How to get date and time the image was taken by programming?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can get the date/time of peak clicked using the FileConnection interface

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  • Add the date and time the image of the photo

    How can I add a stamp date and time for my photos. The information is imported from my camera, but I would like it to be on the image itself and must be able to do the pictures in my photo album.

    How can I add a stamp date and time for my photos. The information is imported from my camera, but I would like it to be on the image itself and must be able to do the pictures in my photo album.

    Perhaps the following free software would be
    be worth a try.

    FWIW... you can add date/time to
    a batch of photos using the free software
    FastStone Image Viewer.

    FastStone Image Viewer

    I suggest that you create a new folder and add
    copies of your photos for experimental purposes.
    If you are unhappy with the result your originals
    will be intact.

    "Basic steps to add dates to image files.
    using Fast Stone Image Viewer'...
    (FWIW... it's easier to do than to explain)

    (You may need to experiment with the post office, police
    size, color and different Variables to achieve
    the desired result).

    Tools / open the Batch Conversion / tab Batch convert...

    Check the box... Use of advanced options...

    Advanced Options button / tab text.
    Check the box... Add text...
    (If the white field has any text inside...
    by selecting erase it and press your delete key...

    Open the window drop... "Insert a Variable."
    choose... EXIF DateTime / Date and time... Ok...

    Browse for the files you want to attach... Select
    them and on the left, click on the Add button...

    Choose an output Format...

    Choose an output folder...

    Check the "Rename..."

    Click on the button convert...

    When the files are converted... Click done...

    Now go to your backup folder and see the result...

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  • How to print the date at which the image was taken with the image?

    De : Carol

    Message: I have a Hp Photosmart printer and Windows Photo Gallery.  I need the date that the photo was taken printed on the image for a legal reason.  How to do this.  I can get the image on the screen with the date, but it does not print.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me.  Carol

    De : John Inzer

    The following free software might be worth a try.

    FastStone Image Viewer

    "The basic steps to add dates to image files using Fast Stone Image Viewer"

    (You will need to experiment with the position, the size of font, color, and different Variables to achieve

    the desired result).

    Tools / Batch convert / Batch Convert tab...

    Check the box... Use of advanced options...

    Advanced Options button / tab text / check... Use the text...

    Open the window drop... "Insert a Variable" choose... EXIF DateTime / Date and time... Ok...

    Add the files you want to add...

    Choose an output Format...

    Choose an output folder...

    John Inzer

    Digital Media MVP


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    I'm a volunteer

    Solutions that work for

    me I work for you

    Proceed at your own risk

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  • How to get date and time for report responses has been changed

    I would like to identify for each report a "last modified" date & time stamp. Object I have asked to do this?


    Catalog Manager is the place to go for this. Connect in the online or offline catalog, both work and I think it's tools - > report. I don't have access to my pc now so these command names can be turned off, but you will certainly find it in one of the menus.

    Let me know if it helps!


  • How remove the date and time in image logging vision express

    I use express vision to capture a set number of images with the inline processing. I am opting to save images to a specified folder. However, the file names of the images have the date and time added by default. Is there a way to remove the date and time in the image file name? Help, please.

    Thank you very much. This has been useful. However I found another book about - I renamed it (using the movement vi) slam post files. Still, I would be interested if anyone has a better way to do it.

  • How to get captions to accompany the images when recording on a flash drive?



    OK, for your family to do, you really want to have the caption written on the photo: for them to 'delete it to print just the image', this legend would have to be registered in a separate layer, and the image stored in a format that takes in charge the layers PSD or TIF.  Then your family members would have to mess around with some sort of software that allow them to hide this layer with the legend before printing and so forth of image editing...

    This is what we must try (and you can test the procedure yourself on your computer):

    1. Right-click on a photo in the Organizer, and choose "Add Caption".
    2. Write your caption and click on 'OK '.
    3. Use the file... Export as a new file (s) to export this picture to your USB.
    4. Use Windows Explorer to look at the image on your USB.  At the bottom of the Windows Explorer window, you will see the various pieces of information about the photo, and your caption will be listed as the "title".

    Although you must do steps 1 and 2 one-at-a-time for each photo, when you have completed these steps, you can select all of the images and do step 3 for each of them at a time.

    Which does what you're looking for?


  • How to insert Date and time in video


    I wonder how to insert the Date and time in video files during their transfer to PC with my Handycam(DCR-SR82).

    Thank you


    The date and time does not appear during recording, however they are saved automatically by the display system during playback. The camcorder can not burn in the video, but once you have on your computer, third-party software can do for you.

  • get date and time seconds

    I am using get date time in seconds, the function to send the date and time to a sub vi where I can use it to calculate the time difference in timestamps of waveform and the hour when he began to get the time in seconds. So I wanted to know if I pass this value to a sub - vi will be this value constantly updated in the sub - vi or it will remain constant until the sub - vi is finished.

    Yes it will remain constant because the time was read only once, to hand.  Any value is passed to the Subvi remains the same.  If you want once updated, you must put the function get Date/time inside the Subvi.

  • How to get back and see the SDO_GEORASTER image in the browser with the bounding box


    I created raster_table and raster_data_table and successfully loaded raster in db data. Now, I want to retrieve and display the SDO_GEORASTER image in the browser. I need help from anyone how to reach that goal as what is the procedure to display the georaster data in the browser, as well as the bounding box. I know with the help of the JGeoRaster class we can manipulate the georaster data type, but I do not know how? I'm coding in Java. Help, please.

    Thank you
    Bellande D

    You can change getRasterImage (...) call java to provide your bounding box.

  • How Adobe gets DATE and its format?


    I'm current date (today) to below JS in some flds and below using FormCalc for some flds in my_form;


    var currentTime = new Date()

    Form Calc:

    $.rawValue = num2date (date (), DateFmt(MM/DD/YYYY))

    But I have not much idea how adobe is at that date? For my business it is the first form, that's why they ask me how adobe gets so, date format and its

    1) count local address IP/Internet provider, format?

    (2) or PREMISES of the portable PC/computer user settings, date format? If Yes, for example, if the user (the laptop settings) Germany has a DD. MM YYYY configured, if this user is delivered to the United States on a business trip and if the user opens the form, and then how the date looks like for this user? Depending on the settings of computer laptop user JJ. MM YYYY or local internship provider date format MM/DD/YYYY?

    Thank you

    Go to PDF... No!

  • How to get a glimpse of the images instead of the icons in the finder

    Hi, since I downloaded El Capitan pictures cannot be previewed in finder more unless I open them in the application preview or in a sidebar. Instead, according to icon, on top of the image name, she never shows just the jpeg preview icon. I checked the option to see the preview instead of the icon is activated in the options of presentation/overview, that changes nothing. When it's like that, it is impossible to get an overview of images or do not lose time to open them individually.

    Any ideas? Thank you very much.

    To help read the information on one of the jpeg files (command - I),

    According to open it with, check if the preview application is associated with jpeg files:

    If not put open with: on the, then click all change...

    NB. You will need to restart the Finder subsequently.

  • How to get a constant of the image with color

    I've seen of many Labview program that has a constant 'photo' but with a specific color. I tried to do, but I can not just know how to get it.

    Can someone help me


  • How can display date and time in the text element?

    Hi all

    I placed two text elements (named text_item1, text_item2).
    I want to put the current date in a text element and the current time in another piece of text. How can I put this?

    Roman salute

    Use pls...

        (SYSDATE, 'MM-DD-YYYY')
        (SYSDATE, 'HH24:MI:SS')

    OR put the Formate above in the mask property of formats...

    Kind regards


  • How to get dates based on the difference of startdate and enddate

    Hi all

    I have table with data below:

    I need a new line for each record with enddate-startdate > 41 days.

    For example if Item1, point 2 difference of enddate-startdateis < 41 if these lines are is

    1Point 1OCTOBER 16, 2014JANUARY 4, 2015
    2Point 2OCTOBER 16, 2014JANUARY 4, 2015

    Item3 and Item4 difference is 41 days > and < 82 days so I need two lines as below for each element:

    3Point 3OCTOBER 16, 201416 OCT-2014 + 41
    3Point 316 OCT-2014 + 41 + 1JANUARY 4, 2015
    4Point 4OCTOBER 16, 201416 OCT-2014 + 41
    4Point 416 OCT-2014 + 41 + 1JANUARY 4, 2015

    For Item5 difference is > 41, 82, 123, and < 164 so I need total four lines as below:

    5Point 5OCTOBER 16, 201416 OCT-2014 + 41
    5Point 516 OCT-2014 + 41 + 116 OCT-2014 + 41 41
    5Point 516 OCT-2014 + 41 + 41 + 116 OCT-2014-41-41-41
    5Point 516 OCT-2014 + 41 + 41 + 41 + 1MARCH 21, 2014

    Am able to get the number of rows, but struggling to get the dates as shown:

    Am trying to query is:

      SELECT NV.*,
               ENDDATE - STARTDATE,
               FLOOR ( (ENDDATE - STARTDATE) / 41)           
               AND ROWID = PRIOR ROWID
               AND PRIOR SYS_GUID () IS NOT NULL;

    something like that...

    WITH nsk_values (item, item_descr, startdate, enddate)

    AS (SELECT 1, ' 1 ', SYSDATE, SYSDATE + double UNION ALL 7 ')

    SELECT 2, 'point 2', SYSDATE, SYSDATE + 14 IN double UNION ALL

    SELECT 3, 'Item 3, SYSDATE, SYSDATE + 80 IN dual UNION ALL"

    Select OPTION 4, "article 4, SYSDATE, SYSDATE + 56 OF double UNION ALL"

    SELECT 5, 'article 5 "(, SYSDATE, SYSDATE + 156 FROM dual)

    SELECT the item


    largest (startdate, CASE

    WHEN LEVEL > 1 THEN startdate + (LEVEL - 1) * 41 + 1

    Of ANOTHER startdate


    ) As startdate

    , less (enddate, startdate + (LEVEL * 41)) AS enddate

    OF nsk_values

    CONNECT BY PRIOR point = item

    AND PRIOR sys_guid() IS NOT NULL

    and level<= ceil((enddate="" -="" startdate)="">



  • find if get date and time string function is used in my labview vi

    Hi, I am trying to understand a labview project and wanted to determine if the DATE STRING function / hour GET is used in VI. This VI has many void too / vi... I know that we can find all instances of all indicator etc... but I can also do something like this to find all the functions of DATE STRING / hour GET used?

    Hi Claudia AG

    Open the block diagram of the main vi, press 'Ctrl + F' and select 'object '. See image below

Maybe you are looking for

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