How to debug the program Labview that runs in the target of the RT of a Compact RIO

I use CRIO-9073 for the acquisition of data from sensors. Program Labview is written in RT target and target FPGA. It is posssible to make step wise execution for the program written in the target RT and FPGA target the way purpose us for the debugging of the program in general OS.


The only way to use the debugging on a VI wrote to FPGA tools is to simulate running on the host computer. You can then deploy the compiled FPGA code on the target and run your VI RT in debug mode if you use the communication of the façade with the host PC.

Tags: NI Hardware

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  • How to debug an application incident that occurs only within the executable and not developing?

    LabVIEW 2011

    Looking for ideas on how to debug an application that crashes only from within the executable.

    Is there something useful that this error report can be used to, thanks in advance.

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    #OSBuild: 7600
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    Is coding "infinite loop" a bad habit of programming?

    Yes, you can call it such.
    Personally, I prefer to use loops.
    See for the different types of loops that you can use.

    How can I change this infinite loop in a "finite" without changing the logic of the program?

    You can use EXIT WHEN "certain conditions."
    For example, you can add OUTPUT WHEN cursorname % notfound, or some counter to reach a specific value in your loop, to 'force' the loop to stop.
    See the docs or do a search on this forum for more examples.

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    Hi, Germain,.

    You can start the trace in the form and complete it in the formula. The handle of the trace will display all messages of the formula and the pl/sql functions that formula calls internally. So, indeed, you should get all the trace messages in your trace file.

    If you want to only draw a pl/sql function, add this in pl/sql code from the point you want to draw, and then add the trace_off at the end-

    hr_utility. TRACE_ON (null, 'VBATTU_TRACE');

    hr_utility.trace ('# START #');








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    Thank you


    According to the Microsoft document, this problem can occur when the driver verifier is enabled and a driver has used an incorrect address.

    I also studied in the net and the defective RAM module was generally responsible for this blue screen message.
    If you use two modules try to remove one and test the memory.

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    By the way, is the tutorial Wi - Fi configuration script supports WPA2 Protocol?

    Thank you

    Matthew Ho

    Hi Matthew,

    Log on to your PII via the USB/serial cable and try to issue the following command:

    sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

    If something is wrong with your config, there will be an error message.

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    You should be able to remove from Add/Remove programs in the control panel.

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  • How to use my 2012 LabVIEW for run the LeCroy Waverunner 610Zi?

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    I'm a fresh starter on this topic. I have the 2012 version of LabVIEW and a scope of 610Zi LeCroy WaveRunner. How can I use LabVIEW for control the scope?

    Hello sqrtT,

    I think you and I just had a phone conversation about this, and you're all set!

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    It seems that, in order to develop, Flex at base of plugins using the vSphere Client Plugins SDK Web and get 'full integration', the developer is encouraged to use a MVC framework which is part of the SDK. In addition, I see things that seem to indicate that, once the plugin is runing in the context of the VC, actions will be triggered by the context running, etc...

    It may seem that in order to develop a base Plugin, the user interface must be developed, compiled and deployed each time.

    How should we do about writing a typical user interface application where the developer is able to set breakpoints, etc...? I can do it now if I do not use the hooks of VmWare, such as previously mentioned, but what if I wanted to exploit the pegs supplied?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Have you read the SDK documentation in questions before asking your new question?

    Debugging of all is possible.

  • How to debug the workflow

    Hi Experts,

    I use wcc11.1.1.7, I know there is a way for debugging service that the addition of a parameter of & IsPageDebug = 1 in the url menu debug will show right down to IE, the question is for js log, how to produce js Journal? It's a journal of log4javascript or idoc sript? If it's the latter, I can't find the doc for this function.

    BTW, debugging, workflow is there any other way for debugging, as wf can run in the background, wonder if & IsPageDebug = 1 might help in this case.

    Best regards

    "I want to display the value of a variable in the script of the OIDC, in the middle of the process, how the value of production using js Journal?

    IdocScript is on the server, JavaScript on the client side.  You won't be able to write Idoc in a .js newspaper execution variables, if the IdocScript does not produce any visible output - what happens more often than otherwise.

    You should look at the <$trace$>function in the IdocScript manual.  You can use it to write the variable on the system console or in the system log to see the value of variables Idoc.  I covered the trace function quite widely on the blog of Sena.

  • How to debug the errors of verification?

    Verification errors, I received when I tried to run my application on the simulators of the 8300 Series.  But I can run on simulators series 9700 without problem and even I can deploy it on my BlackBerry 8330 smart phone without any run-time error.  I used the preverify.exe review on my myApp.jar and got the error for the Customer class.  I tried JDE 4.7.0 and JDE 4.5.0 lib and got the same error.  I have "net.rim.device.api.util import. *;  statement in the codes.  I get no compiler error.  What is my code problem or simulators?   Appreciate any help.

    Preverify.exe - classpath 'c:\program research in motion\blackberry jde 4.5.0\lib' myApp.jar
    Preverify.exe - classpath 'c:\program research in motion\blackberry jde 4.7.0\lib' myApp.jar

    Error preverifying class mypackage. Customer
    Java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: net/rim/device/api/util/Persistable

    Errors in the debug window:
    Module 'myApp' has verification errors. Error at startup myApp: Module 'myApp' has verification errors.

    I think there is no problem with the code.

    The problem is preverify in command.

    You must specify the file net_rim_api.jar with the full path name in the command.

    In case contrary preverify just could not find the Persistable interface.

    You specified only the lib folder.

    Follow these steps:

    Preverify.exe - classpath 'c:\program search in motion\blackberry jde 4.7.0\lib\net_rim_api.jar' persistentstoredemo.jar

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    For several months now, we have migrated to Oracle AS SSO to Oracle Access Manager (OAM) in our development environment.

    Since the upgrade, an ' ora-1403: no data found ' error occurs sometimes. You have all seen this page before: blank page, the Red Cross with the black text and that's it.

    The error appears randomly, sometimes once a day, sometimes not for several days and then a few times per day, both in execution as in the application of the manufacturer.

    There are several developers using this environment, but only one of them is to have the error is not a general failure of the framework.

    Isn't a blocking error because you can use the back button and resubmit without losing data or changes.

    Our test - and the production environment are still on Oracle AS SSO and we do not get the error so I guess there not an APEX of error but I need to be sure about that.

    Our DBA already implementation of PL/SQL debugging in Apache but the error does not appear here.

    We see a ' ora-6550: wrong number or types of arguments in the call to "but we don't know if these two errors are reported or not.

    Did someone with tips, ideas, best practices,... to gather more information about the error?

    Are there other logging tables in the schema of APEX database where I can look for the error logs? Or a log somewhere?

    We want to isolate the error and find out why we get this but it's hard without debug information.

    This error which is preventing us from joining OAM in production so it becomes important.

    I hope someone can help us!

    Version numbers:


    APEX: 4.2.3 but this error 4.2.0 and 4.2.1

    Oracle Access Manager:

    Regards and thanks in advance for any help.

    Bart Peeters

    Hi Bart,.

    what you describe could be WebGate is facing certain limits (e.g. OAM session idle timeout). In these cases, it intercepts the incoming request and redirects to Access Manager, an audit. If this attempt is successful, the control returns to WebGate with a redirect and continues with the original application. However, if the original request was a MESSAGE (for example wwv_flow.accept for a submission of the page), it performs the query without the PUBLICATION settings. The "No Data Found" you see may be that APEX is not an application for the request id and gets 1403 when trying to search for metadata of the application. There are a few configuration options of Access Manager to prevent these problems. It also allows significantly if OAM is configured as a result WebGate protects only ever apex_authentication.callback for APEX applications, no East or other apex.

    Your best option is to get in touch with Support from Oracle. This question probably depends on how OAM and WebGate is set up on your site. I found the bug 16212631 (it was classified as a bug of the APEX, but was in fact a configuration problem) where I worked with them on the improvement of the integration of the OAM for a customer. It might help to talk about this bug in the SR. Here is an excerpt from my explanation in the bug:

    We define 4 resources:

    1 /apex/apex_authentication.callback: authentication = Protected, Authz = Protected
    2. /... / *: Authentication = Public, Authz = Public
    3 /apex/apex_authentication.callback/.../*: authentication = Protected, Authz = Protected
    4 / apex /... / *: Authentication = Public, Authz = Protected

    (Authentication = authentication, authorization = Authz)

    Both authentication protected Authz policy and resources, we define 3
    the response headers:

    1 HTTP_OAM_REMOTE_USER_GROUPS: $user.groups
    2 HTTP_OAM_REMOTE_USER_EMAIL: $user.attr.mail
    3 HTTP_OAM_REMOTE_USER: $user.userid

    Protected Authz policy has forced implicit use checked.

    Kind regards


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