How can set the background color of the status bar?

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How can set the background color of the status bar?
Posted the: July 17, 2008 02:56
How can set the background color of the status bar?
Using this code for the status bar:
LabelField statusField = new LabelField ("Good Morning", LabelField.USE_ALL_WIDTH |) LabelField.NON_FOCUSABLE | LabelField.HCENTER)
int _backgroundColour = Color.LIGHTGREEN;
public void paint (Graphics g)
g.setBackgroundColor (Color.RED);
g.Clear ();
Super.Paint (g);

Font defaultfont = Font.getDefault ();
Police smallfont = defaultfont.derive (Font.PLAIN, 12);

statusField.setFont (smallfont);
setStatus (statusField);

When I ran the code you have above, my status background color was red.  Is not what you see?  If so, please provide the BlackBerry model and software version that you are testing.  You can find this under Options.

Or if you try to do something else, please provide details.

I tested this in the BlackBerry Simulator included with version 4.5.0 BlackBerry JDE (


To do this in version 4.1, first call getColor and save the current color.  Then call setColor, setting the color to the color you want to use for the background.  After this call call fillRect, starting with 0, 0 and go to the size of the field (use this.getWidth () and this.getHeight () to get this).  This must fill in the field with your specified color.

To allow the drawing of the default content of the field call setColor once again, passing in the original color, then call super.paint.

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    Add (helloWorld);

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    g.setColor (0xc0dce0);
    g.fillRect (0, 0, Display.getWidth (), Display.getHeight ());
    g.setColor (color);
    protected void sublayout (int maxWidth, maxHeight int) {}
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    If (titleField! = null) {}
    titleFieldHeight = titleField.getHeight ();

    int displayWidth = Display.getWidth (); I would probably make these global
    int displayHeight = Display.getHeight ();

    Super.sublayout (displayWidth, displayHeight - titleFieldHeight);
    setExtent (displayWidth, displayHeight - titleFieldHeight);

    _container = new VerticalFieldManager (Manager.VERTICAL_SCROLL |) Manager.VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR);
    internalManager.add (_container);
    Super.Add (internalManager);

    public void add (field) {}
    _container. Add (field);

    {} private field getMyTitleField()
    Delegated official = getDelegate();
    Field titleField = null;
    try {}
    titleField = delegate.getField (0);
    {} catch (IndexOutOfBoundsException ioobe)
    Return titleField;

    class MainScreenWithBackgroundMain extends UiApplication {}

    Public Shared Sub main (String [] args) {}
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    app.enterEventDispatcher ();

    Screen ExtendedCustomMainScreen = new ExtendedCustomMainScreen();
    pushScreen (screen);

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    Is it possible to customize the behavior, so that the search in the address bar still points on a single engine, regardless of the engine that is selected in the search bar?

    Hello tadolo, you can use an addon like to get the old behavior.

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    How is it that ALL the answers shown do not relate to my question?

    It is probably simple enough for someone who knows exactly what to do, please is there noone out there who can help me?

    What I want is my status back bar along the bottom... you should keep the relevant answers to the question

    In WLMail 2011, view tab, click status bar on the Ribbon.

    In 2009, WLMail, Alt, V, layout...

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    We have screens very busy with many components of the table nested in Panel collection components.
    Thus we must 'own' to the top of our screens and one thing I want to get rid of is the facet statusbar on the collection of Panel element.

    Is anyway to force the facets DO NOT make?

    Thank you

    Hi Mark

    See also thread 'af:panelCollection status bar problem.
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    Since you cannot do using methods of LabVIEW, a workaround I can think of is to use the operating system. For example, on Windows, you can use the Windows API. The functions of the API for LabVIEW Windows could be used for this.

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        -fx-border-width: 0;
    .slider *.track {
        -fx-background-insets:  0, 1;
        -fx-border-color: #faf0e6;
        -fx-border-width: 1;
        -fx-border-radius: 20;
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        -fx-effect: dropshadow( three-pass-box , red , 5 , 0.5 , 0 , 0 );
    .slider.knobStyle:unfocused .knob {
        -fx-effect: dropshadow( three-pass-box , red , 5 , 0.5 , 0 , 0 );
    .slider .thumb {
         -fx-background-position:center top;
            -fx-padding: 10;

    I don't know why I can't get the node of the track, track has always set to null and the thumb or the other.

    After that the cursor was displayed on an active scene are you doing research?

    (ex.: after you have added the slider to a scene, the scene for scene, then called ())

Maybe you are looking for