I have a lot of documents and data use on my iPhone 6 iOS. 9.1.2.

I have an Iphone 6 and at the moment my use of documents and the date is much (2.1 GB) or even hard I've just reset it.

Does anyone recognize this problem? Before I reset my use of data and documents has been about 5 gigabytes.

May I ask where you're going in your settings to view this use?

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  • documents and data taking up 46GB on iPhone 6 64GB

    "documents and data" is 46GB on iPhone 6 64GB model(6.3.1 iOS). I can't understand what it is or how to remove it. my iPhone has 0 GB free. I have about 2.2 GB photo, less than 200 MB of music, around 1.2 in Apps, 5.2 GB in the other and 46 GB in "Documents and Data. How can I find out what it is and how it remove? I took it to the Apple store and he suggested that I "Reset all settings" I have just done a few minutes before the announcement. I have a feeling they're going to ask me to erase all content and settings, if I take the phone to the apple store tomorrow.

    The steps I did and what I use it for.

    -Settings - general - storage & use iCloud, click on storage management, all applications are in the 36 KB to 800MB range totaling approximately 1 GB, which does not match the "In use" section above.

    Icloud - disc is turned off, Photos, calendars, Mail, Safari, icloud backup tower are all extinct. Just contacts, reminders and notes are sync.

    -J' have only a mailbox exchange which is set to synchronize for 1 week only.

    -I have only basic applications like the new york times, wall street journal, twitter, facebook, google maps.

    What is others and what I can do about it - CSA

    This can help

  • Documents and data resuming inexplainable spaces of storage on 6s

    Tonight I plugged my iPhone 6 s (64G, iOS 9.2.1) on my laptop Apple to sync as usual, but the bar of storage on the bottom in iTunes suddenly showed I had 40G of documents and data, which came from nowhere. My audio apps and other things only used to raise about 15G, so this added 40G of documents and data, he told me that my storage was almost full. I changed no settings at all, and when I go in storage in my iPhone, it shows that I used 54.5 G. But underneath, each app store does not add up to 54.5 G. It adds only up to the 15 previous G I.

    Please help; -

    I also have this problem... I have a 128 GB iPhone 6s, running iOS 9.2.1 plugged into my computer today and all of a sudden I have 102 GB of "Documents and data"... very frustrating.

  • Cannot delete items in documents and data for each application

    I want to delete unnecessary files in several applications under general > use storage and iCloud > manage storage, but the section documents and data for the respective applications will not operate.

    I have it several times but it doesn't work.

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance

    Omari says:

    I want to delete unnecessary files in several applications under general > use storage and iCloud > manage storage, but the section documents and data for the respective applications will not operate.

    I have it several times but it doesn't work.

    Explain what you do and what happens when you try to delete the data.

  • How to remove documents and data in the iphone app podcast 6

    I know how to remove each podcast, but how do I remove "documents and data" in the application of podcast?  I have more than 4 GB of data and documents.

    I think I found a thread that is useful for you: https://origin-discussions-us.apple.com/thread/6822791?start=60 & tstart = 0

    Sonny3301 answer worked for me, «...» "(The steps are: 1) download the Battery Doctor app on your iPhone (it's the first one that appears in the search) (2) hit the"Junk"icon on the bottom and tap 'Clear Cache'." (3) repeat until your space becomes available. The people that I learned this technique of some other bulletin board said it took 10-15 tries; It took me + 30 attempts. The memory savings start small at first, then it starts to hit hundreds of MB at a time. It sounds crazy, I know, but I went to have less than 200 MB of free space for 3.6 GB. Great thing, it was my podcast app had only been hogging to 1 GB of data, so the app battery doctor found 2.6 Go elsewhere. Good luck to you all and you are welcome. »

  • Documents and data - storage leak (bug?)


    iPhone 64 GB, ios 9.3.2 6s.

    The question is:

    Documents and data to develop up to 32 GB (what I saw), as seen on iTunes and the phone ran out of free space.

    This happens already months ago, I did not find any application causing it or either messages or e-mail account, I finally had to make full backup and restore via iTunes to purge this unknown space. I thought that behind me, but still, less than months then after full restore documents and data weight approximately 32GB, that's enough, before I restore once again, someone has an idea?

    I tried everything to locate the space of simple storage up to PhoneClean, safeeraser, iFunBox management screen, I have no idea what is causing this problem...

    also tried google the question, found only on the topics related to applications causing, but I already tried to remove all his apps manually one by one, which did not help

    We hope to get some intel.

    Thank you community

    Try to restore as new, not backup your backup is probably damaged. The fact that this has happened two times points to an application or system corruption in the backup. Then download apps you want from scratch. I had to do it myself in the past, unfortunately, no fun, I know.

  • Documents and data with all the storage on iPhone

    A few days ago I tried to send an email with a large attachment. However, it has not been send so I deleted my account from my iPhone. Once I did, I got a message saying that almost all of my storage has been exhausted. I checked to see and I have about 5 GB of available 64 GB. I connected my iPhone to my computer to check which took all this space and 45 GB of my space is being taken up by the Documents and data. I deleted the old messages, imported pictures to my computer and erased, erase my history on safari, check on iCloud, and allows to remove most of my apps that I have read that the removing applications and later re - download. I've also updated to iOS 9.3. It helped very little. Documents and data is now only 43 GB instead of 45 GB. Before that happened, I got about 50 GB of free and now I just 5 GB free after it happened.

    What else can I do to clear more of Documents and data? Should I restore my iPhone to one of the backups that I recorded? Should I take my iPhone at the Apple Store because it happened so suddenly and randomly?

    On the phone, go to settings App > general > storage & use iCloud > manage storage (in STORAGE). Who will provide a list of what applications use data and in what quantity. Tapping on the app with you give the amount of data, the application contains (less himself) and in most cases the ability to delete the application, if you wish. You will not necessarily have to delete the app.

    Once you have completed all the actions, try a forced reboot: hold down the House and on the buttons until the unit turns off. Ignore the cursor off if it appears. Once completed, if it does not start on it own, turn off power with the key On. In some cases, it also contributes to double click the Home button and close all applications before restarting.

    Also, actually iTunes sync erases some of this possibility.

    One last thing, if you have installed whatsapp, there is a known problem cases that it runs in fairly large amount of data storage.

  • iPhone Documents and data - storage files do not match

    My iPhone running iOS 9.2.1 6 is showing the storage capacity almost complete when I sync via iTunes on my iMac. It shows (mostly music) data and applications to 51 GB more not less Go 61 of "Documents and data.  And of course, on the iPhone itself under "settings > storage" it shows 112 GB used and only 1.8 GB free.   The problem is, the list of applications and their consumption of storage under this summary shows just the music, pictures and my apps with just the 51 GB total storage.  There is no sign of the 61 GB, nothing for me to remove.  I saw many other threads on this problem and have tried the solutions proposed, including the removal and reinstallation of my email accounts. Also did a reset of the phone together. Any other suggestions please? Thank you very much!

    Did you check the settings/general/storage & iCloud storage use/manage? If you tap the apps listed, you can see the data stored in the "Documents and data.

  • to access the documents and data

    Hi all

    I still have problems of storage management on my phone, I get help here? I see the following numbers:

    Audio gb 7.05 which I suppose is including podcasts and voice memos.

    Photos of 9.2 mb.

    Apps for 1.59 GB.

    Documents and data 2.24 gb.

    Another 806,9 mb.

    How to handle the last two? What could possibly be taken 2.24 GB on my phone that I can't seem to?

    Documents and data includes the contents of applications. On the phone go to settings/general/storage & use iCloud and press manage storage under the rubric of storage. Lists the data used by each application on the phone.

  • How can I reduce the GB "documents and data" as stated on my sync?

    When I sync, I show 35 GB of "Documents and Data.  I'm almost at full capacity on Iphone 64 GB.

    To try to find "documents and data", I removed all Sync Photos, deleted the pictures in "Camera roll", removed the check mark on "synchronize books", (even if not), deleted all the 'music' of sync.

    I'm still 35 GB of "documents and data!

    I removed some rarely used applications.

    I went to settings icloud and removed what little I could find.

    I used the setting app and reviewed the storage on the iphone, I don't see anything extraordinary.

    I feel like there is something in the background, I can't find a job.

    When DandD or other who get big there is usually a damaged system or approx. to isolate the individual application is difficult. Try to do a restore from backup in iTunes. If that doesn't help, try a restore as New. Unfortunately, a restore as new is a pain like all settings and applications will need to be configured from scratch.


  • Documents and data on an iPhone, my phone is full of these

    Documents and data on an iPhone, my phone is full of these

    This article describes the documents and data as well as "other". Try the suggestions.


  • Cannot attach email word documents get the message 'enable documents and data '.

    Cannot attach a word document to an email. I get the message 'Enable documents and data' and it says that it is disabled. Don't enter iCloud setting there is no Document and data parameter. Is it because I use a free version of work?

    Whether the app is the word document?

    You can view the document word on the iPad?

  • I have a panasonic G3 camera and already use 3 years lightroom for raw files, now I bought a new G7 and he can't read raw files in lightroom, to me terrible, that I update lr to 5.7

    I have a panasonic G3 camera and already use 3 years lightroom for raw files, now I bought a new G7 and he can't read raw files in lightroom, to me terrible, that I update lr to 5.7

    Move the discussion to Photoshop Lightroom

  • documents and data is at 104 concerts and it's not good how to fix this

    My wife and I have upgraded to the iPhone 6 more, my phone is great but hers has used all his memory we have 128 concerts, now it takes a lot of pictures. I thought that maybe she used all her memory on the photos, there are only 2500 pictures in there. yesterday I connected it to iTunes, and the bar downstairs said color Document & data use up to 104 concerts and pictures were at least a concert. It must be a mistake, she does not have none or very few documents. If someone out there is an answer to this mystery, please help.

    Thank you all

    First of all, in iTunes, restore his iPhone from his backup. If this does not work, you need to restore as a new iPhone and manually load things support on. Looks like there is a file damaged on his iPhone.

  • How to get documents and data to the cloud on my Mac desktop?

    After the upgrade to Sierra all my data (documents and desktop) have been transferred to Icloud. I absolutely not want all my data on another server costs me more money. How do I lose all my data safely back on my Mac, without anything? I'm quite t... o... that the decisions of this importance are make with a single click (or without?). Preferably, I do not want to export every file (of the thousands...) by hand, but just change things back to where it was before.

    Thanks in advance!

    Documents are also in your folder on the drive on your Mac iCloud.

    Just disable iCloud drive in iCloud preferences.

    Then go icloud.com and connect, then you remove the files on disc to iCloud.

    8. how to disable iCloud drive?

    To disable iCloud Drive on your iOS device, go to settings > iCloud > iCloud driveand on your Mac, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud. If you disable iCloud drive, so you you will manage your files locally, documents are not synchronized or updated your iOS iOS devices 8 or OS X Yosemite or iCloud.com.


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