How to install version 28 of 29?

I want to go back to version 28. Interface version of 29 is hideous. I installed the add-on which supposedly makes it look like the 28 version, but it is not.

I downloaded version 28. Everything I need to know is: uninstall 29 version before installing version 28, or can I install version 28 29 version without uninstalling first? I want to keep all my favorites.

I already turned off automatic updates.

Oh, you know something, I'm embarrassed to say, but was sleeping with the options of this Add - I was allowed to get FF looking ALMOST like he did before. Not quite as good, but almost as good. Maybe I should keep 29. (There still clunkier look.)

The problem, however, is that too many Add-ons can make the program unstable, and now I have an add-on in the mixture.

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