I get an error message when I try to download Acrobat Reader for my Mac

I tried to download Adobe Reader for my iMac several times. After going through all the steps that I'm trying to view and print a PDF documents and I get the following message: "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC look at a PDF of documents in this browser you need to launch Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and except the end user license agreement, and then quit and restart the browser." While going through the steps to download it tells me that I have completed and redirects me to a page that gives me the choice to buy the cloud. I won't buy the cloud. He never gave me the possibility to accept the end user agreement. What I have to buy the cloud to use Acrobat Reader or can I download and use Acrobat Reader without cloud?


You need not buy clouds of Adobe to download the player.

It would be just an advertisement. You can easily ignore.

Just accept the EULA and download Acrobat Reader on your system.

You can visit the following link to download Adobe Reader.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC install for all versions

Let us know in the case where you face additional problems.


Sukrit diallo

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