How can I view my webcam under VISTA?

Hi dear Sir,
Before I used WIN XP Professional and I could see my webcam with XP software next to the local partition on my windows computer. But now I'm on WIN VISTA Ultimate and can't find anything to show my webcam as in WIN XP. So what is the reason for this. Here are some way to view my webcam without software again. My webcam is included in my laptop and not separate. Dell Vostro 1500 "
Totally, I'm sure that I have installed the driver for my webcam correctly but it still don't work for me. However, I can view it with yahoo messenger or it is a "Creative Live" software. But I would like to work as Win XP in /my computer.

Best regards.
Farshad Foroughi

Look under "input devices drivers" at this link of Dell and see if you can use the Vista driver.

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    Seems the webcam software has not been installed correctly.
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    Good luck

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