How to remove a program from the launchpad

How to remove a program that appears in the launchpad?

Normal is to click and hold on the icon until the icons 'wiggle' and an 'x' indicates, then click on the 'x '. Not all applications will have an 'x', so they can be removed. I do not know Ras the difference is.

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    I installed a few programs and they automatically added a link to the files "right-click" menu/drop-down list. Is it possible to modify this list, specifically to remove links these prog added. 2 programs are "7 Zip" comparable to Unrar and "Clary Utilities" a registry cleaner.

    There is a freeware program called "ShellExView" which can enable and disable items in the context menu...

    ShelExView: <> >


  • How to remove a Word from the default dictionary of firefox?

    How to remove a Word from the default dictionary of firefox?
    If I wanted to remove the word 'dog' or 'and' for example

    There may be a range of reasons for wanting to do this, including the deletion of the words you use rarely as similar to other common spellings used words for example. "minute" and "Minuet", delete the words that you find personally offensive, or removing words that, because of linguistic or cultural background, you would not consider words at all.

    Note that I'm not asking how to remove my 'dictionary' words, words that I added myself.


    I talked to a few people and I think I'm able to help you with this.

    There are two dictionary files, the default that comes with your version of Firefox and personal 'custom' that you create yourself with phrases and words.

    If you want to change the personal;

    1. Copy Subject: support and paste into the address bar.
    2. Next to the profile folder, click the marked File Show
    3. Find the file persdict.dat. Rename a text file, open, modify, re save it as persdict.dat and replace.

    If you want to change the default dictionary, it could be more of a problem and a lot more technique to do. I would recommend that you look at the problem differently and consider filtering of pages based on inappropriate content using Add-ons such as ProCon Latte Content Filter.

    I hope this helps, but if not, please come back here and we can look at another solution for you.

  • How to remove "Skype available" from the top of the notification page?

    How to remove "Skype available" from the top of the notification page - useless promotion!


    Disable the Skype status under Notification settings in Skype.

    All best

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    You must tap on the small set of lines in the lower right to get list view. Then you can find the city that you want to delete, drag to the left to see the button Delete.

    See you soon,.


  • How to remove all information from the computer so I can sell it?

    How to remove all information from the computer so I can sell it?


    You will want to format the hard disk:

    1. you can use DBAN -


    2. you can follow this tutorial to clean install up to the step where you format the disk, in which you would then STOP (because you just want to get rid of the files on the hard drive, do not install Windows) -

    Kind regards


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    How can remove my account from the cloud to adobe

    I would like to unsubscribe the service

    Hi mehranr34543413,

    Please contact the customer service. A customer service agent can help you with this request.



  • How to remove a user from the application

    How to remove a user from the EBS application?

    12.1.3 R


    You can put an end to the user date

    Connect to Oracle Applications - select the responsibility of the system administrator - security - user - define - query with the username - and then you can give the end date in the effective Date column.

  • How to remove unused objects from the webcatalogs?

    Hi friends,

    How to remove unused objects from the webcatalogs?
    is there a utility like the removal of unused objects of the physical layer in RPD?

    Thank you


    Click link responses to the left of the answers click on the catalog button manage manage catalog, you can delete the unused objects



  • 2 How to remove an element from the tree and the database block tree?


    2 How to remove an element from the tree and the database block tree?

    Kind regards


    The problem is caused by not sending forms is not a VALIDATION of the database because he thinks that there is no changes to save.

    Forms does know that changes to the data block, he does not know the changes made by the PLSQL INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE calls and procedure.

    Try to remove the line to block, rather than using a DELETION like that...

    go_block ('INSP_EQUIPMENT_TYPE');if form_success then   do_key ('DELETE_RECORD');end if;

    If you wish to continue using your original DELETE instead of my change above code, you can use different techniques to force forms to issue the COMMIT to the database, including this one...

            DELETE ...        FORMS_DDL ('COMMIT');

    Be careful... This will be the VALIDATION of the database, but the changes to the data block will not be sent to the database!

    I posted a few other ways to issue a VALIDATION of forms here

  • How can I remove a program from the top toolbar of the desktop icon

    I used a free trial of 30 days of Creative Adobe cloud. Decided not to buy once the trial period is over. I deleted the application from my computer, but I still have an "icon to launch the program" on the top tool bar of Finder. The program tries to launch whenever I open my computer. The icon started a newspaper in the box. I searched in "applications that launch on start. I can't find anything in there... Help!

    Rob E

    They did not provide an uninstall program? most applications need it.

  • Cannot remove a program from the start menu icon

    Original title: icons in the Start Menu;. Cannot delete the program start menu icon to remove/uninstall, need help?

    S pie Menu icons; Ghost of icons

    I deleted a program and uninstalled completely, but the program icon always appears in the start menu.  I was not able to remove the icon. Right-clicking on the icon simply freezes the start menu for several minutes. I was able to remove from the desktop.

    I tried the Program Data > Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > programs > but the icon.

    I had this problem before, but I just do not remember how I fixed it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Kevin, thanks for responding.

    The program was the Vuze, and I managed to get rid of the icon.  By a right click and do not move the mouse and wait 5 minutes eventualy box popped up and I was able to remove the icon from the start menu.

    The solution was a lot of patience.

    Please help us well!


    p.s. I ran various software cleaning, like glary utilities, ccleaner and reboot several times.

  • How to remove individual items from the purchase history?

    Reserved for HOV can I select individual purchases from the App Store on my iPad or iPhone a remove those permanently in history and always keep those I love, or want kerp, in the list. And how can I sort the list, as you could ;-) in Windows 3.0 for MS-DOS

    You can not delete anything of our shopping list.

    You can hide:

    Hide and show purchases from the iTunes or iBooks on your...

  • How to remove a contact from the drop-down list?

    How to remove a contact when, if forwarding a message, the icon flashes in space 'To' to enter the email address, when you press the first letter of a recipient, it displays a list of previous names/addresses used. This can add to a huge list! Most of the time, it is useful, but how can I shorten the list by removing unwanted contacts in the drop-down list? I got them removed from my address book/contacts (and they are deleted) but even after re-booting the computer, their names still appear in the drop-down list as before. All solutions?

    Instead of typing the first letter of the name of the recipient

    Press on the envelope icon to next to the box where you type the name of the recipient

    Opens the selection of recipients

    Highlight the recipient of choice

    Click on the button to

    The name appears in the window of the recipient of the Message

    Windows CC and British Colombia should remain virgins

    Press Ok

    The name of recipients appears in the field to the message

  • How to remove a name from the Hotmail contact list

    I removed my Hotmail contact list name, but it is always on my list of the alphabet. How he remove it from this list?

    Original title: super break

    Hello tom denis,.

    The best place to ask your question of Windows Live is inside Windows Live help forums. Experts specialize in all things, Windows Live, and would be delighted to help you with your questions. Please choose a product below to be redirected to the appropriate community:

    Windows Live Mail

    Windows Live Hotmail

    Windows Live Messenger

    Looking for a different product to Windows Live? Visit the home page Windows Live Help for the complete list of Windows Live forums to

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