How to install a driver for my video card updated? Online.

How to install an updated for my video card driver online?

How to install an updated for my video card driver online?

1. click on the Start button.

2. in the start search box type: Device Manager and press the Enter key.

3. expand to see what graphics cards that the graphics card is there.

4. visit the website of the manufacturer of the graphics card.

5. download and save the latest compatible driver (eg.on your computer desktop)

6. once the download is complete, double-click the file to run it and follow the instructions on the screen.

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  • How to install a driver for my graphic card updated, and where I would get

    How to install driver for my graphics card, and where would I get it?

    The site of the factory.

  • How to upgrade the driver for my video card?

    How to upgrade the driver for my video card?

    Most often when a device does not work, it's because the driver has been corrupted.

    Try reinstalling your. ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

  • How to install the driver for a Raid card.

    I hope that this question is of you and yours.

    I have:

    ESXi 4.1 operational on a Dell 1950. He has a basic raid card that works. This is the functioning and VM are stored.

    I installed a 1212 4 Areca Raid port cards. I have attached two Intel SSD's in raid 1.

    My Bios sees both the original and the 1212 raid cards and disks.

    Areca at startup utility says that everything is swell.

    ESXi is unable to see the 1212. I went to the Areca website and downloaded the driver for ESXi 4.X.

    I followed the instructions for all upward using the CLI interface. He begins to apply the patch, but then I thought that a file is missing and things are abandoned.

    I went to the site of vmWare and downloaded their solution. Once again using the interface CLI things start to download but then I thought that there was no update occurred or the boot. Nothing to do.

    Here is the link to the drivers of the Areca. The installation instructions are great, but for the file.


    Any ideas? Thanks for help.

    John Ullom

    I had a similar problem with the Areca 1222 (version 8 ports of yours).

    I was able to fix by changing the zip file of Areca. In the folder while offline connection-bundle, you will find some arcmsr ARC - - offline_bundle - Inside that zip you will find Inside of this zip, look for vmware.xml. Modify the file as follows:

    Find the following text:

    You should now be able to install the CLI.

  • Satellite L510 - how to install the driver for wireless network card?


    I recently bought Toshiba Satellite L510 laptop and problem in the installation of the wireless driver. I downloaded the driver from Toshiba sites.
    And installation get competed with success but it always ask for divers 'Network controller' and 'Askey for Toshiba.
    I'm trying different drivers of these last two days, but without success.

    Can someone Guild me please how to configure computer L510 laptop wireless. Also where can I get the drivers mentioned above.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi mate,

    I m asking you to install the WLAN driver on your laptop computer purchased recently. Normally all the stuff is already preinstalled the operating system with all the drivers and tools. He s ready to use.

    However, what you mean exactly with her always ask for divers to Askey Toshiba network controller?

    Your wireless network card is listed in the Manager device correctly or yellow exclamation? What WLAN card you have?

  • I can't watch DVDs on my computer it say I need some update the driver for the video card

    I can't watch DVDs on my laptop it tell me I have to install a driver for the video card update


    It seems that you try to update the drivers for DVD. I offered to you to update the video card reader.
    Try update video card driver.
    See also:
  • How to install a driver for Visioneer 5800 Scanner

    How to install a driver for Visioneer 5800 Scanner

    [Moved from comments]


    Go to to find the correct driver. Download and install it.

    You have not provided your version of Windows, but it seems (in a nutshell) that the latest drivers for the 5800 were written for Windows XP/2000.


  • How to install a driver for a 1200 dpi USB Scanner?

    Original title: the driver Installation

    How to install a driver for a 1200 dpi USB Scanner?

    When you plug the scanner via USB that you see the animation in the system tray at the right end of the taskbar?  Click to watch.

    If we install a basic driver and comes to Panel > display icon > devices and printers (right click on Start button go to the control panel), then you could get basic Windows Fax and Scan feature by right-clicking on the icon of the Scanner it.

    If this isn't the case, install the full software package for the Scanner to its Support Downloads Web page.  This should give you the scanner software to run the scan from a PC or a scanner.

    Let us know how it goes, or any other help you need.

  • I have to manually install the driver for Aspire ZC-102, updates when I move Windows 8 to 10?

    I have to manually install the driver for Aspire ZC-102, updates when I move Windows 8 to 10?

    I was struggling with this ACER for more than a year. I have do it I have back when it was still under warranty, 14 months ago. Now I've updated free online through Microsoft for Windows 10 back in early August. I had hoped that my mess was a stack of the operating system, but unfortunately, it's still a piece. However, there is no virus. I run Malwarebytes Pro full time with it has quarantined of PUPPIES as well as McAfee Anti Virus full time. I use cCleaner to keep cut up. I NEVER garguillo or browsed porn.
    I've got max 16 GB of RAM. I have very few applications other than Office 2013.

    Even if this thing was a room at the time where it was running Windows 8 and 8.1, so I want to try to make it work on Windows 10 without having to start over with a clean install. That's why I asked about the drivers.

    your ZC-102 will not have a direct drivers updated from Acer support, which means you have to rely on Windows Update by itself the drivers or get them by yourself.

    Let me give you 3 Tips:

    1) never use Registry cleaners Windows 8.x and above all, they are no longer needed

    (2) uninstall McAfee, he kills the performance of your machine, use the antivirus windows integrated, it is good and very light

    (3) If you require loading time fast on programs, think about an SSD upgrade

  • Windows 7: install a driver for your network card

    I have a Dell inspiron N5050 and I reinstalled windows 7 64 bit using an installation disc, now it does not connect to the internet. There is a red x on the network icon and my wifi never displays. When I troubleshoot, it says "install a driver for your network card.

    Download and run the Intel driver update utility:

    It is one of the very few reliable sources of the pilots.

    Otherwise, I assume that you have already tried to use

  • my internet connection has been cut, and then I tried to find out. I opened the Troubleshoot, it says that I need to install a driver for my network card. I use Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Two days ago my internet connection has been cut, and then I tried to find out. I opened the Troubleshoot, it says that I need to install a driver for my network card. I use Windows 7 Ultimate. What should I do? Should I re install windows 7 ultimate on my computer?


    What brand / model of the computer?

    There is no need to re - install Windows 7. You just need to install the network card drivers. Check out the link and follow the steps.
  • How to install the driver for a Lexmark 730 printer?

    How can I install a driver for my Lexmark 730 printer

    Lexmark drivers:

    Download drivers

    Visit the manufacturer's Web site and select your model (this is usually done in the Support section). You should be able to download drivers for your model if they have drivers for your version of Windows. Download the driver and then follow the instructions to install.

  • How to: install the driver for scanner "visioneer onetouch 8920 usb" diskless

    Original title: is there a way to get a "driver" for my scanner "visioneer onetouch 8920 usb", other than the dish that comes with it? (I have no disc drive for my netbook)

    I recently got a netbook, the Acer aspireone running windows 7 starter edition, I have a scanner, visioneer onetouch 8920 usb. the netbook I have has no disk drive, I plug the scanner and windows cannot load the driver.  I need help to find how to install the driver, so I can use this scanner.

    Driver download page (but the latest drivers for XP - they will probably not work):

    Troubleshoot Compatibility

    This can help with some (but not all the) programs/drivers:

    (1) uninstall the program, if it is already installed. Then when install you / reinstall instead of double click on the Setup file, right click and select 'resolve compatibility issues.

    (2) then click on 'Try recommended settings' and in the next window, click on "Start the Program" to install it.

    (3) after he set up see if it works properly. Note: some programs are perhaps not able to run in windows 7.

    More information on how to make older programs in this version of Windows:

  • How to install the driver for Canon MP540 on Panasonic CF - C1.

    Original title: Driver for Panasonic CF - C1

    How do I install the driver for canon mp540 on panasonic CF - C1


    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    You can download and install the drivers for Canon PIXMA MP540 from the following link.

  • update the driver for a video card

    Recvd this msg: "Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with the digital copy between your DVD drive decoder and video card protection. Try to install a driver available for your video card.  How do I do that?


    To prevent the illegal creation of digital copies of DVD, information on most of the DVDs are blurred. Your DVD decoder and Windows Media Player have software to copy protection that decodes the information on the DVD just before posting. If this software does not start successfully, you may receive this error. Remove the DVD in the DVD drive and then reinsert. This will force the copy protection software to reset.

    While the DVD is out the disk, make sure that your DVD is clean. If your DVD is scratched or dirty, the DVD player may not be able to read it correctly, and you may receive this error.

    If this does not work, try the following:

    a. If you have been able to play DVDs on your computer before and you receive this error message, you may be able to solve the problem by restarting your computer or Windows Media Player.

    b. If you receive this error message the first time you try to play a DVD, you're not a DVD decoder installed, or your decoding software may need to be updated. In addition to your DVD - ROM drive and playback software, you must have a software or hardware decoder to play DVD decoders. devices and their drivers are available from third-party manufacturers. For more information on the software decoders, see DVD plug-in decoder. If you have a plu decoder installed, contact the manufacturer of the decoder to obtain an updated version that is compatible with the operating systems Microsoft Windows and Windows Media Player.

    Also, look at the Media Player Plug - ins -

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    Just bought a new Mac and execution of Yosemite. Tried to add my 8600 and it prints but will not scan. When you try to scan to the computer, a message "the HP software required for the Scan of the computer could not be located on this computer. Pleas

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    Hello I recently bought a Sony HDR-CX190E camcorder and want to know what is the best microphone to use with this camcorder?

  • Add a network printer

    I'm trying to minimize the huge footprint of the hp software and drivers for my officejet 6500.    Once, I use the hp officejet 6500 for control panel connect to the router... can not just add the printer to each computer using windows (and MAC os) a