How to find out the resolution of the external monitor max on Satellite Pro A100-02Y

I have a Satellite Pro A100-02Y.

I want to launch an external monitor but don't have any idea how big a monitor will deal graphics drivers. How will I know?

Thanks for any help.


You should keep one fact in mind that the available screen resolution depends on the graphics card and the graphics card driver.
If I'm not mistaken, you can find the max somewhere graphics card resolution information in the user manual.

But note; If the graphics card driver does not support you favorite resolution then you will not be able to use and to choose!

In the properties of the graphics card, you can find the available screen are supported by GPU driver resolutions.
Usually these resolutions could be used on the external monitor, but only if the external monitor takes care of everything.

Best regards

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    I recently changed my OS from Vista to XP and I'm not able to find a driver for the ethernet controller in my Satellite Pro A100 PSAAPE.

    Anyone know where I can get this driver from?

    Thank you!

    > I had already checked and cannot see the pilot
    I don't believe that. I checked the Toshiba download page, and you can see two LAN drivers for your model laptop.
    Install the latest version 9.2.24 and I think everything will be OK.

  • Can I replace the graphics card on Satellite Pro A100

    Hi all

    Just a quick question about the graphics card in my Satellite pro a100 computer laptop. I heard different stories about this.

    The ATI RAdeon Mobility x 1400 card can be replaced on this laptop. If so how easy it is to do and how I could tell which cards would be compatible?

    Thank you


    You cannot remove, replace or update the graphics card.
    The graphics chip is attached to the motherboard and it of not possible to remove it.
    In addition, the motherboard is compatible only with the current graphics chip.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A100-81: memory Pro Duo card is stuck in the card reader

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    The card slipped too deeply into the slot so that I unfortunately can't remove the card more.
    Any ideas how to remove the card?

    Hi Gary

    Are you sure that the laptop computer s card reader supports memory stick Pro Duo?
    It s unusual who supported cards will slip to deep into the slot, something as may occur if the card is not taken in charge and is not compatible with the slot

    However, you shouldn't t do anything hard disk average if you n t know how remove it ask someone to help him with more experience for laptop

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