HP pavilion dv4-2015dx bios password reset?

I have a HP Pavilion dv4-2015dx, serial number CNU1234RXX, I need to reset the BIOS password on.   This phone has not been used in several months and I was about to restore it to the factory, but I forgot the password.  Can someone help me with how to reset the BIOS password?  Thanks in advance.


You are welcome.

Try to enter: 61530598

Kind regards

DP - K

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    I get the error when you try to restart. I forgot my bios password and tried all possible combinations that I had.

    my laptop is HP dv4 1551dx

    It gives me disable SYSTEM: KEY 73470404

    Thanks in advance,


    Try > 62558420

  • HP PAVILION dv7-6184: BIOS Password Reset

    HI, I wanted to access my laptops bios to remove the bios password, I did and left empty. However when I try to enter the bios after reboot I asks me to enter a password administrator and his post to be none. tried the old password, not going either.

    error code: 73008996

    Please help me a.s.a.p.

    Thanks in advance



    Please enter:


    Kind regards.

  • problem with the HP Pavilion DV4-1555dx BIOS password

    Hi all

    I need a password bios reset on a HP laptop dv4. incorrect password generates a code system off of 61588701 Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance


    Enter: 74480327

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion 15 series: BIOS password reset. Pls help

    I will need to do a system restore after its password forgotten
    Then, I will need a new password for the Sys disabled error Halt: (69364085).

    Any help is appreciated.


    Enter the unlock code...


  • Pavilion G6-1031TX BIOS password reset

    "Deactivation of the system" screen code: 76703326

    Would appreciate a reset code, thanks!


    Enter: 69661908

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion 1226nr: need bios password recovery

    I just bought a refurbished 17 laptop computer 1226nr HP pavilion with a bios password hashing is (D567ADAF) Please help


    Your laptop is to produce a code hexadecimal halt which is stored in the ram as a 'one stop' and is recalculated after a reboot.  This indicates that you have a FRIEND bios later and unfortunately none of the current code generators will work - surprisingly, you can usually always remove power on password of the machine by removing the cell RTC (leave the connected Power Board) then hold down the power button for 60 seconds before reinserting the RTC.

    The bad news is that the RTC is on the 'wrong' side of the motherboard so is going to require a lot of disassembly - see Page 92 of your Maintenance & Service Guide.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • EliteBook 820 G1: G1 Elitebook 820 BIOS password reset


    I've been updated BIOS firmware for laptop users, but I am stuck because of the absence of BIOS admin password. This has not been defined by anyone, and if so, I already tried a few passwords by default we use in special cases like this. Can you please help me with BIOS password reset please? I don't want to open up the laptop to reset the BIOS with the PIN, battery or switch... and I'm really not sure if this is possible with this model. Whatever it is, guaranteed disappears if I do.

    Series No.: [personal information deleted]


    Kim Hagen

    Senior technical consultant

    CMA Contiki AS


    Enterprise-class specifications are of a very different category than consumer laptops.

    Security is very strict.

    Remove the password admin or start will require replacement of the motherboard or BIOS CMOS chip with one that has been programmed with a new copy of a ROM family file there is place of BIOS.

    For the notebook to stay in coverage that must be performed by a service provider authorized HP.

    "I don't want to open up the laptop to reset the BIOS with the PIN, battery or switch... and I'm really not sure if this is possible with this model." The old-school methods are not possible with this generation of modern models of laptop Elitebook.

  • CQ61-313us: maestro also needing help code is 75957252 for the bios password reset

    Maestro also needing help code is 75957252 for the bios password reset

    Check your other post. I answered here.

  • 110 c-1010ee: compaq mini 110 c - 1010ee bios password Reset

    Compaq mini 110 c - 1010ee bios password Reset

    s/n (deleted content)

    P/N NW646EA #ABV

    Try to enter:


    all letters are lowercase.

  • The HP pavilion dv7 bios password reset help?

    Hey, I have a problem with my bios password for my hp pavilion dv7 key is 55173340. Thanks to all those who can help you


    Try to enter: 40851986

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion dv7: need help with BIOS password reset

    Hello, could you please help I reset the BIOS password on my laptop. Key is: 63471748. Thank you!


    Sorry got so confused trying to help the other 5 at the same time.

    Enter 72559388


    I must inform you that these services are not endorsed by HP, and that HP is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your system using these services. Please be aware that you do so at your own risk.

  • Pavilion 15-N014AU: the Bios password reset

    Hi David, I bought a laptop 15-N014AU second hand Pavilion, but it has a BIOS password on it that I don't know. The code that comes up is 6247653. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regarding.


    No problem

    Enter: 73595295

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Hi people,

    My system has been disabled and I forgot the BIOS password on a laptop in Pavilion g6 series:


    Can someone help me?


    Try > 44860505

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    I would like to know how to reset my bios password

    I beg of you.



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