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Safari problems

I received a warning a few days I got a virus on my 2009 27 OS x 10.8.5 iMac ago. The warning said that I had some problems with Safari and he suggested I call a phone number and said something to stop or not to close Safari.  I thought it was a scam

Address book crashes when searching for any value to AddressBook OSX 10.11.1

Hi, opening address book without problems. Research or an opening speech crashes the application on the MacMini. Action 1 failed: delete cache of the application in the user library, then restart the application. Q: should I remove my icloud and rest

Could not import the file of .mbox mail

Hi, I was wondering of someone could advise me. Ive done just a clean installation of el capitan, and my e-mail account is now set up as imap instead of pop. Everything is good. But on my old messaging system had a structure of production "on my Mac"

Empty contacts after upgrade to El Capitan in Snow Leopard

Hi- Naively I upgraded my MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard (10.6.8) to El Capitan (10.11.1) just above my internal drive, so going back is not an option. I guess I could wipe my drive, install 10.6.8 then restore from a week ago with Time Machine.  (The s

After the upgrade to el capitan, cannot print Canon mp970

Upgrade to El capitan in snow leopard, and now I can't print from my Canon mp970. I went to the site Web of Canon for a printer driver is compatible with the new operating system - found nothing. Found some threads on Apple support community and foun

Change startup disk

My current boot drive is full, and this causes problems. What is the best way to install a new system on a different startup disk and I have to reinstall all my applications everywhere. Any help and advice appreciated.

Well to empty the trash

When I start the app, he realizes that I have more 43 000 files to remove. It then asks me if I want to delete the locked files, I answer in the affirmative. The app then disappears, closes unexpectedly! I tried to reclaim this space several times ov

Zip files

How to decompress a file photo?

Kernel panic, but why? You can encrypt the report?

Dear community, I face some trouble with my macbook 2014 mid pro since the installation of el capitan. Generally, the problem starts when the mac is in mode 'sleep'. Then I turn it on and want, for example on a site. It's like when I do and the page

Virus, Infection or tampering by unknown?

Help? Everyone says here the viruses do not affect Mac well what because shortly after to the 'El Capitan' upgrade, I found strange things current and lack of control and the elements. I'm not a Mac guru so anything I can describe is I have the follo

Notifications Facebook has stopped working

Hello! I updated to El Capitan a few days ago and since then I don't get the Push Notifications to my Notification Center whenever I get a Facebook Messages. Other Notifications are still working fine. Facebook is still in my accounts & Internet sett

With Photos I can no longer share photos using Microsoft Outlook. Why?

Using iPhoto we went to the file and click on sharing. My photo/s would go to my Microsoft Outlook mail as an attachment. No problem. With Photos vs, 1.2 apparently Mail is the only option to share photos. How can I share Microsoft Outlook?

remove items from the sidebar

tried CMD + do drag, but failed to remove the point from the sidebar. How El Capitan handles this task?

Visualizer of characters not listed is not in the Menu entry

Hello- I have installed 10.11.1 on a MacPro OX. Until today, the character Viewer (now called emoji and extraordinary) appeared as I selected in the keyboard system preferences in the menu bar. Now, I can not select Viewer of characters in the menu b

Periodic restart in mode 'sleep'

Hello! Who else will be able to read this report? I replaced the memory with 4 to 32 GB. Maybe this accident? Thank you. Panic report *. panic (cpu 4 0xffffff802fdd6bba appellant): Kernel trap at 0xffffff80301038d9, type 13 = General protection, reco

El Capitan 10.11.1 & Office 2016

After I installed the latest update of El Capitan and Office 2016 was last updated, my MAC is now affecting all applications not responding do not state as soon as I open any office 2016 package. It seems that everything 2 patches do not work in my c

YouTube appears

Hey guys, this older macbook which resembles a model of 2007/2008 was very slow, I rebooted just snow leopard on it and everything works better with the exception of youtube, dvd works fine. I had initially a prompt indicating that the browsers are t

How to add photos to the calendar already started?

Hello everyone. I started a draft order of business and I found just 3 photos, I want to add, but I can't find how :-( Could you help me please? Thanks in advance, Fanny

impossible to login to iMessage on Yosemite - can connect on FaceTime but

Yesterday, I upgraded to El Capitan and had to downgrade to Yosemite because of stability issues that seem related to the material in early 2009 with several video cards.  Downgraded to Yosemite (my previous config before ElCapitan, using Time Machin

where credit card numbers are stored

How can I access credit cards stored on my mac and modify.  Doesn't seem to be the Keychain Access. Thank you Joe
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