How to get the value of the TextField on Buton FieldChangeListener

friends I am new on the development of blackberry applications could you please help me how to get the value of text I typed in the textField when I click the button?


public Dialogs()
using design in the same screen
Display display = new MainScreen();
ButtonField btnPress = new ButtonField();
btnPress.setLabel ("press me");
btnPress.setChangeListener (ButtonPressListener);
TxtValue TextField = new TextField();
txtvalue.setLabel ("enter something :");
HFM VerticalFieldManager = new VerticalFieldManager (VerticalFieldManager.FIELD_VCENTER);
HFM. Add (txtValue);
HFM. Add (btnPress);
mainScreen.add (hfm);
pushScreen (mainScreen);

FieldChangeListener ButtonPressListener = new FieldChangeListener() {}
' Public Sub fieldChanged (field field, int context) {}
Dialog.Alert (t.GetText ());

any help would be appreciated.

You must ensure that your FieldChangeListener has access to the object of txtvalue, while it can make a

String inputString = txtvalue.getText ();

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  • How to get the value of varStatus in managed Bean

    Hi all

    I use jDeveloper version.

    I had a table with table with departments view object. I added an extra column to the table to display the serial numbers of the lines like this.

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    varStatus = 'vs' rowSelection = "multiple" id = "t1" binding = "#{ReferenceBeans.departmentTable}"> "

    < af:column id = "c5" headerText = "varStatus" >

    < af:outputText value = "#{vs.index + 1}" id = "ot1" binding = "#{ReferenceBeans.varStatus}" / > "

    at the bean, I get all the values of the selected line, but I don't get the varStatus value of the column.

    If I use

    Object varStatus is getVarStatus () .getValue ();.


    That's the impression first value only, but not the values of the selected line.


    How to get the varStatus value in the bean selected lines.

    Best regards

    Claude Reynier.

    You can get the index of the line of the ViewObject.getRangeIndexOf (row) method. Something like this:

    empIter.getViewObject () .getRangeIndexOf (currentRow)


        RowKeySet selectedEmps = getTable().getSelectedRowKeys();
        Iterator selectedEmpIter = selectedEmps.iterator();
        DCBindingContainer bindings = (DCBindingContainer) BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry();
        DCIteratorBinding empIter = bindings.findIteratorBinding("EmployeesView1Iterator");
        RowSetIterator empRSIter = empIter.getRowSetIterator();
        while (selectedEmpIter.hasNext())
          Key key = (Key) ((List);
          Row currentRow = empRSIter.getRow(key);
          System.out.println("FirstName" + currentRow.getAttribute("FirstName") + "  - Row Index= " + (empIter.getViewObject().getRangeIndexOf(currentRow) + 1));
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    for the application-> transfer and process-> queries with trust-> value the month selected and chosen balances button and queries with the obtained item name break it down the value of the balance.

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    IAM new to hrms, Please help me on how to get this balance of values

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    It is not very clear what you want to display in the form of balance for a given range of dates.

    It depends on how you have configured your balances and periods and balance which you are referring.

    The API allows for a given only date that matches the date earned.

    Say, for example, that you have a "basic salary" defined with a "Treatment period assignment to Date" dimension and feed of the element that corresponds to the base salary.

    "If you need get the 'wage base Total' (balance?) for the period February 1, 2015 ' to March 31, 2015", then you need get dates earned for payroll passes made during that period and call the package above with the appropriate settings.

    Another way is by querying the tables/views directly: you can use, for example - it's perhaps easier to your situation:

    Select sum (nvl (pbv.value, 0))

    of pay_balance_values_v the VB.

    where pbv.balance_name = 'base salary.

    and pbv.database_item_suffix = '_ASG_PTD. '

    and pbv.assignment_id =

    and pbv.effective_date between to_date (' 01/02/2015 ',' dd/mm/yyyy')

    and to_date (' 31/03/2015 ',' dd/mm/yyyy');

    Kind regards

  • How to get the values of the table of the ADF to bean class?

    Hi all

    My Jdev

    Here I do not use BC ADF in my project.  I'll put values in the ADF table with bean.

    In the table, I put a checkbox. When I selected (Checkbox) a few rows in table and submit. In the submit method, I want to get all the values of line checkbox selected in my bean class.

    How can I get the values. ???

    Here my table UI code

    < af:table var = "row" rowBandingInterval = "0" id = "t1" value = "#{pageFlowScope.BinderSolutionsBean.uiBinderProperties} '"

    styleClass = "AFStretchWidth" emptyText = "no record found".

    Binding = "#{pageFlowScope.BinderSolutionsBean.binderTree}" >

    < af:column sortable = "false" headerText = "Script ID" id = 'c4' >

    < af:panelGroupLayout id = "pgl4" >

    < af:selectBooleanCheckbox id = 'sbc1' > < / af:selectBooleanCheckbox >

    < af:spacer width = "5" / >

    < af:outputText value = "#{row.scenarioId}" id = "ot5" / > "

    < / af:panelGroupLayout >

    < / af:column >

    < af:column sortable = "false" headerText = "Quote ID" id = "c1" >

    < af:outputText value = "#{row.quoteId}" id = "ot4" / > "

    < / af:column >

    < af:column sortable = "false" headerText = "NASP ID" id = "c2" >

    < af:outputText value = "#{row.naspId}" id = "ot2" / > "

    < / af:column >

    < af:column sortable = "false" headerText = "GCH ID" id = 'c3' >

    < af:outputText value = "#{row.gchId}" id = "ot3" / > "

    < / af:column >

    < af:column id = "c6" headerText = "Term" >

    < af:outputText value = "#{row.term}" id = "ot9" / > "

    < / af:column >

    < af:column sortable = "false" headerText = "Status" id = "c5" >

    < af:outputText value = "#{row.status}" id = "ot6" / > "

    < / af:column >

    < / af:table >

    follow some above recommendation such as the creation of additional attribute. You will also need the key in your collection, while making the data for your chart.

    You must write a custom selectionListener. On valueChangeEvent of box, get the key of a line and add the line at the bean.

    Maybe it's little help for you

    How to get the selected row in a table no-bind ADF

  • How to get the fnd_profile.value in the host program

    Hi all

    How to get the FND_PROFILE. VALUE('ORG_ID') in the host program.

    I loved not below, but it failed.

    v_return =' $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus - s $FCP_LOGIN < < END

    set pagesize 0

    trigger the echo

    fnd_profile. Value ('ORG_ID');


    END '

    echo $v_return

    but it error with the message: Retrun value SP-0734: unknown command beginning "fnd_profile...". »

    Kind regards


    > but it error with the message: Retrun value SP-0734: unknown command beginning "fnd_profile...". »

    .. .who is the same thing that will happen if you run SQL * more and type "fnd_profile.value...". »

    Assuming that fnd_profile.value is a function, you must select from the something (say double) or assign to a variable.

  • How to get the lov value(true/false) that is running by pressing the F3 function key


    I mapped key F3 function for list of values (lov), pressing F3 on the element of text (with associated lov) poster lov, but here the lov is implicitly run, so I am unable to get the value of lov(true/false), how to get the true or false value from the lov.

    I use Oracle forms 11 GR 2.

    What exactly do you mean by "the true or false value of the lov? Want to know if the user chose something from the lov. If so, you can create a KEY-LISTVAL-trigger on your textitem with something like

      -- do something here
    END IF;
  • How to get the value on a model that is defined in the java code in email


    I created a custom code and send email as well to custom component. I can send emails using the method:

    InternetFunctions.sendMailTo (EmailID, EmailTemplate, subject, cxt);

    But my problem is that I have to get a value in the model of "EmailTemplate" which are defined from java code. but I don't know how to get the value.

    I will highlight in the java code by using this code: binder.putLocal ("ErrorApproveRejectMsg", massegeBody);

    I'm trying to enhance the model using the code below, but not able to get.

    1 < $exec getValue ("#active", "ErrorApproveRejectMsg") $ >

    2 < $exec getValue ("#active", ErrorApproveRejectMsg) $ >

    3 < getValue ("ErrorApproveRejectMsg") $exec $ >

    4 < $exec getValue (ErrorApproveRejectMsg) $ >

    5 < getValue ("#local", ErrorApproveRejectMsg) $exec $ >

    6 < getValue ("#local", "ErrorApproveRejectMsg") $exec $ >

    7 < $ErrorApproveRejectMsg$ >

    8 < $exec ErrorApproveRejectMsg$ >

    Assuming that cxt will be your Service or execution context object

    You can do something like this

    DB. PutLocal ("ErrorApproveRejectMsg", "Error");

    cxt.setCachedObject ("DataBinder", db);

    PageMerger h = new PageMerger (db, cxt);

    cxt.setCachedObject ("PageMerger", h);

    InternetFunctions.sendMailTo (usersEmail, emailTemplate, emailSubject, cxt);

    where db is current databinder object, and you can put any variable custom in the workbook by using the putLocal method.

    Thank you


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