How to change my Apple ID primary e-mail address?

How to change my Apple ID primary e-mail address?

The instructions of change of your Apple - Apple Support ID no longer work.

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  • I need to change my apple user ID e-mail address. Since I will be withdrawn and used my personal E-mail address instead of company e-mail. I need help please on how to do

    I need to change my apple user ID e-mail address. Since I will be withdrawn and used my personal E-mail address instead of company e-mail. I need help please on how to do it. I now use IPhone 6

    Launch Safari on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and go to

    To an iOS device, tap on manage your Apple ID. If requested, please check your identity after the connection.

    Click or tap on change in section Apple ID and primary e-mail address.

    Edit with your new email address.

  • I recently bought an iPhone 6s I have loaded with my iTunes support information (old phone an iPhone 5). Problem is that I now have a replica on both phones I have an Apple ID - how to change the apple on the new ID

    I recently bought an iPhone 6s I have loaded with my iTunes support information (old phone an iPhone 5). Problem is that I now have a replica on both phones I have an Apple ID - how to change the apple on the new ID

    What do you mean by 'repetition '?

    You use two phones? Or did you give the old phone to someone else? If you use two phones, one ID on both Apple is probably than most people. Before you give or sell an iOS device, you must sign in iCloud in settings > iCloud and restore the device as good as new.

  • My Apple ID will always be my primary e-mail address?

    My wife is in her pimp for a few years and I did not much else than to send the odd email.

    Now she has a new MacBook Air and admit not remembering how my account works.  It only works in the emails ending: iCloud.  It has 3.

    I have an Apple ID, bit if ever used.  Now, get in there, we cannot fathom out.  I have an e-mail address that ends with: and one which ends with:

    She has created an address today for me, for the purpose of the eradication of my hotmail address.  I can't work on that is the primary e-mail address.

    Why my main e-mail address appears as my Apple ID?  It ends in:

    She has created an email address iCloud which ends: It is named as: checked.

    But on the web from iCloud, I says I have '0' 3 aliases.  As a result, the Apple ID cannot be my main email address.  Can he?

    That's all what I can possibly get rid of my hotmail email.

    In my mail, the area of does not show my new address iCloud which ends: iCloud, created today.

    Any ideas?

    Hi nivek51,

    Well, it seems that there is a mixture to the top with knowing what email address is your primary Apple ID! Not to worry. Knowing what email addresses are actually Apple ID should allow you to sort. So it is with the creation of this new email, automatically an another Apple ID in addition to your original ID of Apple. However, this code and your ID cannot be combined or merged. Which, in my opinion, would be the best resolution is to use the Web page of my Apple ID. You can find on this link. Manage your Apple ID

    You must log in using your identifier to Apple of manage.

    This link can help you with any other ID you have location without knowing you have. Recover your Apple ID

    Try entering your name and different email that you use to see if they are also Apple ID.

    These 2 links you should have it on the right track with sort and organize your Apple account information. Thank you to use Apple support communities for help.

    See you soon!

  • I can't change my Apple ID to another email address

    I tried to change my Apple ID for my Gmail address, and told me that he is not available.

    So I logged in with the Apple ID Gmail and replaced with another email address and I am sure it is not used for the enamel of relief.

    But still, I can't change my main Apple ID to this Gmail address, he always tells me that he is not available.

    Help, please! Thank you!

    Is that what your end with a .mac, icloud or .me? See this:

    Change your Apple - Apple Support ID

    If this is the case, you cannot change it.

  • Spam: how to change the list of junk e-mail in iPad

    How to change the list of junk e-mail in iPad

    If your question is about - how to indicate whether or not an e-mail is sent to the junk e-mail folder-

    Your best bet would be to do it on the web portal of the email provider (e.g. for Yahoo it would

    There is usually a button or switch to designate mail "Junk" or "not junk".

    If your question is rather modify the list itself

    Mailbox - junk e-mail - Edit button is at the top right

  • How can I add an email address to the primary e-mail address

    I free e-mail by MSN.  How can I add my husband's e-mail address?  My email is the first email address.

    Contact MSN Support:

  • How can I fix a lag of e-mail address?

    I had to change one of my email accounts, I did.  Since then, I asks me to enter my password, but for the old address, which is not.

    Do you mean that your ID Apple is still the old email address? You can change the Apple ID to the new address. One of the experts here will tell you how.

  • How to set up a new msn e-mail address

    Please send information on how I can set up a new e-mail address msn.  Thank you

    Read the info at the link above.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Explorer is my browser and e-mail, how do I sign in to windows live mail address

    Explorer is my browser and e-mail, how do I sign in to windows live mail address

    Email by default, support is here,

    Hotmail account problems,

    LIVEmail program support is here,

  • How to change the primary e-mail address of icloud?

    When I bought my new camera, I created apple ID as [email protected] and [email protected] as the address to icloud. Successfully, I changed my apple for [email protected] ID and created alias [email protected] in icloud mail. But still my old address [email protected] is in elementary school. How to remove [email protected] address and do primary [email protected] ?

    I'm afraid you can't. However you can pretty much ignore it and give people the alias. You can set the Mail and iCloud site to serve as the alias of the address "from".

  • How to change the Apple ID on one of the two devices?

    I have two iPhones with the same Apple ID used by two members of the family.

    When done or receives a phone call, the call history displays the same on each phone, probably due to having a single Apple ID.

    My plan is to create a new Apple ID, disconnect one of the iPhones and then sign in again using the new Apple ID.  (I realize that I'll lose a few apps and photos, but this is a minor problem that he has little of each.)

    This sounds like a plan?  Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any suggestion or disagreement.

    The following can help: what to do when you have changed your Apple ID email address or password - Apple support

  • How to change the Apple ID in the email of rescue

    I want to use my email of relief for my Apple ID and my Apple ID as my email of relief. Trade them basically, but it says: "this e-mail is already used as rescue email address. Change your emergency address and try again. "Once I try to change my email of relief, it is said,"this e-mail address is used as an Apple ID. "Does that mean I should do another email just to change and then delete them makes one subsequently?

    Sort of Yes. Yu can try first just delete the email address of relief. and then go back later and try to use electronic mail for the ID, and then later use the original ID e-mail as relief.

    You can also try to contact Apple:

    Contact - Support official Apple

    Note that some links may not work because of a temporary problem with this forum. If that's the case enter the URL indicated

  • Can I change my primary e-mail address to another.

    Several years ago, I created my apple ID using an e-mail address associated with my service provider broadband (Talktalk) and it became my primary email address.  Now, the time has come to change providers and thus I can access this address of e-mail altogether.  I managed to create an iCloud email account which I now want to set up as my primary account id.  I tried to do it online but every time I get an error message indicating that I can't have an Apple that ends in iCloud ID (how I wish, I had one put in place at the beginning) which at least incredibly frustrating since it is why I created the iCloud first email.

    I don't want to create a gmail/hotmail account, I just want to use the iCloud email account that I created in place of my old Talktalk one.   Y at - there someone out there who can advise me if it is to proceed with that, after 19 may Apple will not be able to send me e-mails.  (Or maybe just maybe someone in Apple land will read this and be able to force change through for me)

    Any help or advice would be welcome.

    Thank you in advance


    The address is already an ID separated from Apple. This is why we don't have a field Apple e-mail address (@me, @mac or in the main email to an existing Apple account.

    You can either leave your old account intact and set your password on this account to match your new password in the iCloud account, or you can get a different email address, which uses as a main, and then set up on the existing iCloud account.

    If you leave the old address that you do not want the password the same as your new password in the iCloud account is because all your purchased media is linked to the old Apple ID. You can start purchasing media from that moment with the iCloud ID, but if you want to keep your existing media, then there will be moments where you must provide the password for the old ID. Making the same means that you don't have to worry that a password is asked.

    Good luck


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