How to remove Windows Mail - I migrated to Windows Live Mail

I migrated Windows Mail for Windows Live Mail but I can't remove Windows Mail.  How can I delete Windows Mail without deleting Windows Live Mail?


You can not remove WinMail because it is part of Vista. Open and go to tools | Accounts and remove the account and then just don't use it.

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    You can find support for the installation/uninstall/upgrade to Windows Live Essentials 2011 in this forum:

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    NB: MSN Messenger did not had been supported in the eons.

    PS: Messenger more is hijackware (and Patchou is a crook) IMHO.

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    All 'Live' programs have their own forums. The experts he can better help you.

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    I hope this helps.

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    I have windows 7 (64-bit) and every time I start the computer I get the sign in the box open and I don't want it. I checked msconfig and unchecked returned a few programs Windows Live and it worked for a startup, then the pop up. When I checked the config, one of the programs that United Nations checked, I had been checked again. I guess all I have to do is uncheck an item and click on apply.

    I don't use the program and would remove from the Control Panel / Add Remove Programs, but don't know what its name.  The closest I see is "Windows Live Essentials" I use Hotmail, but this seems to be an instant messaging application.

    I found the answer. do you this via the Remove programs and it is the program "Windows Live Esentials" and you will be asked to remove several components and instant messaging is the one I choose and now the box pop up seems to be gone for good... fingers are crossed.l

  • How to remove Windows Live Messenger in Windows 8

    According to the BBC, this annoying popup to be returned in November 2012 and March 15, 2013 yet it always appears at the beginning upward on my recently purchased Windows 8.

    As a graphic designer I will not communicate with the many other millions of people use this method to communicate between them.  Same thing with Facebook, etc.
    "Will be no getting rid of this accursed thing!
    Does anyone have a sure fire method of deactivation of WLM or uninstall all together.
    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Hello currybill27,

    Have you tried to uninstall from programs and features?

    Open Control Panel and click programs and features. In the window programs and features of scrolling to the bottom of the list of applications until you come to Windows Essentials 2012. Click it to start the removal process.  Uninstall or repair a window is now open. Click on the windows to remove one or more essential programs. Another window opens now that ask you what you want to uninstall. You should see Windows Messenger in this list, then click your mouse in the box to the left of the option of Windows Messenger. This will place a check mark in this box. Then click on the button uninstall. Windows Messenger must uninstall. You do the same for all the other apps essential Windows you don't want no-Movie maker etc.

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    It is not working properly and did not work properly, because it has been downloaded and installed.  I trieed to locate in "Add or remove programs" but I can't find it to remove it.  If this program worked properly, I love her, but she leads me into the wall.  For example, each as it was on my computer whenever I have remove messages that I have none like want to any folder they reappear automatically in 1-2 seconds, and not only that they reappear with what seems to be hundreds and hundreds more that are added to one or several same files every time.  I can't stand this program.  This is the only mail client, I have, but I had so many problems with it that I want on my computer.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  I have Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit).  Thank you!

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    I'm getting strange answers on my email

    Please ask people in the Hotmail forum.
    Windows Live Solution Center Hotmail Forum
  • How can I remove Windows Live Call to the context Menu of Windows Xp Desktop?


    I'm unable to remove Windows Live Call in my context Menu of Windows Xp Desktop. Send me instructions on how to remove Windows Live Call in my context Menu of WIndows Xp Desktop. See screenshot.


    Hello again,

    Another reason for not getting answers in due time, it's that you post in the wrong forum in "answers". This should really be posted in this forum...

    .. because Windows live call is part of messenger. By posting your question in the wrong forum you not reach the largest selection of possible contributors, perhaps even eliminate everyone with the appropriate knowledge.

    You have already been informed of the connection of Windows live call with messenger by Srinivas KR in your original question.

    In short, most of the lack of response, you have found is down to your own lack of knowledge about the best way to get results. If you want to use a new tool, it is always a good idea to do some research before you use it so that you can get the best out of it. "Answers" are your information tool and will make you much better work for you if you are reading this...

    .. .in conjunction with the link I gave in another of your questions.

    That said...

    It doesn't seem like Messenger have the ability to disable this option. Editing the registry appears as a possible solution. Editing the registry when done incorrectly can have serious detrimental effects on your system. Do so at your own risk. I can say that I followed the instructions here...

    .. .and they worked on my PC.

    Of course, if you do not use Messenger, you could just uninstall as advised previously by Srinivas KR.


  • How to uninstall Windows Live Mail?

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    How to uninstall windows live mail? It is not listed in programs and features, so there is nowhere to uninstall help

    Look for Windows Live Essentials in the control panel in (add/remove or uninstall a program). Check to delete WLEssentials and at that time will give you the opportunity to choose what WHAT programs you want to remove.

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  • How uninstall/reinstall Windows Live Mail?

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    I accidentally uninstalled Windows live

    Windows Live what? You can refer to Windows Live Essentials, Windows Live Mail or Windows Live Photo Gallery...

    I guess I've lost everything!

    We are the ones making guess! You have uninstalled Windows Live Mail, or even all of the Windows Live Essentials programs. This will not affect your user data (such as messages, calendars, and contacts). Is expected uninstall Word to remove all .doc files, would you?

    Please visit Ronnie gave two years ago and reinstall Windows Essentials. When it has finished installing, you should see all your old accounts, messages, calendars and contacts.

  • How can I remove Windows Live Essentials 2011 (KB2434419)?

    How to uninstall an update. Since the installation of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 (KB2434419), I receive a message whenever I open a new web page saying that windows want to open a web page. It's really a pain and give me a headace. Help please.

    Thank you

    How to uninstall a specific Windows Live Essentials program

    How to uninstall Windows Live Essentials (all programs)

    NB: You cannot uninstall KB2434419 himself.


    You can find support for the installation/upgrade Windows Live Essentials 2011 in this forum:

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • How can I remove windows live messenger xp?

    Hello, how can I easily remove windows live messenger xp?

    1: Start menu.
    2 Control Panel.
    3. Add or remove programs.
    4. search in the list and then uninstall it.

  • How to remove windows defender center

    How to remove windows defender center.
    someone can help me.

    In the control panel. Change or remove programs. Scroll down to Windows Defender and remove it.

  • How to remove Windows Defender from Vista?

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    Updates Windows continues to tell me it is another Defender update available and also stops at install.

    Looks like Microsoft could do a better job of coordinating its products. I'm ready to throw the new computer and become a ludites.


    I uninstall Norton before that I installed Avast. I went to 'Services' and 'arrested' Defender. Then I went to 'Properties' and 'Disabled' Defender. This should at least stop notifications. You can't repeat to you, I got it.

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    You can install it through Windows Essentials:

    Download Windows Essentials 2012 (Offline Installer)

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