Impossible to uninstall Avira in Panel, says file does not exist

in fact I uninstalled avira antivirus control panel... n, then I installed AVG...
subsequently due to a problem I once more for the system restore try
n it became a success
now my laptop search en avira who was present at the date of return... I tried to uninstall it from my control panel, but it says that the file does not exist... wat should I do?


Step 1: Try the following steps:

a. install Avira new antivirus software so that it replaces the missing files.

b. then uninstall it.


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    You can't upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7.

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  • Problem with deployment on Simulator ("program file does not exist")


    I currently have a problem with a project, I can't deploy it more in the Simulator: I always get an error "the file does not exist.

    The project itself can be compiled without any isse. I can also deploy the application on my phone without problem. But when I'm trying to deploy on the virtual machine, it says:

    Program file does not exist
    /Users/..../HFR10/arm/o.le-v7-g/HFR10 not found
    /Users/..../HFR10/arm/o.le-v7-g/HFR10 not found
    /Users/..../HFR10/arm/o.le-v7-g/HFR10 not found

    # the application is called, HFR10...

    What is strange, is that it looks at the folder "arm", which does not exist when I compile for the virtual machine since the architecture should be "x 86"... ".

    In the x 86 folder, I can find the compiled application...

    I tried to update the descriptor of bar:


    And modified the Simulator-Debug field that used to point to the folder 'arm '...

    but after a cleaning + reconstruction, I line have the same error, and he always looks inside the arm folder...

    No idea of what the problem is? This problem appeared when I moved from momentic 2.0 to the 2.1 beta...

    But I guess that he changed something in the configuration file, because even if I go back to momentic 2.0, I still have it exactly the same problem...

    Thank you!

    UM... In the dialog box "edit configuration", I spend 'use the workspace settings' to "Enable auto build" and it works to restarted...

    It's strange, the application was already built and available in the x 86 folder...

    In any case... Perhaps it would be useful for someone else...

  • Either the file does not exist, you are not allowed, or is the file may be in use.

    I'll do that as a separate issue because I think that, ultimately, it is this error that is causing me so many problems in InDesign.


    New Document > drag a CC library item into the document > save the document and close InDesign > open the document, the error message...

    "This document contains < number > links to sources that are missing.  You can find or reedit the missing links using the links Panel. »

    When you attempt to link the missing links again...

    "The file does not exist, you are not allowed, or is the file may be in use."

    When you remove the link to the document and try to reinsert it draws CC...

    "The file does not exist, you are not allowed, or is the file may be in use."

    All this becomes a major problem when trying to output the document in PDF format, which is asking our printer.  The binding elements are given white background and they are of poor quality, too.

    Is this a known bug?  I see a lot of messages about it, which goes back to 2012!, but no solutions to this day.

    I hope someone can help.  Thank you.


    > I'll try things that you suggest, but what is most concerning is that this library works with new documents - library items don't report any error.  So why he pointed out problems in a single document display paths and which are all correct?

    The problem could be in the InDesign document, in that you move the data from the library?

    Try saving this file as a file IDML (to clean possible corruption), and then reopen it in a new document and try again.

  • File does not exist: / oa_servlets/AppsLogin-Urgent please


    I have r11.5.9 on AIX 5.2 I have create a new AIX 5.3 Server give the same IP address and copy all files from 5.2 to 5.3 with exact path.

    With the same user, I can open db + lsnr + apache on the new Server 5.3, but when I try to connect EBS I can see login page also Ebuniess to get the link but when I click it it thoruh 404 page not found

    In apache log file I file does not exist: / oa_servlets/AppsLogin, I can't find pages under $COMMONHIGH on 5.2 and my new Server 5.3. But on 5.2 I canlogin system wihtout any problems

    The services start wihtout problem also db, I run autoconfig on appstier but when I try to launch it on dbtier thotugh error: () I don't know that I need to run autoconfig on dbtier for higher erro)

    AutoConfig will consider custom templates if it is present.
    Using ORACLE_HOME location: /xxx/xxdb/9.2.0
    /XXX/XXDB/9.2.0/JDK/bin/JRE and /xxx/xxdb/9.2.0/jdk/9.2.0/jdk/bin/java not found pass option "java" on the command line

    and yes there is no such a file like that. How can I solve this problem

    Thank you


    so I can say that I see the success :) here appstier works on OS 64-bit :)

    Yes :)

    Oracle 9iasR 2 certified with 64 bit OS?

    It is certified.

    Thank you

  • ADF mobile application deployment: the Android Dalvik (.dex) file does not exist. (

    Nice day

    I use Jdeveloper

    I'm getting following error when deploying my first app on the android emulator, please help me solve this problem. The exception log is the:

    [10: 50:12] update Android profile dependencies with FAR profiles created from application projects...

    [10: 50:12]-deployment began.  ----

    [10: 50:12] the target platform's (Android).

    [10: 50:12] early deployment of ADF Mobile 'FirstMobileApp' to Android application using the profile "ANDROID_MOBILE_NATIVE_archive2."

    [10: 50:12] check the State of the Android Debug Bridge server...

    [10: 50:17] Server Android Debug Bridge started.

    [10: 50:17] check a single Android emulator is online and connected to the ADB server...

    [10: 50:17] early deployment of ADF Mobile 'FirstMobileApp' to Android application using the profile "ANDROID_MOBILE_NATIVE_archive2."

    [10: 50:17] analysis of the dependence running...

    [10: 50:17] building...

    [10: 50:17] deployment of 3 profiles...

    [10: 50:17] wrote the Archives Module to C:\JDeveloper\mywork\FirstMobileApp\ApplicationController\deploy\ApplicationController.jar

    [10: 50:18] wrote the Archives Module to C:\JDeveloper\mywork\FirstMobileApp\ViewController\deploy\ViewController.jar

    [10: 50:18] start preparing the package...

    [10: 50:18] check the Application Controller project exists...

    [10: 50:18] checking dependencies of applications...

    [10: 50:18] Validation of the application XML files...

    [10: 50:18] Validation of the XML files in the ApplicationController project...

    [10: 50:18] Validation of the XML files in the ViewController project...

    [10: 50:18] copy of FARs in the application of the Mobile ADF framework...

    [10: 50:18] far from the source of the copy: ViewController...

    [10: 50:18] copy by far the source: ApplicationController...

    [10: 50:18] copy of model Android...

    [10: 50:48] copy of the framework resource files...

    [10: 50:48] copy of resource files java framework...

    [10: 50:57] copy of the common javascript files...

    [10: 51:02] deployment of counting files...

    [10: 51:02] copy of the application image files...

    [10: 51:02] copy of the ADF Mobile configuration files...

    [10: 51:02] .adf files...

    [10: 51:03] copy of file security related to the application of the Mobile ADF framework...

    [10: 51:03] Creation of preferences Android XML files...

    [10: 51:03] creating AndroidManifest.xml file...

    [10: 51:03] Creation of unsigned Android application file...

    [10: 51:31] compile the file of the Android resource identifier...

    [10: 51:33] create file classes.dex Android since the class files...

    [10: 51:33] update of Android application file not signed with content file and .adf DEX...

    [10: 51:33] Server Android Debug bridge closure...

    [10: 51:33] undeployment.

    [10: 51:33] - incomplete deployment.

    [10: 51:33] the Android Dalvik (.dex) file does not exist. (


    I found the answer to this error, it's like actually had reinstalled Studio Android, whereby a new directory has been created with the software, called SDK as sdk1. And in my tools-> preferences, path of the plate-shape and tools platform was given as the sdk (old directory). Now, I've updated the path in the new directory as sdk1 and it works fine.

    Best regards,


  • A problem with cc libraries "the file does not exist, you may not, or the file may be in use by another application".

    I'm working on our catalogue on INDesign CC 2015, I have a links to my libraries, I worked every day without any problem. I work on a Mac and Win system, I put the file on my disk hard or on files of cc.

    2 days ago, I opened the file and as a result with any missed links, when I tried to re-link on my library the program shown Indesign files missed this message "the file does not exist, you may not, or the file may be in use by another application", I contacted Italian cat Adobe they suggested me to change the name of the file I did but nothing happened, they suggested to create a new owner of the computer, but it did not work because I work within a team and the file is opened to others of collaboration. I have 333 links so what I shell do? Please help me, I have to finish this work, we need print it out as soon as possible.

    I had this problem after an Indesign file that we've been working on the opening of my colleague. She has made a few changes and then when I went back to work on the file of the library of all the links were broken and I had him "you don't have to leave."

    I've corrected the problems by opening Illustrator and rename the library. InDesign revived and everything from the library was connected properly.

  • The WCChromeExtn file does not exist in the Acrobat folder, so that I can't use the extension of the conversion of PDF in Chrome.

    I installed Acrobat Pro 11.0.10. The WCChromeExtn file does not exist in the Acrobat folder, so that I can't use the extension of the conversion of PDF in Chrome.

    I do not know how to find this file, but it worked after the repair! Thank you.

  • Creating cloud DLM - files does not exist


    We have had odd issues when you try to install Acrobat Pro XI via a package created with CCP.

    Here is the summary:

    • Name of license created for Acrobat Pro XI x 86 package (ignore conflicts, with disabilities AUM, deploy in the default directory
    • Installation ran as administrator on the client computer (Windows 7 x 86 SP)
    • Adobe Creative cloud settles and the desktop icon is created
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro XI will appear in programs and features, but has no icon and no desktop/Start Menu icons are created
    • When launch CCA and the connection, no Apps tab does not appear
    • When turn on the trace, DLM.log shows the following:

    20/03/15 14:11:32:448 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | Using manually set proxy on the computer - localhost:3128

    20/03/15 14:11:32:448 | [INFO] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | The file to download is our =<-authorization data > < consumerAccessToken > eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsIng1dSI6Imltc19uYTEta2V5LTEuY 2VyIn0.eyJpZCI6IjE0MjY4NjA2ODcxNjctMzMwOTE5MzktZTg5Ny00Yjc2LWJmZjMtYTE1NDBjNThiZTA4IiwiZHR pZCI6IjE0MjY4NTkxMTI4NDQtYzlkMWJmYWItYmQ5NC00NTI4LWEyNTgtOGQ5MjI5ODhkYTczIiwic2NvcGUiOiJvc GVuaWQsQWRvYmVJRCxjcmVhdGl2ZV9jbG91ZCxjcmVhdGl2ZV9zZGssYWRkaXRpb25hbF9pbmZvLmFjY291bnRfdHl wZSIsImMiOiJodXBNUnczUzMrT0ZDNEJvK2pNVTJRPT0iLCJydGVhIjoiMTQyODA3MDI4NzE2NyIsInN0YXRlIjoie 1wiYWNcIjpcIkNDRGVza3RvcF9hcHBcIixcImF2XCI6XCIyLjkuMS40NzRcIixcImRpXCI6bnVsbCxcIm1jXCI6bnV sbCxcInBsXCI6bnVsbH0iLCJhcyI6Imltcy1uYTEiLCJjcmVhdGVkX2F0IjoiMTQyNjg2MDY4NzE2NyIsImV4cGlyZ XNfaW4iOiI4NjQwMDAwMCIsInVzZXJfaWQiOiI2RDU5MTVGMzU0RUNCNzQ3MEE0Qzk4QTRAQWRvYmVJRCIsImNsaWV udF9pZCI6IkNyZWF0aXZlQ2xvdWRfdjFfOV8xIiwicnRpZCI6IjE0MjY4NjA2ODcxNjctMTU4ZGIxMTUtMWM5OC00Z TZhLTlmMmUtNTFmNWNlNjZmMjc4IiwidHlwZSI6ImFjY2Vzc190b2tlbiJ9.DDrPx7oxUQc6qGd_s1Z5OqP5KC5f9z mBNrUVAqSvB-vAeubnBf_pgkI0Kcu3cof_6_mbBICgF5r5Xe6kam3SkuobFkowpVWdxZ8wbM0idVajdRntcsyW9aeg 96bU35bu3lFQDMC9zwtbBtP7YHcVwdmfTJHzrLyXvi32Q7nDrnRL9HEh3vXshmmYzsLXgxC7zhTq3pzmw8eImO6Ep7 2_e5RMf3SzOr2lyhxSaNPGv0MtOj9CMDh_3eC7bncSIwUqYvrgmZZkVes0w8gTv_BqpXHAfjEk9chpWcaazFxY-cLD ccGbnm_Yop_uJ2Krb0DyCFrbCsiAzNVTB-S56aNYzA < / consumerAccessToken > < / authorization data > & clie ntID = acc_desktop & contextKey=6D5915F354ECB7470A4C98A4@AdobeID & producerId = ccui_mktg

    20/03/15 14:11:32:449 | [INFO] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | Going to download the file to C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\/{BD74C69A-E665-4566-8227-E4D487D73604}

    20/03/15 14:11:32:449 | [INFO] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | Preference: The customer put the preference for single stream download

    20/03/15 14:11:32:449 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | Validation of preference for startAddress = 0 and bytesToDownload = 0 for fileSize = 0

    20/03/15 14:11:32:449 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | The attributes of the directory file - C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\\ is 8208

    20/03/15 14:11:32:449 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | File does not exist in the C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\\{BD74C69A-E665-4566-8227-E4D487D73604}.aamdownload

    20/03/15 14:11:32:450 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | the file size to extend is 0

    20/03/15 14:11:32:450 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | number of segments created 1

    20/03/15 14:11:32:450 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | who runs the thread (4176)

    20/03/15 14:11:32:451 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | ID of the thread for the file serializer is 4176

    20/03/15 14:11:32:451 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3964 | Number of threads of downloader is 1

    20/03/15 14:11:32:587 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 4372 | who runs the thread (0)

    20/03/15 14:11:32:588 | [INFO] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 4372 | number of threads is 0 and active thread count is 1

    20/03/15 14:11:33:375 | [ERROR] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3824 | Is the windows error code - 12150

    20/03/15 14:11:33:475 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 4372 | to finish the job of file pending serializer

    20/03/15 14:11:33:541 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 4372 | before closing

    20/03/15 14:11:33:541 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 4372 | After the close of

    20/03/15 14:11:33:541 | [TRACE] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 4372 | File does not exist in C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\\{BD74C69A-E665-4566-8227-E4D487D73604}

    20/03/15 14:11:33:542 | [INFO] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 4372 | * Download the file acheves.* *.

    • I am able to navigate to the URL of download long without problems (added to trusted as precautionary measure Sites) but when watch the folder folder I see a file is downloaded which corresponds to the same naming convention for the file in the DLM journal names, but the name is not the same.
    • Customer uses Symantec SmartConnect proxy and here are the logs from proxy showing that connections are accepted:

    2015 03-20 T 14: 11:29.960 [1800] INFO listener [3128] - accepts a user login: xxxxxxx

    2015 03-20 T 14: 11:29.960 [1800] INFO IOChanFactory [3128] - CONNECTION prod-rel-ffc - OnLAN/ (S406) xxxxxxx

    2015 03-20 T 14: 11:34.356 [1800] INFO listener [3128] - accepts a user login: xxxxxxx

    2015 03-20 T 14: 11:34.357 [1800] INFO IOChanFactory [3128] - CONNECT OnLAN/ (S407) xxxxxxx

    2015 03-20 T 14: 11:34.679 [1800] INFO listener [3128] - accepts a user login: xxxxxxx

    2015-03 - 20 T 14: 11:34.686 [1800] INFO IOChanFactory [3128] - CONNECT na1e - OnLAN/ (S408) XXXXXXX

    • External Symantec logs have also been verified which show that connections have been accepted by the external proxy server

    I tried the following to fix the problem with no joy:

    • Recreate the package
    • Try on a client of SP1 Windows 7 x 86 Virgin
    • Reinstall the latest version of the application manager
    • Reinstall the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Add the following sites to Trusted Sites:





    One thing we cannot do, it is the proxy for legal reasons, that all traffic must pass through there.

    So, to sum up, I am able to package and install Acrobat Pro XI on the client machine, but then not be able to run it. I am able to connect to Adobe Creative Cloud and look at property, etc, but the applications tab does not appear.

    Any help would be welcome.

    Hi David,

    Looks like a problem with the adobe Application Manager. Can you please try to rename SLCache file location below?

    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\SLCache

    You can also install handler application adobe on a test computer and then install Acrobat by using ExceptionDeployer.exe.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you

  • Unable to connect to MKS: virtual machine configuration file does not exist


    Need a little help I'm running the following

    vCenter Server 4.0.0 (build 208111)

    ESX Server 4.0.0 (build 208167)

    I have a computer virtual running WIndows 2000 Advanced and when I try and open the console I get a black screen and the error message following

    "" Unable to connect to MKS: virtual machine configuration file does not exist '. "

    I scoured the data store and all the files of the virtual machine appear to be in place, I thought deletin the virtual machine from the inventory and add the vmdk file, it would be a good idea?

    Thank you.

    Remove and add new inventory won't hurt (you could lose data historial for virtual machine), it probably won't solve the problem.

    I doubt, it is a problem with the .vmx file, but you can try:

    -Remove the VM of the inventory

    -To create the new virtual machine (with the same characteristics as the virtual machine that you removed), name it differently and do not add hard drives that it

    -Change the new VM settings and add the existing VMDK virtual machine that you deleted

    -Power on VM and try

    • You should always have your complete file to the virtual machine original intact, in case you need, you will always have your original vmx file to add it to the inventory.

    By doing these steps you re-create the vmx file.

    f this post was useful/solved your problem, please mark the points of wire and price as seem you. Thank you!

  • File does not exist

    We run forms 6i Web deployed using oracle 9ias version1.
    There is a lot of error messages indicating the file does not exist. These are especially the .class, .dat, .properties files.

    Is it possible to add these java classes or files of properties of the alert etc.

    Kind regards.

    Where to change the settings of the web server logging.

    Well, it depends on what server web you use. If you use Apache or Oracle HTTP Server, you would change this in the httpd.conf file

  • OSB SFTP - known_hosts file does not exist or it has not read permitted

    Hello people,

    I am faced with an error message when I run a service that sends content using SFTP on OSB connection on a remote server.

    Caused by: com.sshtools.j2ssh.transport.InvalidHostFileException: known_hosts file does not exist or it does not have read permissions.

    My known_hosts listed in this directory:


    As the 11g OSB said Developer's Guide, I had to create the directories "transports\sftp". I gave all read permissions to known_hosts, tried to create the directories and files as administrator.

    I already did this work of SFTP connection very well a few months ago, but it was on ALSB. The only difference is the structure, that is C:\osb\domains\MYDOMAIN\alsb\transports\sftp

    Also, I changed the FTP connection and it works my solution, but I need to do this in SFTP.

    Can anyone give me a tip of how can I follow up on this matter?

    I use OSB 11 GR 1 material, Weblogic

    Thanks in advance,


    Put the known_hosts file in the directory $Domain_Home\config\osb\transports\sftp

    For example - C:\osb\domains\MYDOMAIN\config\osb\transports\sftp

    Kind regards

  • RMAN-06056 and the data file does not exist


    I'm working on Oracle 9i Database ( on AIX 5.2 and we try to run a full backup of RMAN, but it seems to be failing with an error as follows;

    From backup to 27-SEPT.-10
    using the ORA_SBT_TAPE_1 channel
    using the ORA_SBT_TAPE_2 channel
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-03002: failure of the backup to 27/09/2010 01:33:17 command
    RMAN-06056: could not access datafile 23

    I checked the v $ datafile and it shows that it is in a State of recovery.

    Select the State, file No., name from v$ datafile
    where status <>'in LINE '.
    order by 1

    RECOVER /u06/oradata/test_sys/data/msg_log06.dbf 23

    The file does not exist at the level of the BONE and the RMAN, it shows as;

    RMAN > resync catalog
    + 2 >. +

    from full resynchronization of the recovery catalog
    full complete Resync

    RMAN > outline report;

    Report of the database schema
    K - bytes Tablespace RB segs Datafile file name
    ---- ---------- -------------------- ------- -------------------
    819200 + 1 SYSTEM YES /u011/oradata/test_sys/data/system01.dbf+

    + 23 0 MSG_LOG NOT /u06/oradata/test_sys/data/msg_log06.dbf+

    The associated tablespace cannot be just deleted given that some other files of dependent data. The RMAN script has also been changed

    change archivelog than any overlap;
    backup database more archivelog entry remove
    Skip inaccessible;

    But the backup fails again, please advice.




    to see if you have previous backups. If you have a backup of the data file, you can then
    Put the offline data file
    RESTORE the data file
    RECOVER the data file.

    If you want to 'ignore' this test taking it Offline datafile

    then use "SKIP OFFLINE" in your RMAN BACKUP DATABASE command.

    Hemant K Collette

  • I get (this dose of file does not exist) when you name a new folder, why?

    Whenever I have add a new folder and try to name it, it's for me a sign that says, this dose of folder does not exist.
    On most of my files already on my computer I can rename them. I can not just quote new.
    I went to my registry with the help of Microsoft information, but nothing helped.

    See these if they could help:

    ""The file or folder does not exist"error in Windows Vista:

    Cannot rename or move a file or folder in Vista Fix

  • backup completed, but files were ignored: file does not exist

    When I run the Backup on my Win7Pro/64, I always get a warning at the end, saying:
    'Backup has not completed successfully', and when I click on the button options, I get the following:
    "The backup completed, but some files were ignored.
    And when I click on view the ignored files, I get:
    "Backup has encountered a problem during backup of the C:\Users\MyAccount\Desktop file. Error: (the system cannot find the specified file. (0 x 80070002)) »

    And indeed, this folder does not exist, as my profile files have all been transferred to another drive. So why always backup tries to back up this folder that does not exist?
    I would like to get rid of this error, b/c I always fear that these strange symptoms could hide a more serious problem (like my records real user not be backed up correctly...)


    Follow the steps from the article below to solve the problem.

    0x8100002F error code and or error code 0 x 80070002 when you back up files in Windows 7

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher
    Microsoft technical support engineer

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  • Acoustic bass on Satellite A300 1BZ

    I have a sound problem with my A300-1BZ laptop. The sound is low. My friend has an older model of Toshiba as mine, but he has really good sound. Especially when we connect laptops same speakers hi-fi sound is really low every other A300-1BZ laptop. I

  • VNA is a pxi-compatible or not

    Hello I have a vna or and a no or pxi. I want to know if its compatible. and if yes what software can I use instead of max. Thanks in advance Shyam.

  • Pavilon500-C60: HP500-C60 closed when not indexed

    When not to use all the entries to the keyboard, the computer will return to the start screen and then stops. Check the expiration time and the whole longer and the problem remains the same. Pavilion500-C60