I am updating of content in an old site and uses an old extension to close a page of the child.  It worked fine until I started using CS6.  The code for this is in a model that I use and the code has not changed.

So the site is www.fulcrumcwi.com and the URL of the page is: FulcrumCWI Rebecca Morgan operations strategy Consulting newsletters.

If you choose the first HTML link for the news bulletin when you try to use the close buttons, none of them work.  Yet if you go down in the January issue and switch to the HTML version, it works very well.  This is the code that the extension highlights:

< form >

< input name = "Close" onclick = "self.close (); return false"type ="button"value ="Close"/ >

< / make >

I have not changed somehow.  The only change is I use Dreamweaver CS6 to make these changes.  Does anyone have a solution for me?

As always, thanks in advance.  (and Yes, I know that this site needs a major update)



Looks like you're missing target = "_blank" in the link "HTML" to open in a new window that works properly...

Tags: Dreamweaver

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