How to move/copy a free office wpd document pages

I have about 3000 documents wordperfect on an external hard drive on a windows computer that must be moved to a new imac computer.   I'm new to mac and want to know the keyboard controls to move these documents.  For example, I have a document open in office free and saved pages, but it is not really there in pages.  It is empty.  I have formatted the document in pages and you want to know the keystrokes to get the document in pages.

Hello nmbogey,

Thanks for this info and choosing the communities Support from Apple. I know how important these documents to work on your new iMac is for you! The following article will be useful in troubleshooting and solving your problem as he explains what are the formats work with Pages and how to import files into Pages on your iMac:

Import and export formats of various files with Pages

See you soon!

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  • How does one copy text from a text document and spent in photoshop?

    How does one copy text from a text document and spent in photoshop?

    Say I have a basic document open with some a few paragrphs text

    in it. I don't know how to copy it, but how I paste in Photoshop?

    I think if there is more than one line of text, then it would be best to drag a text box, place the cursor inside the text box and paste it (Ctrl or Cmd-v)

    Or if yo want only the text (paragraph) to adapt to irregular shape, then draw this shape with the tool pen > select the text tool and click inside the shape you produced with the pen tool, and paste.

  • What I can, and if so, how do I add new a whole scanned document page numbers?

    What I can, and if so, how do I add new a whole scanned document page numbers?

    Hi davidr28146245,

    Yes, you can add page numbers to PDF scanner in Acrobat by using header & foot help Acrobat | Add headers and footers Bates numbering in PDF format.

    Kind regards



    How to move a folder?  Unlike XP
    where you can manage files and folders to any location using the navigation bar on the side I can't find how to do this.
    Therefore, I can't copy something on my desk which is located in the document or image folder.
    I can also get the files on drive G which is my on my camera card reader. Using the card because the computer will not read my camera with the cord. Help please - I've been searching help - no success.

    Open Windows Explorer by clicking on computer, then through the directories until you find the folder that you are eager to move (or if you already - as it is on your desktop, simply follow the following procedures).

    Navigate to the folder you want to move and select a simple left click and then type CTRL-C (copy) and CTRL-X (cut).  Then, go to the location where you want the folder (the parent folder), and then type Ctrl + V (paste) and the file will be either be copied or moved (depending on the option you selected).

    This same process will work with your G-drive (just select the files/folders that you want to copy/move and navigate to the destination location and paste them there).

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck! Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

  • How to move VMs from free to paid esxi?

    I'm new to Vmware. I have a free esxi host and just built 2 new server with essentials vsphere4 paid hosts. I want to move my the free esxi THIN provisioned vm to the paid servers and maintain the THIN disks. I can move it with fastscp but the discs end up thick!. I also have Vcenter server.

    Please help, how to move the virtual machines and keep a provisioning?

    Kind regards


    If you have the essential bundle, you have the right to use up to 3 esx/esxi hosts. If you have built 2 new authorized hosts, you can use the last license for the free esxi and join the cluster and then ex-free esxi through vcenter use the migration feature.



    Luca Dell'Oca

  • How to move an image in a pdf document?

    I want to move an image in a pdf document in 3 possible specific locations.

    I tried these: -.

    1) created an image, creating a button and by defining a button image on it, but then I can't find the commands to move the button

    So if you could give me commands to move a button, that will be great.

    I tried something else.

    (2) I put the button anywhere but deleted the icon of him, so it seems empty.

    Runtime I have apply the name of the image on one of the 3 buttons so it seemed that the button moves one of the three locations to another.

    for example: -.

    Button1.image ="";

    Button2.image = "img.jpg";

    Button3.image ="";

    so, it looks like the iamge of location 1 or 3-2.

    I tried to use this command to dynamically set the image to an icon that initially has no image, but it does not work

    IAFormApp formApp;

    MyFields IFields = (IFields) formApp.Fields;

    IEnumerator myEnumerator = myFields.GetEnumerator ();

    While (myEnumerator


    myField = (IField) myEnumerator.Current;

    If (myField.Name == "btnPage4L")



    There is no documentation at all on the SetButtonIcon, not in the SDK, and not on the internet.

    Based on the code you have posted and your question, it sounds like

    you have never read the documentation. The Acrobat API is not "discoverable."

    you need to read the documentation that accompanies it. Take a look at this


    -It describes the function of SetButtonIcon and it lists it as the three

    parameters are supposed to be. In your example code, you are passing in a

    the empty string as the first parameter. This can work (I don't know if it)

    does), but even if it does, it would be undocumented behavior. You need

    to provide one of the codes listed in the documentation. In addition, the last

    parameter is the page number that is retrieved from the PDF file to use

    as your button image. Even if you can use a JPEG, the value "4".

    would certainly wrong.

    Please read the documentation provided with the API, it will save you

    a lot of time and frustration.

    Karl Heinz Kremer

    PDF acrobatics without a net

    [email protected]

  • How to move/copy the sys schema table to the diagram of the system?


    I am trying to copy the table from the diagram of SYSTEM SYS schema, I get the error:

    Could not commit: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    How to get out the schema SYS table?

    Any help will be much appreciated
    Thank you

    I am trying to copy the table from the diagram of SYSTEM SYS schema, I get the error:

    Could not commit: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    How to get out the schema SYS table?

    You can not - objects cannot be moved from one schema to another.

    You must re-create the object in the new scheme, and then delete the former.

    As I have already said, the only time where you have to do is when someone accidentally created their own objects in the SYS schema.

  • How to move/copy files from Dropbox in Photos?

    With the help of 1.5 for OS X 10.11.6 pictures

    DVDYourMemories has invested hundreds of negative and digitized photos in folders DropBox.

    How to * get DropBox Photos or something that I can use to make a slideshow out of them?

    I don't want to have to download a single image at a time!

    As any photo - import it - application file menu Photos == > import - or select a photo, and then drag the Photo icon in the Dock or to the open window of Photos


  • How to stop copying a file in My Documents that I am trying to delete?

    I received an email with a link that was an Adobe Reader 9.4.4 after I opened the link and read it, I deleted the e-mail message.

    The next time I used My documents folder, there are hundreds of IDX files I have Kb I started trying to remove them to see

    they were copied, and when I realized what had happened I was up to copy # 3 all the IDX files.

    I have not found a way to stop these copies to occur.


    · When the file is copied from?

    · You want to have these files?

    If the files are on the internet, then remove the connection to the internet and then delete the copied files.

    If not on the internet, then delete the temp folder and check if this may help, steps to follow:

    a. click on start

    b. click on run

    (c) in the Run dialog box type %temp%

    d. Select all files and delete folders and files.

  • Move/copy of the space work and Migration of files Post Images


    Our DBA comes me notified that he has just upgraded to 4.2.6 of 4.1.1 and I see that Images of the workspace, static files and CSS files have not copied during the migration.

    My question is, these files can be copied from the previous version of the APEX or do I need to import again?

    Thank you


    Joe R wrote:

    Thanks for the reply. It works fine, but it only allows to export a component at a time. Any ideas how to move/copy all plug-ins, images, etc. without exporting each file separately?

    Export allows multiple files to be included in a single portable file of SQL. Do not confuse upload/download and import/export. They use completely different mechanisms and file formats.

    As indicated in the documentation, go to Application Builder > export > file, you can choose to export files, sheets of style CSS or images by application or workspace.

  • How can I copy, paste the Word document in Adobe Reader PDF?

    A customer is not using Microsoft Word, but type the text for my editing in Adobe PDF. Too many changes, too heavy for me. After the PDF to Word conversion, I change using different colors of ink. How can I copy, cut, paste edition WORD document into a PDF? Other than using "trombone" or features "attachments"?

    With Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can not. At the very least, it requires the full version of Acrobat, and even in this case, it can be difficult.

    Your best bet is to do all the editing of the original document (not the pdf) and then create a new pdf from that.

  • How do I copy movies from iTunes to a USB port so I can watch them on my TV

    I just downloaded a movie on iTunes. How do I copy movies from iTunes to a USB port so I can watch them on my TV?

    Is there another way I can do this?

    Marc 31 wrote:

    I just downloaded a movie on iTunes. How do I copy movies from iTunes to a USB port so I can watch them on my TV?

    Is there another way I can do this?

    You can not!  iTunes movies are DRM protected and can only be read

    through iTunes on a computer authorized Apple ID or an iDevice.

    This is somewhat true for any service of films and is part of licensing

    agreements with movie studios.

    I'm sorry.

    However, you can get some kind of cable adapter for your computer or your iDevice

    (depends on what you want to use and what your connection to) and connect it to the

    TV and reading through them.

  • How do we get the free Microsoft Office 2010 software download?

    About a month and a 1/2 ago when my daughter and I bought the software of Microsoft OFFICE STANDARD 2007, we were told that it would be entitled to a free to the new version of 2010 update when it comes out. Now that it's out, how can we get the free download?


    You need to speak with the seller who sold you the product.  They are the ones who will get the free updates, if warranted.  It is not made by Microsoft unless it was purchased directly from Microsoft.  If this is the case, after back and I know what the process is doing for you.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

    Lorien - MCSA/MCSE/network + / has + - if this post solves your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • How can I move/copy data between desktop Vista user?


    My home computer has 3 users, 2 personnel and an administrative one system.  [How] can I copy or move files between desktop ordinary user without login again as a system administrator? As a regular user, that I can't even see the jobs of the other user.

    Thank you.

    I think I've cracked it.  I had to abandon my personal account admin rights and of course a password to protect these rights.

  • How can I copy book addess of outlook express on your laptop running xp, to a new laptop running win7 and office outlook

    How can I copy book addess of Outlook Express on your laptop running xp, to a new laptop running Win7 and office Outlook 2007.

    I don't know if Outlook will import directly a stand-alone WAB. He could.

    You might try that first.

    If this does not work, you have two easy options.

    1 export the OE address book to CSV file and import that into Outlook. (Make sure you check the mapping of the fields before making the final import)

    2. install Outlook temporarily on the XP machine and import the addfressbook. Transfer the pst file that result to Outlook on the new, open and copy all contacts in all.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Numbers (insert numbers or text in each column)

    Hello I tried very hard to insert a series of numbers or text from a file text and pdf, in my spreadsheet of numbers, but it retains paste all of the data in a single column or row. Example: I want to paste following: 123 3 45 2 That I spend automati

  • How do synchronize you Mac Pro calendar with other devices

    I keep all my calendar events on my Mac Pro.  I like to see this calendar on all my devices. However, the devices either show some events, duplicates or anything.  What should I do to synchronize all the?

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    I have a Portege R100 and the HARD drive has failed. I installed a new HARD drive and I have the Toshiba recovery disks. I tried to boot from a generic USB CD-ROM but the laptop did not recognize. I have a disk of Toshiba USB drive it does not recogn

  • .hp c4280 Solution Center does not open

    Hi all, I have a hp all in - 4280 one machine. My sony computer is running windows vista.  Recently, I found that I could not open the hp Solution Center. I deleted and loaded the software several times but nothing helped. I have had the machine for

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