership', a box came and I clicked 'yes '. But when I plug it again all I can see is the CD I ripped just once again. How can I remove all traces of my "rocket" from the computer? I'm out of ideas.

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    Huge wrote:

    Hi, thanks for your response. Yes, I'm looking through windows Explorer. And the USB mode is automatically detect. I don't know what means MTP or MSC?

    but you're right, I don't care if I could see all the files at once.

    The problem is that when you use Auto detect mode the computer chooses what USB mode to connect to the computer. So, if your using WMP it uses MTP mode, but if your use drag and drop will use MSC mode, and when you connect to your computer you can see what has been added in the mode that you are connected to. So if you connect in MSC it is unclear to which has been added to PSG. If you want to add a lot of files with WMP, I'd say he bets on PSG here and let (you can use the drag and drop in PSG too).

    To ensure that you can see everything that you can format your drive and then go to settings > system settings > USB Mode > PSG > press the Center button, and then reload the player.

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    Original title: IE windows games: hearts, spider and others

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    Hi JosephAdams,

    Did you the latest changes on the system?

    I suggest that you turn off the games feature in windows vista and re activate and check if it works.

    a. click the Start button, select Control Panel, click programs and then click turn on turn Windows features on or off. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    b. to turn a Windows feature, select the check box next to the set. To turn a Windows feature off, clear the check box.

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    First you can disable the function of games using the method above restart the computer and turn on the games feature and check if it works.

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    A computer has a folder of fonts.  Some fonts come with the computer, some are added by installed programs, and some can be added by the user.

    When you do anything on the computer, in the folder fonts fonts are used.

    When you create an html e-mail, or the word document, the font is a part of the information stored by email or document.

    Fonts do not attach to e-mail or in this document.

    When another computer displays the e-mail or document, the police does not exist on this computer.  Another font will be used.

    The only way to have your email look exactly as you created it is to send a photo of the enamel.

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    If you download the GarageBand 2.1 application to your Mac as described in this tip to the user: How to get iOS GB loops in GarageBand for Mac.

    and then find the library of instruments inside as described here:

    You can see a list of files .cst for sounds used by GarageBand software instruments:

    Library/Track\ settings/software support/Instrument\ of GarageBand\ 2.1/Payload/\

    I see these fixes in GarageBand 2.1:

    Keyboard / to THE Keyboard.cst

    Drummer/great room GB.cst

    GB.cst drummer/Bluebird

    Drummer/Crate Digger GB.cst

    Drummer/Deep Tech GB.cst

    Drummer/Pile Driver GB.cst

    Drummer/Retro Rock GB.cst

    Drummer/Roots GB.cst

    GB.cst drummer / SoCal

    Drummer/Trap Door GB.cst

    Battery/Big Room.cst


    Battery/Classic drum Machine.cst

    Battery/Classic Studio Kit.cst

    Battery/case Digger.cst

    Battery/Deep Tech.cst

    Battery/Hip Hop drum Machine.cst

    Home/drums drum Machine.cst

    Battery/Live Rock Kit.cst

    Battery Driver.cst

    Battery/Retro Rock.cst



    Battery/trap Door.cst

    Battery/Vintage Kit.cst

    Metronomes/metronome Click.cst

    Metronomes/metronome HiHat.cst

    Metronomes/metronome Sidestick.cst

    Metronomes/metronome Visual Only.cst

    Metronomes/metronome Woodblock.cst


    Smart Bass/Exoplanet.cst

    Smart Bass/Light Cycle.cst

    Smart Bass/Liverpool.cst

    Smart Bass/Muted.cst

    Smart Bass.cst/P-Bass

    Smart Bass/Picked.cst

    Smart Bass.cst Bass/Retro

    Sequence/Bass smart Bass.cst

    Smart Bass/Upright.cst

    Battery smart/Classic drum Machine.cst

    Battery Classic/intelligent Studio Kit.cst

    Battery smart/Hip Hop drum Machine.cst

    Home/battery smart drum Machine.cst

    Battery smart/Live Rock Kit.cst

    Battery smart/Vintage Kit.cst

    Smart Guitar/Acoustic.cst

    Smart Clean.cst guitar/Classic

    Smart Rock.cst guitar/hard

    Smart Rock.cst guitar/Roots

    Keyboard Smart/Classic Rock Organ.cst

    Piano.CST Smart Keyboard/Electric

    Piano.CST Smart Keyboard/large

    Smart Keyboard/Helix.cst

    Language.CST Smart keyboard/Machine

    Smart Keyboard/Polarize.cst

    Clav.CST Smart Keyboard/smooth

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    On the tab my music toggle the display of the Album song. Then right-click on the column headers and check that 'iCloud status' is checked. Then click this column to sort your music based on iCloud status. Locate the first track 'Apple Music', click it, scroll to the last piece of music from Apple and shift click to highlight all the music from Apple. You can finally do a right-click the selection and click on Remove to remove all Apple music songs recorded.

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    If you want to disable all functions of gesture just uninstall all the drivers of the seller. Use the Microsoft driver, which is a generic mouse driver.

  • I got lightroom 5 on my old laptop.  Buy a new one and reinstalled.  How can I get all the addons that I bought?

    I would like to know how to transfer all the addons that I bought for lightroom on my new laptop

    See this link for more information:

  • I wish to clean, remove all the info that I am changing to a new computer that is, restore to the beginning

    Change of Lap Tops. erase the information stored back to the starting point. remove all the password, bank statements, etc.

    Just follow the instructions that the computer provided in the computer by the manufacturer to the manual (or on the web site of the manufacturer) to restore the computer to its origianl, ex-factory condition.

  • How can I remove all the children from scene to a given index position?


    I created a simple game - when the game ends, I want to remove only some of the children from the scene and let some interface elements behind.

    The children I want to delete, I added at the level of the index 6.

    My code to add child objects to the start looks like this:


    Then, when the game is over and I need to clear the screen of all these objects table laid, I want to delete all the child objects to the index position 6 only, while the other elements of the scene are left intact.

    I don't know how to use a while loop to remove all children from the scene, but do not know the syntax to remove all children from a given only depth index position.

    My gameOver() function is currently using this code:

    getChildAt (6);

    removeChildAt (6);

    but this removes an instance of one child.

    I must be able to detect all children at index 6 and remove them all.

    I can't find the syntax necessary to achieve this.

    Can anyone help?

    A single object can occupy a level of the index.  When you add another at the same level, the previous is moved up in the order.  You probably want to do is to store the references to these children in a table and use it to target out them.

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