I don't know how to change the size and quality of the text on the screen on Windows 7

I just installed a new Windows 7 but I don't know how to change the size and quality of the text on the screen.  I tried all the things normal, resolution, size of icons, dpi etc but nothing gives me what I want.  The text in clear 'wonderful' thing is just terrible.  When I go through the 4 steps I see no text boxes which make the text nothing better.  All options are terrible, so the result on screen is too terrible.  When I do any huge I do not get a full screen of things - view the Start button disappears or I did not closing small cross at the top - of the suggestions to inprove the situation?  I must mention that my screen/monitor is 2006 - I need to buy a new one?  How much is this Windows 7 is going to cost me, or maybe I should go back to XP!

I sincerely thank all you smart "technicians" for all the answers you always gave myself and all others who ask questions.  I'm not too smart with all this new technology as I fell into it very late.  I am now in my 60s and only started using a pc when I was over 50 years so...  In any case, I asked a question about the size of screen resolution and text and received much good advice from all that you guys.  I had recently changed in XP to Windows 7.  However, the bit of advice that I was given in 'Cyberking' here at the Portugal had set the resolution of the screen, the advanced settings, 75 to 60 Hertz Monitor tab.  Very basic, and the first question asked the technician (Lady) was "what size is your screen?  Naturally as a smaller screen that any 'techno' would be considered dead aid, solving the problem was simple and straightforward without me having to stretch my knowledge and my skills by downloading all programes weird (to me) or do the funny stuff in the bios or something else.  I send this comment to you for you to realize that the simple solution is not always bad and maybe we should go for the easiest first and then work up to the more difficult ones.

Just for you all to see - now my screen resolution is perfect, the text on the screen is clear and legible without difficulty, even though the size of text and icon is small.  Clarity is all!

Thank you all once again!   Best regards, Blondie blue.

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