In our application, we RESUME Builder and after, we want to show the pdf format. and also, we want to save and send option.

In our application, we RESUME Builder and after, we want to show the pdf format. and also, we want to save and send option.


1. for the PDF see TCPDF

2. for the record, see PHP insert data in MySQL

3. to send see Basic PHP mail() code function to send e-mail from a form. InMotion Hosting

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    Delete the odbc connection, you have created with the Data Sources (ODBC) administration tool and implemented by using the 32-bit ODBC connection manager.


    It worked for me
    Gary Knigge

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    Hi maclover813 ,

    shoul you can edit each element of single form in Acrobat Pro ms: right click on the element you want to change and modify the properties you want.

    You can select multiple items at once by clicking the element while holding down the Ctrl/Strg key on the keyboard.



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    Hi Suzanne,.

    Outside these Windows updates, there are any changes (hardware or software) on the computer before the show?

    You will find the Description of these KB articles:

    Updates of Windows will never contain any viruses. These Windows updates are necessary for the computer to work properly because they improve the performance of the computer.

    Answer please if you have any questions.

  • I have word processor on my system, but a lot of my e-mail providers cannot open a WPS file and prefer it to the PDF format. How can I convert WPS to PDF?

    I tried using various software but have not found anything that allows you to convert WPS.  Can someone help me with and inexpensive difficulty? MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • after effects is not showing the images unless I make them 3d layers.

    Hi guys,.
    AE shows not all images unless I have mark their layers in the form of 3d layers. I need layer background flat 2d so how can I solve this problem?

    Not looking through the active camera in your comp Viewer. You're looking through one of the other views (top, side, etc.) that displays only the 3d layers.

  • PDF format without pinch and zoom


    I use PDF format for set my publication, but default pinch and Zoom in PDF format is available.

    How can I disable the pinch and Zoom by using the PDF format? Is it possible?

    Thank you very much


    In the Adobe Content Viewer, no. In your lightbox custom, Yes.

    When you create your Viewer, you can disable "enable taken & Zoom". This problem affects your applications together.

    When you create or update your custom Viewer, make sure that you uncheck the enable PDF zoom option in the DPS App Builder.

  • Report in PDF format and send it to some clients, using database triggers


    Is it possible to run a report at the announcement of the PDF format by e-mail to some clients after a specific event through database trigger. For example, whenever a customer makes an entry in the table entry order (via the registration form), a trigger must run on the Orders table, the trigger must run or generate a report in format PDF and mail it to the sales team?

    I have

    ORAS 10 g (

    Configured UTL_MAIL.

    Thanks InoL,

    I read the article, it is useful.

    Now I m facing some problem, u can solve it please...


    I installed the srwAPIins.sql api by using the sys user,
    * during installation, it asked the portal schema, what is the portal schema
    * However, I provided the user sys
    + and installed successfully

    Run the srwAPIgrant.sql to assign Privilegesto abc
    + Successful
    2. create procedure

    CREATE or REPLACE procedure Nrsp.testrep
    myPlist SRW_PARAMLIST;
    myIdent SRW. Job_Ident;
    myPlist: = SRW_PARAMLIST (SRW_PARAMETER('',''));
    SRW.add_parameter (myPlist, 'GATEWAY', '');
    SRW.add_parameter (myPlist, 'SERVER', 'rep_myserver_oracleas2');
    SRW.add_parameter(myPlist,'USERID','abc/[email protected]');
    SRW.add_parameter (myPlist, 'DESTYPE', 'email');
    SRW.add_parameter (myPlist, 'DESFORMAT', 'PDF');
    SRW.add_parameter (myPlist, 'DESNAME', '[email protected]');
    myIdent: = srw.run_report (myPlist);


    + Procedue created without error

    * but when run the procedure I get these errors

    ORA-06512: at «NRSP.» SRW", line 264
    ORA-06512: at «NRSP.» SRW", line 799
    ORA-06512: at «NRSP.» TESTREP', line 13
    ORA-06512: at line 1

    What is a possible cause of these errors, I Googled it but no results found
    Help, please

  • Monitor turns off after 5 minutes & password protect when he wakes up. View properties - > screen saver "Wait: __minutes" and "on RESUME, Password Protect" checkboxes are grayed out.

    Help, please!

    I'm on a processor to work, so I've limited the administrative rights on the computer. My work function requires that I propose on the desktop to help others with professional assignments.

    THE PROBLEM: After 5 minutes of inactivity mouse/keyboard of the monitor off on the processor to work, she does not even go to a screensaver first, the screen turns off just in standby mode. When the mouse is moved or a key is struck, the screen lights up with a name/password user. I am developing carpal tunnel / repetitive stress syndrome having to retype my username and password so darn times per day, at the expense of some administrative setting of BOGUS Microsoft Windows... SHEESH!

    When I click on Start-> settings-> Control Panel-> display-> Display Properties-> screen saver , the "Wait: __minutes" and "On resume, password protect" checkboxes are GRISEES OUT [you can't edit these settings] . In addition, the default screen saver is set to void and no matter how many times I change it to something else and click 'Apply' return empty by default.


    Un When I'm away from my desk for more than 5 minutes, if someone arrives at my office, looking for me, it seems that my machine is completely off, so that co-workers can get the impression that I am out of the office when I could very well be just down the Hall.

    Two The Office I'm implemented in a motion sensor energy saving lights in the office, if the lighting turns off automatically too, so if I'm missing in the server room or help someone at their work station for an extended period of time, if someone comes to my office, looking for me, my machine seems to be completely off AND turned off the lights in my room , so it's as if I has not yet come to the office that day there! GRR...

    MICROSOFT, HELP US TO FIND a WORKAROUND: Help us make our work computers appear as they are wake / turned on while we are working work - especially when we ARE at work, just not physically sit behind our office temporarily work! GOOD GRIEF...

    Help us not to disturb our admins with specialized personal requests like these, they already have enough on their plate, ensuring that the network is in place and functioning.

    -JUDGES on Temp. Job Day @ assignment
    (Chained to a machine working at the expense of some fake Microsoft Windows administrator rights)

    PS. I have a screenshot of my locked dialog box display-> screen saver properties if you need more information. I wish I could download it right on this post to make things clear.

    PPS. Isn't it above described situation in the heart of the reason why employers more these days this demand we have iPhones, BlackBerry and SmartPhones? Because doctors and human beings humans with a bit of common sense finally realized that we must be sure that we move around during the day, at least several times per day, not only the stationary to our office location - watch a screen - ensuring that move us the mouse every five minutes so that our machine is not hibernate and look like it is not to do anything?

    PPP. If Microsoft can not help me with a work around for this issue because this issue is, 'something that I take with my 'network administrator',' kiss my _______! Everyone must be wrong because of the stupid administrative _ like this and if yes - I NEED TO KNOW - maybe I was just not cut for a job on time full computer.


    Hello JDG_SF, welcome.

    These options are very likely controlled by your GP (Group Policy) settings on your domain. Due to the nature of the work of rights how administrative, there is no way to work around this problem, unless you have access to change group policy settings that affect all the machines on your network.

    You would need to access or to change the settings of GP or find someone who already has access.

    For more information or get in-depth help, I would recommend pass this question to TechNet:

    Thank you! Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to get the BBM Message in our application integrate after BBM SDK in App?


    I need help in BBM get message in our application.

    I joined the BBM SDK in app so after that how many message comes in BBM all show message of our application.

    So, it is possible?

    You can call BBM to view a map of BBM chat in your application.  This allows the user to send and receive messages with your application.

    Your application cannot capture and read BBM messages programmatically.

  • Dreamweaver 20141 - when I want to save a file after a change, never stop the process and Ineedto kill the application.

    OS X 10.10.1 - Dreamweaver 20141 - when I want to save a file in my local site after a change, the process never stop and I need to kill the application. If I put my local site on an external drive, change a file, a record, it works perfectly.

    I found the solution to my problem on

    Dreamweaver 20141 Build 6947 (Mac) - except problem

  • Error using App Builder and the Application Loader


    We have created for many App App Builder before and after the release of v27 we tried to put a couple of App update so we get in the App Designer, under the v26 version to v27 (has not changed anything else!) and rebuild the application. Now, we want to use the Application Loader to download the App on iTunes Connect, but whenever we receive this message:

    "The binary being analyzed must be an executable: /var/folders/9x/.../

    We are rebuilding the application several times, updated the App Builder but nothing works. Anyone have an idea?



    You are using Mac OS X 10.6.8 or earlier? If so, it is probably the problem. We always try to know that if it's something the team of DPS App Builder control on. Until they learn, the best approach is to use a computer with Mac OS X 10.7 or later to install the loader app (available on a connection, iTunes link), copy or download the .zip file and download it. Alternatively, update your machine to use Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. I'll let you know when I find more information.

  • I get script error java application "too much recursion" and they come in 4. This happened after the upgrade to firefox


    I've recently upgraded to firefox 35, after this upgrade, whenever I log on tumblr, I get this "java script application error too much recursion" and they come in 4 (I have to click on each one on top of the other). I am able to connect and do my normal stuff, but whenever I move to another page inside of tumblr, the same java script error appears and I have to click again to make them disappear.
    This seems to happen only on this website (tumblr).

    any help will be appreciated.
    Thank you

    for anyone else having this problem... Fixed it got...
    Xensemble app for tumblrto tumblr users, if the application that is causing the prob ' java script application error too much recursion ".
    Xensemble has finally solved the extension of the application and all what you need to do is to download the fixed xensemble extension on their site.

    Thank you

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    I received an error message after the installation of Encyclopedia Britannica and this application cannot be open.showing the "Startup MFC application has stopped working". How can I fix this?


    always check the compatibility of vista programs on the link below

    If a program is compatible with vista you can try right click on the setup.exe and then by selecting run as administrator to install it

    It is not compatible with vista, you can try running it in a previous operating system mode

    This does not work for all programs

    read the information below


    and read this information MS, too

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