How to export my sketch in Photoshop in 300 dpi images


When exporting my images of the sketch on the iPad for Photoshop on Mac, they seem to default to 72 dpi.  What makes the images 72cm wide and 72 dpi, which is not what I want.  We use images for a book, so they must be 300 dpi.

How can I export images at 300 dpi and make them appear as the right size in Photoshop?

Thank you.

See you soon


Hello James,.

I don't think at the moment, it is possible to choose a resolution of 300 DPI in sketches. However, you can export your art in Photoshop and set up your resolution for printing it. The iPad Pro has allowed me to create an illustration in sketch is 2732 x 2048 pixels. Using the sharing in Sketch (square with arrow at the top of the screen icon) feature, I chose to send to Photoshop. When the image open in PS, I adjusted the resolution we print, using the size of the Image. It is an easy workflow.

I've attached a screenshot of the dialog box size of the Photoshop Image with the original resolution sketches and the adjustment in Photoshop. Note that "Resampling" is disabled in the example below, while the number of pixels will remain the same, when the ppi to 300 ppi.

I hope it's useful.

Best regards


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